Competition Seminar

Worldchefs announces three upcoming Competition Seminars!

Worldchefs has announced three Competition Seminars!

Worldchefs Competition Seminars are designed for ambitious culinarians looking to gain insight into the height of international culinary competition standards. Whether a competitor, trainer, or aspiring judge, these intensive seminars provide key information about current trends, competition rules, and judging criteria, to help chefs keep up to date and at their best.

Two competition seminars will be hosted in-person at our Paris office for aspiring judges and driven competitors: Culinary Arts & Hot Kitchen on June 17th and Pastry Arts on June 18th.

We will also host an Introduction to Competition Standards in a webinar format from July 10-11th. Sign up for 2-days of online training with renowned chef, judge, and culinary team trainerGert Klötzke

Click below to learn more details about each competition seminar event:
Competitors: Why attend?
  • Learn indispensable tips to excel in culinary competitions, and understand the service process and presentation details to make sure you know everything from the very beginning to the end.
  • Be the first to discover current culinary trends, innovations in modern kitchen equipment, and the latest technologies used in competition.
  • Engage with renowned chef instructors and get inspired alongside a diverse and driven class of competition chefs, aspiring judges, and influencers in the culinary space.
Judges: Why attend?
  • Keep up to date with culinary trends, and discover all the latest rules necessary to provide fair judgment during competition events.
  • Engage with renowned chef instructors and network with a diverse and driven class of competition chefs, aspiring judges, and influencers in the culinary space.
  • Current judges: All Worldchefs Certified Judges are required to attend a Competition Seminar every five years. 
  • Future judges: Take the first step towards becoming a Worldchefs Certified Judge. Participants receive a certificate of participation after attending a Competition Seminar. This certificate of completion is one of the mandatory requirements when submitting a Worldchefs Certified Judge application.
  • Please note: the Introduction to Competition Standards seminar is not eligible for Worldchefs Certified Judge applications.

Pre-register and gain more information by contacting: For more information, contact Linh To at [email protected].


Worldchefs Offers Co-Branded Digital Badges for National Association Members

Worldchefs Offers Co-Branded Digital Badges for National Association Members

In an exciting development, Worldchefs has announced an opportunity for its association members worldwide. Worldchefs is offering co-branded digital badges to individual members of participating associations at absolutely no cost.

The initiative aims to enhance recognition, professionalism, and visibility for members, while also fostering a sense of pride in their national association affiliation. These digital badges, adorned with both the association’s logo and Worldchefs branding, serve as a symbol of membership validity and professional achievement within the global culinary community.

“We’re delighted to present this exclusive opportunity to our valued association members,” says Ragnar Fridriksson, Managing Director of Worldchefs. “These co-branded digital badges not only validate membership but also elevate the professional profile of culinary experts worldwide.”

Each digital badge, valid for one year, showcases the association’s emblem alongside the distinguished Worldchefs logo. By leveraging these co-branded digital badges, culinary professionals can amplify their presence, credibility, and impact on a global scale, setting new standards of excellence within the industry.

The United Arab Emirates Guild national membership digital badge serves as a prime example of this collaborative effort, embodying the essence of partnership and professional excellence.

Benefits of these digital badges extend beyond mere validation. They provide members with enhanced credibility, recognition, and exposure within the culinary industry. Moreover, they offer a tangible representation of professional affiliation, bolstering the individual’s reputation and fostering trust among peers and clients alike.

“Digital badges have become increasingly instrumental in today’s digital landscape, offering a convenient and impactful way to showcase credentials and achievements,” adds Thomas Gugler, Worldchefs President. “We believe this initiative will empower our association members, enabling them to stand out in a competitive field while also reinforcing the value of their association membership.”

To take advantage of this unprecedented offering, Presidents or representatives of Worldchefs’ national association members are encouraged to contact the Worldchefs office team. This offer is valid through April 31, 2024.


Worldchefs Credentials are digital badges that translate qualifications and capabilities into verified skills. Digital badges represent concrete evidence of learning outcomes and achievements, allowing earners to showcase their skills confidently.

With secure digital verification, each credential can be verified in real-time, providing the proof needed to build a professional profile to propel opportunities and unlock careers.

Learn more here and find a collection of Worldchefs digital badges.


