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Results are in for the Global Chefs Challenge Pacific Rim Regional Semi-Finals

See the final results for the Global Chefs Challenge Pacific Rim Regional Semi-Finals!

  • Worldchefs has announced the results of the Pacific regional semi-final rounds for the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge culinary competition.
  • Qualifying teams will advance to compete in the Global Chefs Finals during the 2024 Worldchefs Congress & Expo in Singapore.
  • To learn more about the Global Chef Challenge and the Road to Singapore, visit

Paris, 7 September 2023 –The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) has announced the results from the Pacific Rim regional semi-final rounds of the prestigious Global Chef Challenge culinary competition. The competition was held with the participation of chefs from Worldchefs’ member countries across the Pacific Rim. Worldchefs represents the largest international membership of culinary professionals, with over 100 national chef society members.

The top culinary teams from the region showcased their skills, creativity, and craftsmanship through three competition categories: Global Chefs Challenge, Global Pastry Chefs Challenge, and Global Young Chefs Challenge – Hans Bueschkens Trophy. Competitors went head to head for a coveted chance to compete at the Global Chef Challenge Finals during the 2024 Worldchefs Congress & Expo in Singapore.

Final Results:

Results are listed below by category: Global Chefs Challenge, Global Pastry Chefs Challenge, and Global Young Chefs Challenge.

Global Chefs Challenge
Global Pastry Chefs Challenge
Global Young Chefs Challenge

Congratulations to each participant, and to the qualifying teams that will move on to compete in Singapore at the Global Chefs Challenge Finals.

To learn more about the Global Chef Challenge and the Road to Singapore, visit

See more photos of the Pacific Rim Regional Global Chefs Challenge Semi-Final event here.

Want to Compete in Global Chefs Challenge?

If you wish to put your talent to the test, contact your National Chefs Association for opportunities to participate. Visit for a list of member nations.

Global Chefs Challenge Finals at Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2024

Worldchefs Congress & Expo is a hallmark tradition of Worldchefs, and has been organized in 39 cities around the world throughout its illustrious 94-year history. The four-day forum brings together delegates from across the five continents to network and expand their professional bonds. The unique program delivers presentations and workshops from leading experts in the hospitality industry, impactful educational programs including the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events designed to uplift the next generation of chefs such as the Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, an international trade exhibition, the Global Chefs Challenge competition, and diverse activities to enhance both personal and professional networks.

The 2024 Worldchefs Congress & Expo and Global Chefs Challenge Finals will be held in Singapore, hosted by the Singapore Chefs Association.

Visit for more information.

Read more in the latest issue of Worldchefs Magazine

From mastering the art of sustainable cooking to embracing the latest technological advancements in the kitchen, Issue 29 is your guide to staying at the forefront of the culinary profession. 

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Food of Asia, Soul of Asia: Free E-Book

Worldchefs Asia E-Book: Food of Asia, Soul of Asia

Take a culinary tour of the continent with Worldchefs’ Asia members in this free e-book.

Explore the diverse and delicious flavors of Asia in this free e-book, produced in collaboration with Worldchefs’ member associations across the continent.

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A word from the Editor-in-Chief, Chef Soon Pau Voon

This is not a cookbook; it is a book about Asian chefs’ organizations.

Food of Asia Soul of Asia free e-book
Editorial team
Chfe Soon Pau Voon Editor-in-Chief
Worldchefs Asia

To edit a book is akin to a rite of passage; a phase of our culinary lives; when we started out as a young chef, we absorb the culinary skills and knowledge from our masters; and now when we are at the professional level, we disseminate our knowledge to the next generation. This e-book is by no means just a cookbook. It is a book dedicating our utmost respect for the Asian chefs under the Worldchefs umbrella; how chefs are organized in a society; the historical aspect of the organization and lastly the flavors of the national gastronomy.

When I was approached by Continental Director Chef Willment Leong to be the Editor-in-Chief of this project, I agreed hastily. It was indeed an ambitious project; to feature all 21 Worldchefs national organizations in Asia. It is both an exhausting yet exciting experience. I was fortunate to be able to work closely with colleagues from the 21 country associations; I must thank them for their patience and understanding in completing this e-book. My biggest thanks go to my designer team led by Johan Nasir and my Young Chefs Club who assisted in vetting the country submissions.

This e-book showcases our diverse Asian culinary cultures. Although we have different chef associations, nationalities, and religions, we share one thing in common—our love for food. The opportunity to lead this project is both a learning and teaching process for me, as I learn about different food cultures from all over Asia and how each association is organized. Although this book may not cover all Asian countries, we hope it gives readers an insight into the association’s organization, history, and culinary culture. May we inspire you to continue seeking interest and explore our diverse Asian gastronomy, flavors, and culinary culture.

Jemput jemput masak-masak& makan-makan! (Let’s get cooking and feasting!)

Your friend in a white jacket,

Pau Voon Soon, Editor-in-Chief

Secretary General, Professional Culinaire Association Malaysia

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