Worldchefs Enhances Culinary Education in China at the 7th National CateringVocational Education Forum in Chongqing

Worldchefs Enhances Culinary Education in China at the 7th National CateringVocational Education Forum in Chongqing

Worldchefs proudly participated in the prestigious 7th National Catering Vocational Education Forum, held from April 23 to 25, 2024, in Chongqing, China. This event was part of the annual working meeting of the National Catering Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee and the Catering Education Working Committee of theChina Culinary Association (CCA). The forum gathered over 200 experts, including more than 100 heads of vocational schools from across the country, industry leaders, and policymakers to discuss advancements and innovations in culinary education.

Worldchefs was represented Continental Director for Asia, Willment Leong, and Assistant Vice President, KK Yau, who shared insights into Worldchefs’ global educational programs and the impact of international certification standards on culinary training.

Mr Willmen Leong, The President of Worldchefs Asia Continental Director (middle)

During the forum, Worldchefs highlighted its educational pillars – Competition, Feed the Planet, Networking, and Education – which are designed to support the holistic development of culinary education globally. These pillars have been instrumental in helping educational institutions around the world achieve excellence and recognition. The event also served as a platform for Worldchefs to present its international culinary education certification project, which helps culinary institutions meet international standards and enhances their global brand presence. The certification criteria focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, aligning with the needs of the modern culinary industry.

Mr. KK Yau, the Vice President of Worldchefs Asia Continental was giving presentation at 7th National Catering Vocational Education Forum

“The enthusiastic reception we received at the forum has been overwhelming,” said Willment Leong.”There is a clear demand for enhanced culinary education in China, and through Worldchefs’ certification and educational programs, we can support these institutions in achieving world-class standards.”

KK Yau added, “Our participation here marks a significant step towards integrating Worldchefs’ standards into Chinese culinary education. We are excited about the future and the potential for these schools to join our global network, which will open up numerous opportunities for their students and faculty.”

The forum concluded with a commitment from both Worldchefs and the CCA to foster ongoing collaboration, aimed at elevating the standards of culinary education in China and preparing students to meet the demands of the global hospitality industry.


Meet Worldchefs’ Newest Recruit!

Meet Worldchefs’ Newest Recruit!

Worldchefs is proud to introduce our newest recruit – Administrative Assistant, Sandra Russo!

Meet Worldchefs’ Administrative Assistant, Sandra Russo:

Sandra worked in London for 20 years, specializing in client services for various marketing agencies. Afterward, Sandra volunteered as a cook in a lunch club for the elderly in Sheffield. This led her to buy a vintage food truck, operating from a train station, school events, and music festivals. She then worked as a chef in restaurants in the UK, with a flair for desserts, before returning to France to settle back her hometown of Paris.

Sandra’s passion for good food was inherited from her Spanish and Italian parents. She is fluent in French, Spanish and English. She is excited to communicate to all our members around the world in her new role as Administrative Assistant at Worldchefs.

In her spare time, Sandra practices yoga, goes to the cinema and gigs, and drinks French wine with her friends.

Meet the rest of the Worldchefs team.

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– Connect with 500,000+ Worldchefs members and hospitality professionals around the globe
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Worldchefs Partners with Scoolinary to Expand Access to Quality Culinary Training

A new partnership between Worldchefs and Scoolinary is empowering culinary careers through online courses and scholarship opportunities, enhancing accessibility to quality culinary education across the globe.
  • Worldchefs has partnered with Scoolinary, enhancing accessibility to culinary education through 50+ new online courses on Worldchefs’ Approved Courses platform and a scholarship program.
  • The collaboration aims to make quality culinary education more accessible globally, addressing training constraints in the hospitality industry.
  • Worldchefs’ latest Education Partner, Scoolinary offers over 300 online courses, empowering professionals with hands-on learning and industry-relevant skills.

Paris│16 April 2024 – The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) has announced a new partnership with Scoolinary, a leading online culinary education platform. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards making quality culinary education more accessible worldwide.

Partnership Highlights

Scoolinary, Worldchefs’ new Education Partner, will introduce over 50 new online courses to the Worldchefs’ Approved Courses platform, the industry directory of the best online courses and vocational training programs to start or accelerate a career in hospitality.

Scoolinary will also unveil a scholarship program exclusively available to Worldchefs’ global network of Education Partners, further fostering culinary talent and expertise.

Making Quality Culinary Education Accessible

In a landscape where culinary training faces constraints, Worldchefs is committed to democratizing culinary education. Scoolinary offers a key solution to bridge the training gap in the hospitality sector, offering a diverse array of online courses that transform culinary learning. By partnering with Scoolinary, Worldchefs reinforces its dedication to elevating standards and empowering careers in the global hospitality industry.