Visit us at IKA/Culinary Olympics! See our Worldchefs Village agenda & more.

Join us at Worldchefs Village in the heart of the competition Hall 2  – booth 2C01 at IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024! Visit our pavilion for exclusive experiences like our daily Get Together parties, live culinary demonstrations + tastings, and more.

Make the most of your Worldchefs Village experience by checking out our agenda below and don’t forget to check out our social media for live updates and stories.

We look forward to meeting you!

About the IKA/Culinary Olympics

The IKA/Culinary Olympics is the oldest, largest and most diverse international culinary arts competition in the world. Full of passion, professional chef teams work on the perfect interaction of ingredients, preparation and presentation. In fair competition, new culinary trends have been created for nearly 125 years.

Anyone who has ever attended the IKA/Culinary Olympics will always remember it’s special flair and the feeling that makes  this event so unique. No other international competition for chefs is as diverse, comprehensive and exciting as the mega event in Stuttgart. The IKA/Culinary Olympics bring together the most talented culinary artists from all over the world – a ‘once in a lifetime’ event that has been repeated every four years since 1900.

Divided into different categories, talented chefs with a particular passion for the competition meet at the Culinary Olympics. They face up to their competitors and the attentive jury of experts, show award-winning creations on the plates and start culinary trends .

The competition calls for maximum concentration and a great deal of know-how. Additionally, on the way to the podium, creative achievements count at least as much as cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability in the workplace. And: TIn the team categories, team spiritis often decisive when it comes to winning.

To learn more, visit the official website here.


Take your competition to the next level with Worldchefs competition endorsement, a prestigious recognition, achieved by competitions that meet the highest standards of quality. This endorsement provides exceptional opportunities for visibility to an audience of culinary professionals.

Benefits include:

  • Tap into a global community of chefs for greater networking and business opportunities.
  • Unlock new possibilities with optional digital badging and event competition software.
  • Gain free of charge digital badges for competitors and winners with co-branding opportunities.
  • Gain access to downloadable evaluation and scoring sheets on Worldchefs website. 

Learn more and apply to endorse your competition:


Nurturing a Sustainable Culinary Future: An Interview with Chef Haitham Hameed Hassoon

Nurturing a Sustainable Culinary Future: An Interview with Chef Haitham Hameed Hassoon

In an insightful conversation with Haitham Hameed Hassoon, a seasoned culinary professional and certified trainer in sustainability, we delve into the transformative journey that led him to embrace the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program and the profound impact it has had on his career and the culinary industry at large.

When did you get involved with the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program?

“I started participating in the Sustainability Program for Culinary Professionals program in 2019. I wanted to develop my knowledge in this field because of its great importance in correcting the grave errors that plague food systems and their sources. Then, the program provided the opportunity to become a trainer, so I quickly submitted my application to be one of the accredited trainers so that I could transfer this knowledge to the people of my Arab region, who work in the field of cooking and others. This way, I could help to develop their knowledge, urge them to abandon bad habits in consuming food, and show them the importances of sourcing to help them adhere to sustainable standards as a way of life. I was very happy to obtain approval to be an official certified trainer, and I still work very happily in this field.”

How many students have you trained so far?

“I announced my first course specialized in teaching sustainability after obtaining my trainer’s certificate. The title “sustainability” was strange to many when I announced it, and everyone was asking me about its meaning and how it could benefit them. I was happy to explain to them the meaning of sustainability and its importance in our daily lives and the future. Registration to attend these courses began, and my students were very enjoying attending these lessons, especially since I had prepared a curriculum that included video presentations for clarification. I was the first to use this method in the Arab region, as my students used to tell me. The lessons had a great positive impact on my students, and they told me that they had begun that they remember all the lessons and directions during their work and work on them in a way that meets the standards of sustainability and non-waste. So far, 1,059 students have graduated from the courses that I have provided. I still strive to spread the culture of sustainability more widely.”

Why cooking? What drove you to the kitchen to begin with?