As part of the partnership, Scoolinary has extended a special offer to the Worldchefs community. For a limited time, Worldchefs’ international network can benefit from a 50% discount* on Scoolinary’s annual membership.

Exclusive Offer: Unlock Unlimited Access at Half the Price

This exclusive offer grants you unlimited access to Scoolinary’s extensive range of courses, with new content added weekly. Benefit from the expertise of over 200 esteemed chefs and pastry chefs from around the globe as you expand your culinary knowledge and skills.

Advancing Continuous Learning in Hospitality

The partnership between Worldchefs and Scoolinary underscores the importance of continuous learning in the hospitality industry. By leveraging technology and innovative teaching methods, both organizations aim to address the industry’s challenges, including high turnover and a shortage of qualified professionals. Through accessible, high-quality education, they seek to enhance productivity, competitiveness, and talent retention in the culinary landscape.

“As Worldchefs continues its mission to promote excellence in culinary education worldwide, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Scoolinary,” said John Clancy, Worldchefs Education Director. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality training opportunities for culinary professionals everywhere. Through Scoolinary’s diverse range of online courses, chefs at all levels can enhance their skills and advance their careers, contributing to the growth and innovation of the hospitality industry.”

About Scoolinary
online courses
culinary training

Scoolinary pioneers the culinary education revolution with its comprehensive platform offering more than 300 online courses. These courses, led by world-renowned chefs and experts, cover various culinary disciplines such as Cooking, Pastry and Confectionery, Bakery and Pastries, Cocktails, Sommelier, Barista, and Nutrition. With a focus on flexibility and hands-on learning, Scoolinary equips professionals with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic hospitality sector.

Lorena Hidalgo, spokesperson for Scoolinary, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Worldchefs in our mission to democratize culinary education. Together, we aim to empower individuals worldwide with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the culinary industry.”

About Worldchefs

The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, known as Worldchefs, is a federation made up of 110 national chef associations. A leading voice in the hospitality industry, Worldchefs carries years of history since its founding in 1928 at the Sorbonne by the venerable Auguste Escoffier.

Representing a mobilized international membership of culinary professionals, Worldchefs is committed to advancing the profession and leveraging the influence of the chef jacket for the betterment of the industry and humanity at large.

Worldchefs is dedicated to raising culinary standards and social awareness through these core focus areas:

  • Education – Worldchefs offers support for education and professional development through the landmark Worldchefs Academy online training program, a diverse network of Worldchefs Education Partners and curriculum, and the world’s first Global Culinary Certification recognizing on-the-job skillsin hospitality;
  • Networking – Worldchefs connects culinary professionals around the world through their online community platform and provides a gateway for industry networking opportunities through endorsed events and the biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo;
  • Competition – Worldchefs sets global standards for competition rules, provides Competition Seminars and assurance of Worldchefs Certified Judges, and operates the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge;
  • Humanitarianism & Sustainability – Worldchefs Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the globe.

For media inquiries or more information about the partnership, please contact Olivia Ruszczyk at [email protected] and Lorena Hidalgo at [email protected].

*The 50% off code will automatically apply at checkout. Membership prices vary depending on location (US, Europe, etc.).

– END –

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Young Chefs Are Taking the Industry Back to School

Young Chefs Are Taking the Industry Back to School: In Conversation with Rebecca van Bommel, Worldchefs Young Chefs Ambassador

What do the next generation of industry leaders have to say about key challenges for the future? We hear from Rebecca van Bommel, an up-and-coming culinary voice and one to watch. Her early career already has an impressive résumé: Worldchefs Global Development of Young Chefs Committee member, Culinary Federation Canada’s Young Chef Liaison, Red Seal Certified Young Chef, and competitor with Culinary Team Canada. She shares her insights to help pave the way for young people in hospitality.
How did you wind up in this profession? What was your pathway?

I knew from the start that I wanted to pursue something in the culinary field. I’ve always loved baking, making different desserts for my family and friends, cooking. As soon as I finished high school, I went straight into a two-year culinary school program and that just solidified the passion I had for the industry and how much I loved it. From there, I did some apprenticeships in Ireland and really enjoyed that as well, and just kept cooking. I did a few different avenues—hotels, local pubs, a Michelin star—and then COVID hit and the industry slowed down a bit. Some chefs I had been working with previously on a contract basis at food shows reached out to me and had a food sales position open. And that’s how I transitioned over into that avenue. I’ve been enjoying it.

What do you love about being in the food broker world?

The food broker world I love because you get to see behind-the-scenes. I get to interact and talk with different chefs every single day, talk to them about what products they’re using and why, and get a little insight into their restaurant or their business and how they run things and what they prefer. It’s really cool for me, coming from a chef background, to get a behind-the-scenes look into different chefs’ lives, so that’s been enjoyable for me.

You also cook at a retirement home. What is unique about serving that market?

Working in the retirement community, that opportunity also presented itself during COVID. I got into that world and realized—wow—they make really good food. We serve steak, we serve lamb, we serve lobster tails to our residents.

Depending on the restaurant, you often don’t get to talk to the people who are eating your food. Retirement is completely different because it’s the same people every single day, and you can actually build a relationship with them, find out their likes and dislikes. There’s a lot of creativity allowed in retirement. You’re not making the same dishes every day like you would often in a restaurant. Every day is different. And you can take what the residents are telling you, what they love, what they don’t love, and take that into account and create amazing food for them.

Competition—it’s something you do a lot at a very high level. Any lessons learned from the competition world?

I did my first competition while I was still in culinary school. It was a small, local one. I said, ‘I’ll do this just for fun. See where it goes. Just have fun with it.’ I got 1st place. And then I was kind of like, oh, this is fun.

It’s a good stress. It’s a stress, but it’s a stress that motivates you to want to try better. Segueing from that competition, I was invited to compete at the Culinary Olympics on a regional team. And that was probably the most stressful summer of my life—the practicing and preparing—and I said, ‘I will never do this again. This is not worth it.’ But then we got to IKA. Just to see all the other competitors and how big it is, and how proud you feel. Now I’m on my third Culinary Olympics team, and I don’t think that’s over any time soon.

Let’s jump into the world of sustainability. Where are our young people in this equation?

I think young chefs especially are extremely aware about sustainability in the industry and in their careers. I know it was something we talked about when I was in culinary school and how important it is to prevent food waste. Food waste is a huge part of it, and I think young chefs for the most part are very much aware and try to do their best about that. Another big factor is plastic waste, which again resurfaced with the pandemic because there was a lot of single-use plastics that were necessary at the time.

Young chefs are definitely aware of it and know that in order to have a bright future it’s something that they need to be mindful of on a daily basis. The issue with young chefs is sometimes they don’t have the support in their jobs to be able to do those types of things.

Are they empowered to make that change?

I would say it largely depends on what type of restaurant they’re in. For example, I’ve worked in a small local pub that got a lot of their ingredients from local farmers, and we used everything we could. We’d use carrot tops to make pesto and if we were to get fresh meat in, we’d use every part of the animal.

But then on the other hand, you have things like fine dining and Michelin stars, where they’ll make a square pan of something and cut out circles, and then you have all this waste. Or they’ll only pick the most perfect-looking carrots to put on the plate because of course we eat with their eyes first, and that’s important for that level of dining.

I think it depends on where they’re working. Young chefs in a smaller, independent restaurant would feel more empowered than say, a Michelin-starred restaurant where there’s that level, that standard that they have to keep up. And it’s so much harder to do that sustainably.

How about in competition?

With competitions it’s very hard to keep it sustainable, especially with the number of practice runs you have to go through to get to the competition. But I know even in the rules and the judging criteria, they’re becoming a lot more mindful of that.

In the past, where you might have used plastic tasting spoons, now the standard is to use wood or bamboo, something compostable. Same with sorting waste. They really focus on that. If you have trim from vegetables that you could use in a soup or use in another dish—save that, set it aside, put that to use. It’s a big focus, but it’s hard to do.

Another thing we try to do on our team—one of our competitions is cooking for 110 people. If we’re going to do a practice run, we want to find either 110 people we can feed so that food is not going to waste, or somewhere we can donate the food.

What would your advice be to a young person who wants to do things sustainably at a workplace where that’s not a priority?

I would say to start with a small change, because even the small things make a difference. You’re not going to change the chef’s mindset overnight and suddenly everything’s going to be sustainable. But if there’s one little thing, one little practice in the restaurant where you could suggest a more sustainable alternative, start with that. And that might open the doors for future conversations. That might get the chef thinking as well, ‘What else could I do? That was an easy change that didn’t affect the quality of my food at all. What else could I do to be more sustainable?’

Is sustainability something that is top of mind for young chefs looking for a place to work?

It’s hard to speak on behalf of all young chefs, but I would say sustainability isn’t necessarily top top. It’s definitely cuisine, style, food, and skill. But there is a niche in restaurants that are nose-to-tail or farm-to-table. In that sense, a lot of young chefs look for those types of establishments and want to work there, and those are more sustainable establishments naturally.

I don’t think they go in looking for sustainable businesses, but they might go looking for something that operates in that sense, where they’re very mindful of using local fresh ingredients and using every part of the ingredient.

What do you want to see from employers today?