“The world of cooking has been one of my personal hobbies since I was young, but at that time this profession was not widespread and was not viewed in the same way it is viewed now, as an important profession that has a major role in many areas of life. Therefore, I practiced the hobby of cooking on a limited basis at home and learned it from others or through books because there was no internet at the time. At the same time, I headed to study within the electrical specialty because it was one of the good and popular professions and specializations of many at the time. I continued to develop my personal skills in cooking through books and home experience until I had the opportunity after many years to work in this field due to the war conditions that my country was going through. This was the beginning of my career in the profession, which was my favorite hobby. I participated in many culinary schools and academies to develop my skills. Finally, with a degree in culinary arts, I opened my first private restaurant in 2009 in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Then I moved to work in Turkey in 2017, and through my stay in Turkey I obtained more advanced certificates in the culinary arts, worked in a catering company, and an international company, and contributed to the opening of many Arab restaurants in Istanbul. In addition, I went into teaching the culinary profession after obtaining a training certificate, and I obtained accreditation from a specialized culinary academy to be one of its culinary trainers. I presented an integrated academic curriculum for teaching culinary arts that was approved by Worldchefs to be the first online education curriculum in the Arab region. I am still working within this curriculum in an effort to establish my academy for teaching culinary arts.”

What advice would you give to people who are interested in teaching others?

My advice to anyone who wants to work in education is to be sincere in what he presents to students, to search for the correct information and present it in a manner that is appropriate to the different cultural levels of others. Try your best to be popular person with your students through his personality, culture, and the way you speaks, respond to them, and listen to them. Be very humble without being weak. You must be very educated in various fields because this will increase your standing among students. You should apply what you says to yourself first so that you can be an example for your students. You must be firm during lessons without being harsh, and this will enable you to control the students’ listening and commitment. Teaching is a talent like other talents. Not everyone can deliver information to others in the desired manner, so make sure you possess this talent and always develop it. Do not make your goal of education only financial gain. Education is a humanitarian message above all else. Feeling that your students love you, that they rally around you, that they consider you their role model, and that they seek your help when needed is a feeling of happiness and pride that is unlike any other feeling; it is priceless.”

What sets this sustainability curriculum apart from others?

“The Sustainability Education Program for Culinary Professionals is distinguished by the fact that it is not a program to teach specific cooking recipes or discuss profitable topics. Rather, it discusses topics that are more important to our lives in general. This program highlights the hidden aspects of the culinary profession, those aspects that many may not see, including the amount of food and water available, the meaning of energy and fuel, the decreasing number of seafood, environmental damage, waste and its dangers. These aspects are not seen by the general public nor seen by chefs if we do not highlight them, make them a part of it, and hold them responsible for preserving them for the sake of their children’s future. This is what we are doing through the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program. We are completely changing their lives in the right direction for a healthy and safe food future.

How do you think the culinary industry is different today from when you started?

“The cooking profession has changed a lot from where it started. In short, the cooking profession was based on skill only, and now it depends on knowledge and skill. We did not realize the importance of sterilization and hygiene, and we did not understand what cross-contamination meant. We did not know the extent to which wasting a quantity of food would affect the future of food. Now cooking has become a science, skills, art, and responsibility for preserving the planet’s food sources, in addition to the responsibility for preserving the health of others. Now the concepts of quantities, the size of a serving, the components of a dish, and the method of presentation have changed, and all of this is thanks to the scientific and cultural development of this profession. This is in addition to the great development in modern equipment and methods. One of the important things is that society’s view of the chef has changed a lot in a positive direction. The chef has gained a prominent position in society, and this has made young people’s desire to learn this profession greater.”

How did joining the Feed the Planet training program help you with your career?

My participation in the Sustainability Education Program for Culinary Professionals and the Feed the Planet Project has greatly contributed to my acquisition of many skills and information related to the culinary profession and training. In addition, it contributed a lot to introducing me as a professional trainer in the culinary profession, and this made the extent of my responsibility greater. I have become responsible for doing everything related to sustainability in my work to be an example for those who work with me and under my supervision. This has increased my personal skills in maintaining food safety and reducing waste to reach zero waste. I put the small quantities that are produced as waste when I prepare the recipes and put them in a bag from the beginning of the work day until the end. Then I put this bag on the scale to see the amount of waste produced throughout the work day, and I photograph all these steps to show them to my students. This greatly encouraged them to apply it in Their work, especially when they saw that the amount of waste that resulted from preparing me for a full day’s work did not even exceed 300 grams and it only contained some simple peels, dry onion ends, and similar things. This was a great motivation for them to apply it in their work.”