Young people, we’re kind of driven by low risk, high reward. Going back to the pandemic as well, when a lot of chefs didn’t have work because restaurants were closed, it gave them a chance to breathe and a lot of them realized, ‘Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I working crazy, long hours, no days off? Really tough work environments, stressful work environments, no breaks. Why, when I could have better work-life balance?’ I think the pandemic brought that into focus. The working conditions that are typical of our industry, I’m not saying everywhere is like that but it’s kind of classically how it’s been.

There’s a big lack of workers because young chefs have realized ‘I don’t want this life anymore and if you can’t give me a more balanced schedule, some benefits, health benefits or otherwise, and better pay, I’m going to go to another industry.’

Do you think the foodservice community is doing enough to support young people as they grow into this profession?

A resounding no. What young chefs are looking for, and I hate to say it this way—money is a huge driver because at the end of the day, if you can’t put food on your own plate, why are you going to spend your time putting food on other people’s plates?

There are a lot of supports in place, like from Worldchefs, but when it comes to the actual work side of things, the typical environment, especially in restaurants, in the culinary industry, it’s not supportive of young chefs.

Can you give us one piece of advice for young chefs, and one piece of advice for those of us who have been in the industry for quite a while longer?

The piece of advice I have for young chefs I’m borrowing from one of my instructors in culinary school who told me this and it hit home and enhanced by experience as a young chef.

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Volunteer for everything. If you’re in school and there’s an event happening and they need two volunteers, put your hand up and join. If they’re having an amazing guest speaker but you have to give up your Saturday afternoon, go to that guest speaker. It’s going to enhance your experience and enhance your education. You can go to culinary school and pass all the courses and get the diploma, but if you haven’t gone above and beyond and done all the extras and joined competitions, you’re not getting the same experience as someone who has.

Go online, go to Worldchefs, take part in these webinars, take part in these free courses, especially the sustainability ones because that’s where the future’s going. And do all these extra things and you will have so much more knowledge and so many more tools to empower you going out into the workforce.

And for the more established generation of chefs?

Listen to the young chefs. While more accomplished chefs, of course they have a world of experience. They’ve been here, they’ve been there, they’ve done this and that in many competitions and cooked in many different places and have tons of knowledge and experience from that.

But still, keep in mind to listen to the younger generation of people who aren’t so established, people just starting out. They also have very valuable ideas and valuable knowledge themselves and can teach you things that you may not have even thought of. Sustainability would be a huge one of those because it’s something we think about a lot more and we grew up with and know more about that we could teach to you.

young chefs
rebecca van bommel

Young Chefs get a discounted rate to Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2024, in Singapore this October! Don’t miss the Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum and your chance to connect with industry leaders!

Looking for more ways to get involved with an international community of motivated Young Chefs? Learn more about Worldchefs’ Young Chefs Club here.

Learn more about Worldchefs’ Feed the Planet programs at

young chefs
rebecca van bommel

Start your journey towards a more conscious kitchen with Worldchefs’ FREE online Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course on Worldchefs Academy! Learn about key topics in food systems at your own pace, and give your career a boost with a valuable digital badge to show you’ve completed the training program.

Feed the Planet is powered by our friends at Electrolux Food Foundation. Visit the Electrolux Food Foundation website here and explore Replate at

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Sustainability Champions at LPU Laguna

Sustainability education is becoming increasingly important as we face new challenges due to the climate crisis. At Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) in Laguna, students are not only learning about sustainable practices—they’re also putting their knowledge into action through their participation in Worldchefs’ Feed the Planet programs.
from principles to practice

As part of the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals initiative, LPU Laguna students undergo training in sustainable cooking techniques and work with local farmers to source seasonal, organic ingredients. The program has had a significant impact on the students, who have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable practices in the food industry. They have also developed new culinary skills and techniques that allow them to create delicious and nutritious meals using locally sourced ingredients.

Beyond the students, the benefits are far-reaching. A positive impact on the environment and the local community is clear, too. By sourcing ingredients locally, the program reduces the carbon footprint of the industry and supports local farmers, who are often small-scale and face challenges in accessing markets.

The success of Feed the Planet programs at LPU Laguna is a testament to the power of sustainability education. By providing students with the knowledge and skills to create sustainable food practices, they are not only making a positive impact on the environment, but they are also preparing for careers in the food industry that are increasingly focused on sustainability.

a feed the Planet champion

Chef John Carlo Palacol, a faculty member of LPU, is making waves as a sustainability educator, inspiring students to be responsible stewards of the environment through their love of food. Palacol, a graduate of Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management, has been teaching at LPU Laguna since 2015. With his extensive background in the food industry, he has been able to incorporate sustainability principles into his culinary classes, making sure that his and other chef instructors’ students understand the impact of their food choices on the environment.