What’s a memorable success story or transformation you’ve witnessed in one of your students through the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program?

“The abilities of many of my students developed according to what they were telling me. Sustainability lessons had a great impact on their work, and many of them used to tell me that they began to remember my words and directions while working, and they remembered that they must preserve food, not waste, and act wisely. Some of them told me that their officials decided to give them the job of supervising food preparation and production after they began working in a more scientific manner, based on the information they gained from my lessons in sustainability.”

In your view, what role can culinary professionals play in addressing global sustainability challenges, and what excites you about the future of sustainability in the culinary world?

If we, as culinary professionals, adhere to sustainability standards, we can make a significant change in the global food system and reduce the irresponsible behavior of some beneficiaries at the expense of the health and safety of the planet. Our commitment to sustainability standards will make polluted food sources unpopular in the market. It will make equipment designed and produced to standards that do not match sustainability standards become mere waste that no culinary professional will buy. Our role is great in not dealing with unreliable suppliers, which will support reliable suppliers, making them even more reliable, and encourage others to become reliable in order to promote the popularity of their goods. Our role is to educate and teach others who are not professional cooks, including women, students, professors, doctors, engineers, truck drivers, and all other segments of society, about the necessity of dealing with sustainability standards in our homes and workplaces, and that their small steps on the path to sustainability make our steps much larger to reach a food-safe planet. Training beginners in restaurants and cooking schools on how to deal with food sources, not to waste, to benefit from all parts, to invent new recipes from parts that were turning into waste, and to be creative in their use. Our role is important in changing the culture of customers in our restaurants and shifting their attention towards healthier dishes that rely on plants as an essential ingredient. Changing the culture of customers with the quantities allocated to each dish and the size of the portion. We can limit the violations that occur on seafood and other foods by boycotting those who violate their fishing rights during their reproductive times, not purchasing species that are on the verge of extinction, and not encouraging their actions for the purpose of financial gain. The honor of wearing the white jacket makes our role and responsibility great towards feeding the planet.”

What’s your vision for the next generation of culinary professionals who are passionate about sustainability? How do you hope they will influence the industry and the world at large?

“Through the sustainability lessons I provided to more than 1,000 students, and more to come, I instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards our planet and its future. We will have an educated generation that realizes the importance of its personal role in protecting food security, and they have become fully aware that every person has great importance in what he does and that in the end we will have a huge number of small steps that they have taken to constitute an influential factor in the food industry in the right direction and to protect our resources and our planet. I taught them that they are not just chefs who make one or a hundred dishes, but that they are now responsible for the future of food and for the safety and health of their customers, and are responsible for preserving the quantity of food through their careful handling of waste and achieving zero waste. My students learned that the culinary profession is now no less important than the medical profession, or the engineering profession, or any other influential profession, and that they have an important and influential role in shaping the future of the planet and the future of future generations. They feel proud as they work and are committed to not wasting food and are proud to tell me their stories in applying the sustainability standards that I taught them. We will have a generation that we can be proud of, and they will have a very big role in putting things back on track in the field of food sources and the environment.”

Take action

Start the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course for free at, and receive a digital badge to show your achievement.

The Worldchefs Academy mobile app can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play, and at

Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals is made possible with the support of Feed the Planet partners and the tireless contributions of Worldchefs’ members around the globe. Worldchefs extends the utmost gratitude to all course participants, program trainers, and educational institutions who bring their time, expertise, and vision to all Feed the Planet initiatives.

To learn more about Feed the Planet, visit

International Chefs Day

Growing Great Chefs: Celebrating International Chefs Day 2023

A message from Vanessa Marquis, CEC AAC, Chairman of Worldchefs International Chefs Day Committee

It warms my heart to hear about International Chefs Day and how chefs worldwide come together to inspire and engage children. It’s truly wonderful to know that Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher’s vision for the day was a great success. I am thankful to everyone who shared his passion with the students, children, and young chefs in their communities. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of these children and help them achieve their dreams for a brighter and better future.

The collaboration with Chef Emmanuel Lorieux and Nestlé Professional was instrumental in the success of this year’s campaign, which focused on educating children about sustainability and healthy eating habits. The campaign theme, “Growing Great Chefs,” was well-received by all, and witnessing the joy on everyone’s faces during the events was uplifting.

International Chefs Day is dedicated to Chefs spending time with children, students, and young chefs, teaching them about healthy eating habits, and involving them in cooking and gardening. I am proud to acknowledge my fellow members of Worldchefs for their active participation in these activities. I would like to extend a special thanks to all the chefs and young chefs who contributed to the success of the events.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the esteemed Chef Thomas Gugler, President of Worldchefs, the International Chefs Day Committee (Vice Chair-Chef Mathew Shropshall, Chef Ann Brown, Chef Venessa Barnes, and Chef Coo Pillay), and the national office of Worldchefs for their consistent and invaluable support towards this campaign. I share in the excitement for the future and eagerly await the opportunity to witness the true essence of International Chefs Day in October 2024, as captured through the lens of the pictures and videos that will be taken.

Be sure to scroll down to see the results of this year’s participation.

Warm culinary regards,

Vanessa Marquis, CEC AAC
Chairman, International Chefs Day Committee
“Worldchefs, Preparing Children for a Healthy Life”

Photos from Around the Globe

And now what you have all been waiting for…
just look at our final counts for 2023!

Children Reached: 140,750      Chef Participation: 3,680

Thanks to everyone who helped in making this year another success!

FeedThePlanet News Press Releases National

‘Like A Chef’ in Stockholm hosts first graduation

‘Like A Chef’ in Stockholm hosts first graduation

  • The Like A Chef program, a Feed the Planet initiative driven by Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC, hosted a graduation ceremony for its first wave of students in Stockholm.
  • Graduates received comprehensive culinary education, encompassing cooking techniques and strategies for reducing food waste, to help them identify suitable employment
  • The unique Like a Chef initiative was launched in 2017 with a goal to educate and train 3,000 people worldwide by 2030. Learn more about Feed the Planet programs including Like A Chef at

Paris, 13 October 2023 – In a ceremony held this past September, the ‘Like A Chef’ program in Stockholm celebrated the graduation of its first cohort of students, marking a significant milestone in their employment journey. The event marked a heartwarming celebration of each student’s success in finishing the life-altering culinary training program.

Supported by Feed the Planet partners, Worldchefs and the Electrolux Food Foundation, and in collaboration with Svenska Kockars Förening, Sodexo, Stockholms Stad, and Arbetsförmedlingen, the Like a Chef employment training program in Stockholm has successfully trained and empowered new generation of kitchen professionals.

Stockholms Stad and Arbetsförmedlingen selected nine participants marginalized communities grappling with unemployment, including immigrants and young residents of city suburbs, to partake in the Like A Chef training program held in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by professional chefs from Worldchefs’ National Association member Svenska Kockars Förening, the curriculum encompassed cooking techniques and food waste reduction strategies with a sustainability focus.

Over the course of a 120-hour culinary training program, students gained culinary expertise, enabling them to identify viable employment opportunities and achieve financial stability. Six of the graduates have already secured unique internship opportunities at Sodexo’s Stockholm restaurants and Clarion Hotel Stockholm, contributing to the sustainability efforts in the hospitality industry.

“The Like a Chef program is training the next generation of kitchen professionals that will help shape the industry on a new basis, where food and its impact on the planet are taking the center stage,” says Cosimo Scarano, Head of the Electrolux Food Foundation. 

For more information about the ‘Like A Chef’ program, please visit

Impacting Communities

Like a Chef was launched in late 2017 with a goal to educate and train 3000 people worldwide by 2030. Founded and driven by Worldchefs together with Electrolux Food Foundation, the Like a Chef program is an employment training initiative that provides professional culinary skills to underprivileged individuals. The program emphasizes sustainable cooking methods with a zero-waste approach.

Adapted to each community it serves, the program empowers various groups in need, including refugees, single parents, cancer survivors, and orphaned teenagers, to provide for themselves and their families. With over 1000 graduates, there have been eight training centers around the world in Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Sweden, St. Lucia, Russia, and Ukraine.