Chef John Carlo Palacol
Sustainability Education
LPU Laguna
Chef John Carlo Palacol

He’s created a waste management program that teaches aspiring culinarians to sort waste and create nutrient-rich compost, spearheaded LPU Laguna’s Eye for the Green Kitchen program that teaches students how to cook from root-to-stem using locally sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients and reduces the carbon footprint of the school’s kitchen, and mobilizing the culinary department to develop a sustainable farm, and soon a hyperlocal menus.

Palacol’s efforts in promoting sustainability have not gone unnoticed. This year he was awarded the Worldchefs’ Feed the Planet Champion Level 3 digital badge for his commitment to sustainable culinary practices.

As a sustainability educator, Palacol hopes to inspire his students to become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities. By instilling in them the values of sustainability, he believes that they can make a positive impact on the environment and create a better future for all. Chef John Carlo Palacol is a shining example of how educators can integrate sustainability principles into their teaching, inspiring students to become responsible stewards of the environment. He is a true champion of sustainability and a role model for students and educators alike.

Learn more about Worldchefs’ Feed the Planet programs at

Start your journey towards a more conscious kitchen with Worldchefs’ FREE online Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course on Worldchefs Academy! Learn about key topics in food systems at your own pace, and give your career a boost with a valuable digital badge to show you’ve completed the training program.

Feed the Planet is powered by our friends at Electrolux Food Foundation. Visit the Electrolux Food Foundation website here and explore Replate at

André Wiringa Start Reverse
Reverse Leadership Strategy
Hospitality Brand Transformation
Customer Experience

Cover image: LPU Laguna CITHM 


Worldchefs Offers Co-Branded Digital Badges for National Association Members

Worldchefs Offers Co-Branded Digital Badges for National Association Members

In an exciting development, Worldchefs has announced an opportunity for its association members worldwide. Worldchefs is offering co-branded digital badges to individual members of participating associations at absolutely no cost.

The initiative aims to enhance recognition, professionalism, and visibility for members, while also fostering a sense of pride in their national association affiliation. These digital badges, adorned with both the association’s logo and Worldchefs branding, serve as a symbol of membership validity and professional achievement within the global culinary community.

“We’re delighted to present this exclusive opportunity to our valued association members,” says Ragnar Fridriksson, Managing Director of Worldchefs. “These co-branded digital badges not only validate membership but also elevate the professional profile of culinary experts worldwide.”

Each digital badge, valid for one year, showcases the association’s emblem alongside the distinguished Worldchefs logo. By leveraging these co-branded digital badges, culinary professionals can amplify their presence, credibility, and impact on a global scale, setting new standards of excellence within the industry.

The United Arab Emirates Guild national membership digital badge serves as a prime example of this collaborative effort, embodying the essence of partnership and professional excellence.

Benefits of these digital badges extend beyond mere validation. They provide members with enhanced credibility, recognition, and exposure within the culinary industry. Moreover, they offer a tangible representation of professional affiliation, bolstering the individual’s reputation and fostering trust among peers and clients alike.

“Digital badges have become increasingly instrumental in today’s digital landscape, offering a convenient and impactful way to showcase credentials and achievements,” adds Thomas Gugler, Worldchefs President. “We believe this initiative will empower our association members, enabling them to stand out in a competitive field while also reinforcing the value of their association membership.”

To take advantage of this unprecedented offering, Presidents or representatives of Worldchefs’ national association members are encouraged to contact the Worldchefs office team. This offer is valid through April 31, 2024.


Worldchefs Credentials are digital badges that translate qualifications and capabilities into verified skills. Digital badges represent concrete evidence of learning outcomes and achievements, allowing earners to showcase their skills confidently.

With secure digital verification, each credential can be verified in real-time, providing the proof needed to build a professional profile to propel opportunities and unlock careers.

Learn more here and find a collection of Worldchefs digital badges.

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Taking Cuisine Out of this World: NASA and Worldchefs Announce New Partnership

Empowering young chefs to bring gastronomy to space exploration, Worldchefs and NASA’s Hunch program partner on the 2023 Astronaut Culinary Challenge.

Paris, 10 of November 2023 – NASA’s HUNCH program and Worldchefs have announced an exciting collaboration that gives new meaning to haute cuisine. Their partnership empowers young chefs to pioneer space-ready culinary innovations through the Astronaut Culinary Challenge.

As part of HUNCH’s culinary initiative, the Astronaut Culinary Challenge nurtures skill development and the creation of space-friendly cuisine for astronauts. Each year, culinary teams from over 30 schools craft innovative dishes based on a central theme, bringing gastronomy to space exploration.

culinary students
space challenge

The HUNCH program’s mission is to inspire students through project-based, student-centric STEM learning. Participants acquire 21st-century skills and gain career-launching experiences by designing and fabricating valuable products for NASA.

Phoebus High School students prepare their dish for judging at the 2020 HUNCH Culinary Challenge at NASA Langley. Credit: NASA

Students learn about space physiology, how nutritional needs change for a body in a microgravity environment, and what to consider when food processing for space flight. Competitors then develop an entree to satisfy the nutrition needs and provide a taste experience for astronauts, ensuring that their creations adhere to the exacting standards of the NASA Johnson Space Center Food Laboratory.

The 2023 Astronaut Culinary Challenge theme is a savory breakfast item that includes a vegetable, with set nutritional guidelines including calories, fats, sodium, and fiber to ensure that astronauts launch into their day with optimal nutrition.

A preliminary round of competition will be held the first week of March, 2024. Teams who advance in the preliminary round will be invited to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for the competition final in April, where their work will be judged by Food Laboratory personnel, industry professionals, the ISS program office, and astronauts for quality, taste, and their research presented in technical paper and video presentation. The winning entree will be processed by the Johnson Space Center Food Lab and sent to the International Space Station for astronauts to savor.

“We are very happy to announce our extraordinary partnership with NASA’s HUNCH program. Together, we can empower young chefs to take their culinary talents beyond our planet’s boundaries, pioneering innovative, space-ready cuisine,” says Thomas A. Gugler, President of Worldchefs. “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to raising industry standards and inspiring the next generation of chefs to build skills for the future. One small step for chefs, one giant leap for gastronomy!”

Winners of the Astronaut Culinary Challenge will be honored at Worldchefs Congress and Expo 2024 in Singapore.

For more information on the HUNCH program, visit For more on the competition guidelines of the Astronaut Culinary Challenge and how to get involved, visit the competition website.

Founded in 1928, the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) represents the largest international membership of food and beverage professionals dedicated to raising industry standards.
With over 240 member national chef associations, educational institutions, and F&B companies, Worldchefs is the global voice of culinary professionals.

Learn more about Worldchefs partnership opportunities at

Cover image:
High School Students Look to Improve Astronauts’ Palates, Workspaces via HUNCH Program. Credit: NASA

– END –

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‘Like A Chef’ in Stockholm hosts first graduation

‘Like A Chef’ in Stockholm hosts first graduation

  • The Like A Chef program, a Feed the Planet initiative driven by Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC, hosted a graduation ceremony for its first wave of students in Stockholm.
  • Graduates received comprehensive culinary education, encompassing cooking techniques and strategies for reducing food waste, to help them identify suitable employment
  • The unique Like a Chef initiative was launched in 2017 with a goal to educate and train 3,000 people worldwide by 2030. Learn more about Feed the Planet programs including Like A Chef at

Paris, 13 October 2023 – In a ceremony held this past September, the ‘Like A Chef’ program in Stockholm celebrated the graduation of its first cohort of students, marking a significant milestone in their employment journey. The event marked a heartwarming celebration of each student’s success in finishing the life-altering culinary training program.

Supported by Feed the Planet partners, Worldchefs and the Electrolux Food Foundation, and in collaboration with Svenska Kockars Förening, Sodexo, Stockholms Stad, and Arbetsförmedlingen, the Like a Chef employment training program in Stockholm has successfully trained and empowered new generation of kitchen professionals.

Stockholms Stad and Arbetsförmedlingen selected nine participants marginalized communities grappling with unemployment, including immigrants and young residents of city suburbs, to partake in the Like A Chef training program held in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by professional chefs from Worldchefs’ National Association member Svenska Kockars Förening, the curriculum encompassed cooking techniques and food waste reduction strategies with a sustainability focus.

Over the course of a 120-hour culinary training program, students gained culinary expertise, enabling them to identify viable employment opportunities and achieve financial stability. Six of the graduates have already secured unique internship opportunities at Sodexo’s Stockholm restaurants and Clarion Hotel Stockholm, contributing to the sustainability efforts in the hospitality industry.

“The Like a Chef program is training the next generation of kitchen professionals that will help shape the industry on a new basis, where food and its impact on the planet are taking the center stage,” says Cosimo Scarano, Head of the Electrolux Food Foundation. 

For more information about the ‘Like A Chef’ program, please visit

Impacting Communities

Like a Chef was launched in late 2017 with a goal to educate and train 3000 people worldwide by 2030. Founded and driven by Worldchefs together with Electrolux Food Foundation, the Like a Chef program is an employment training initiative that provides professional culinary skills to underprivileged individuals. The program emphasizes sustainable cooking methods with a zero-waste approach.

Adapted to each community it serves, the program empowers various groups in need, including refugees, single parents, cancer survivors, and orphaned teenagers, to provide for themselves and their families. With over 1000 graduates, there have been eight training centers around the world in Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Sweden, St. Lucia, Russia, and Ukraine.

“This project is really tailored to the needs of local communities. Together with our partner Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation really wanted to give back to local communities and that’s the purpose and the secret of the success of this initiative,” said Cosimo Scarano, Head of Electrolux Food Foundation. “We are very honored to see the recognition coming for this program and are every day more and more convinced of its potential in changing people’s lives. Thanks to my team and to everyone who contributes daily to Like a Chef implementation and success.”

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The Like a Chef program is made possible with the support of Feed the Planet partners and the tireless contributions of Worldchefs’ members around the globe. Worldchefs extends the utmost gratitude to all program participants, local partners, sponsors, and volunteer chefs who contribute to the life-changing success of Like a Chef and all Feed the Planet initiatives. It is the dedication of Worldchefs’ global community that fosters resilience and solidarity in the industry and beyond.

“It’s an incredible honor to have been able to help change the lives of over 1000 people through the Like a Chef program, and the only way this is possible is through the diverse partnership of Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC, which together forms the backbone of Feed the Planet,” says Feed the Planet Chairman, Chris Koetke. “We look forward to expanding our program and reaching more lives in the years to come.”

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Global Chefs Challenge Partnership Press Releases Congress

Returning 22 – 25 October 2024: FHA-HoReCa partners with Worldchefs Congress& Expo to host the acclaimed Global Chefs Challenge Finals for the first time!

  • An expansion from Food&HotelAsia (FHA), FHA-HoReCa tradeshow will take place 22-25 October 2024 in Singapore with an expected turnout of over 40,000 attendees.
  • The expo also brings with it the biggest competition for chefs, Global Chefs Challenge Finals 2024, alongside the first finals of the newest Global Vegan Chefs Challenge category.

SINGAPORE, 12th October 2023 – Come 2024, FHA-HoReCa, Asia’s most comprehensive and premier hospitality event, will partner with World Association of Chefs Societies – Worldchefs – a global leading organization that brings together global chef delegates and professionals, to host Singapore’s first-ever Global Chefs Challenge Finals.

The Global Chefs Challenge Finals will feature the top 72 chefs from 25 countries, selected based on their outstanding performance at the Worldchefs Regional Semi-Finals that took place in 2023. These culinary talents will compete head-to-head at the Global Chef Challenge Finals, scheduled to take place at the Singapore Expo from 22 October to 25, 2024.

FHA-HoReCa trade show is Asia’s most comprehensive international trade show covering 5 key segments – Bakery, Pastry & Gelato; Foodservice & Hospitality Equipment; Hospitality Style; Hospitality Technology and Specialty Coffee in a single platform. This event brings over 40,000 hospitality and foodservice professionals from around the world.

Ian Roberts, Vice President of Informa Markets said, “With the dynamic partnership of FHA-HoReCa and the Worldchefs Congress, we’re not just setting a place at the table; we’re creating a feast of innovation, excellence, and culinary mastery that will reverberate throughout the industry. In 2024, the Global Chef Challenge will ignite the culinary world, and together, we’ll redefine the art of gastronomy on a global scale, inspiring chefs, tantalizing taste buds, and shaping the future of the culinary industry like never before.”

“SCA has a strong history of partnering FHA in the organization of culinary competitions over the decades. We also have also strongly supported the Global Chefs Challenges by sending competitors. So we are pleased and excited to support this important culinary competition in our country,” says President of Singapore Chefs’ Association, Eric Neo.

Launch of Global Vegan Chefs Challenge in the Global Chefs Challenge Finals

The 2024 Global Chefs Challenge Finals will see the world’s top chefs meet to compete in four competition categories:

  • Global Vegan Chefs Challenge
  • Global Pastry Chefs Challenge
  • Global Young Chefs Challenge
  • Global Chefs Challenge

The Global Chefs Challenge Finals will see its newest category Global Vegan Chefs Challenge’s first finals. This competition features innovative chefs who will showcase vegan culinary skills. Their plates must exclude animal proteins while creatively and tastily combining key vegan ingredients.

Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler states, “The Global Vegan Chefs Challenge will be an exciting opportunity for Worldchefs members interested in expanding and showcasing their expertise and knowledge of Vegan Cuisine, and this particular category will support our mission as leaders in global culinary advancement and culinary competitions.”

Worldchefs Congress & Expo
Global Chefs Challenge Finals

The Global Pastry Chefs Challenge features the crème de la crème in pastry competition. Competitors strive to meet the standards of the world’s most modern patisseries, enticing the five senses through their knowledge, extraordinary technique, and versatility.

The Global Young Chefs Challenge features emerging talents who are 25 years of age or younger. The top Young Chef winner will be awarded the Hans Bueschkens Trophy, named after Chef Hans J. Bueschkens, the former president of Worldchefs, who championed the development of programs aimed at promoting and nurturing young individuals for careers in the culinary industry.

In the Global Chefs Challenge, participants demonstrate their culinary skills in high-pressure situations, showcasing their ability to adapt under pressure. Their creations must not only be appetizing and flavorful but also exhibit exemplary plating for efficient service.

Worldchefs Congress, a Hallmark Tradition for culinary Innovators

Making its return to Singapore soil since its first exposition in Singapore in 1990, the Worldchefs Congress is set to take place in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre across three days from 20-22 October 2024. This event is also supported by the Singapore Chefs’ Association, a chef association member of Worldchefs.

Worldchefs Congress & Expo is a biennial event and delivers a unique programme to for industry leaders to network, bond, and improve their knowledge. This includes presentations and workshops from leading experts in the industry, impactful educational programs including the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events designed to uplift the next generation of chefs such as the Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, the Global Chefs Challenge Finals culinary competition, an international trade exhibition, and diverse activities to enhance both your personal and professional network.

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FHA-HoReCa brings together the most extensive line-up of the world’s leading foodservice and hospitality suppliers through 5 specialized sectors – Bakery, Pastry & Gelato; Food service & Hospitality Equipment; Hospitality Style; Hospitality Technology and Specialty Coffee. Majority of exhibitors participating in FHA-HoReCa are renowned manufacturers and brands hailing from over 30 countries and regions.

For more information on FHA-HoReCa, kindly refer here:

About Worldchefs Congress & Expo

The global leading platform that brings together chef delegates and professionals from across the five continents, Worldchefs Congress & Expo delivers a unique programme to help industry players network and expand their professional bonds.

This includes presentations and workshops from leading experts in the industry, impactful educational programs including the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events designed to uplift the next generation of chefs such as the Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, the Global Chefs Challenge Finals culinary competition, an international trade exhibition, and diverse activities to enhance both your personal and professional network.

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2024 Gelato World Cup Introduces New Format and Worldchefs Partnership

Making the world of gelato even sweeter, the 2024 Gelato World Cup introduces new format and Worldchefs partnership, with culinary excellence and global camaraderie set to take center stage in 2024.
  • The Gelato World Cup and the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) have formed a collaborative partnership, with the 10th Gelato World Cup set to take place in January 2024 in Rimini, Italy.
  • The 2024 Gelato World Cup will feature teams from five continents competing in various gastronomic trials, fostering culinary excellence and international camaraderie.
  • Learn more about Worldchefs partnership opportunities at

Paris, 2 of October 2023 – The Gelato World Cup, the world’s benchmark event for artisan gelato, and the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) have announced a new collaborative partnership. The 10th Gelato World Cup, also known as Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria, will be held as part of SIGEP – International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Confectionery, and Bakery, The Dolce World Expo, at the Rimini Exhibition Centre from January 20 to 24 2024.

Since its inception in 2003, this biennial competition has consistently been a highlight of SIGEP, eagerly anticipated by gelato artisans, pastry chefs, and ice sculptors from across the globe. At the core of this prestigious competition are the principles of integrity, professionalism, and fairness, which extend to all nations participating. The event enjoys the invaluable support of a World Committee of Honour, comprised of some of the world’s most eminent gelato experts. It is organized collaboratively by SIGEP – Italian Exhibition Group Spa and Gelato e Cultura s.r.l.

Breaking new ground, the 2024 Gelato World Cup introduces a new format with teams representing five continents engaging in a demanding gastronomic challenge. After intense national and continental trials, the crème de la crème from each continent will converge in Rimini to compete in five distinct trials: Gelato, Pastry and Chocolate Making, Ice Sculpture, and Haute Cuisine.

Leading up to the main event in January 2024, countries around the world will host their own national selections, contributing to the anticipation and excitement. European contestants will vie for their place in the competition during the European selection rounds in 2023.

“We are proud to enter into this exciting collaboration with the Gelato World Cup, an event that provides such a great opportunity for competition excellence and international camaraderie,” says Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs Managing Director. “We share a common commitment to enhancing the excellence of global cuisines and providing opportunities for culinary professionals in all sectors. We look forward to January 2024!”

Stay tuned for more from the 2024 Gelato World Cup, where culinary excellence takes center stage in a truly international showcase of talent and innovation.

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Founded in 1928, the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) represents the largest international membership of food and beverage professionals dedicated to raising industry standards.
With over 240 member national chef associations, educational institutions, and F&B companies, Worldchefs is the global voice of culinary professionals.

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