“This project is really tailored to the needs of local communities. Together with our partner Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation really wanted to give back to local communities and that’s the purpose and the secret of the success of this initiative,” said Cosimo Scarano, Head of Electrolux Food Foundation. “We are very honored to see the recognition coming for this program and are every day more and more convinced of its potential in changing people’s lives. Thanks to my team and to everyone who contributes daily to Like a Chef implementation and success.”

Take action

The Like a Chef program is made possible with the support of Feed the Planet partners and the tireless contributions of Worldchefs’ members around the globe. Worldchefs extends the utmost gratitude to all program participants, local partners, sponsors, and volunteer chefs who contribute to the life-changing success of Like a Chef and all Feed the Planet initiatives. It is the dedication of Worldchefs’ global community that fosters resilience and solidarity in the industry and beyond.

“It’s an incredible honor to have been able to help change the lives of over 1000 people through the Like a Chef program, and the only way this is possible is through the diverse partnership of Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC, which together forms the backbone of Feed the Planet,” says Feed the Planet Chairman, Chris Koetke. “We look forward to expanding our program and reaching more lives in the years to come.”

To learn more about Feed the Planet and the Like a Chef program, visit

Read more in the latest issue of Worldchefs Magazine

Head to page 47 in Issue 29 to read more about how the Like a Chef program is changing lives.

From mastering the art of sustainable cooking to embracing the latest technological advancements in the kitchen, Worldchefs Magazine is your guide to staying at the forefront of the culinary profession. 


Championing Sustainability in the Culinary World: An Interview with Chef Montaser Masoud

Championing Sustainability in the Culinary World: An Interview with Chef Montaser Masoud

In a candid conversation, Chef Montaser Masoud reveals his remarkable journey in promoting sustainability among culinary professionals, his passion for preserving human health, and his dreams for a more sustainable culinary industry.

The culinary landscape is evolving, and at its forefront stands Chef Montaser Masoud, a culinary visionary with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and cultivating a new generation of eco-conscious culinary professionals. We had the privilege of sitting down with Chef Montaser Masoud to discuss his involvement in the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program, his experiences training chefs, and his vision for the future of sustainability in the culinary world.

When did you get involved with the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program?

“In 2019, I embarked on my journey in sustainability education by receiving training from the World Association of Chefs Societies. I was among the first group of trainees, and in 2020, I became a certified trainer, specializing in teaching sustainability to culinary professionals as part of the “Train the Trainers’ program.”

How many students have you trained so far?

“My involvement in sustainability education has been profoundly transformative. I’ve had the privilege of training 1,895 chefs across diverse regions, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Germany, and Turkey.”

sustainability Education
Chef Montaser Masoud, featured center, with students of the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course

Why cooking? What drove you to the kitchen to begin with?

“Cooking, for me, represents a beautiful realm filled with creativity and a deep sense of responsibility for ensuring people’s safety from contaminated food. Over time, I realized the paramount importance of sustainability. In the past, discussions around food primarily focused on ingredients and cleanliness but rarely touched on food sources, environmental harmony, or sustainability. My passion for this field grew as I delved deeper into the intricacies of sustainability. I explored costing, calculations, and the ever-evolving landscape of food. Throughout my 36-year journey in the hotel industry, I witnessed the emergence of new products promoting vegetarianism and alternative ingredients. This journey led me to create unique sustainable ingredients, including plant-based alternatives, which gained recognition among my peers. The concept of sustainability later crystallized my purpose, connecting it with energy efficiency and responsible sourcing of ingredients, leading to reduced waste and resource conservation. My dedication to the kitchen extends beyond just cooking; it revolves around safeguarding human health. I firmly believe that honesty is the cornerstone of the chef-customer relationship, especially when dealing with allergies or dietary restrictions. The kitchen has evolved into a discipline that combines chemistry, physics, and medicine, offering a holistic approach to food preparation and consumption.”

“Throughout my career, I consistently explored methods to minimize food waste. I became dedicated to reducing waste and preserving valuable resources. I researched equipment that could facilitate the decomposition of food waste, turning it into animal feed, soil enrichment, or nourishment for small-scale farms. My experiences in sustainable practices extended to villages near hotels, where I initiated initiatives to transform food waste into sustainable animal feed and natural fertilizers. Collaborating with friends in Tunisia and Morocco, we successfully dried kosher food items and vegetables, ground them, and repurposed them for agricultural use. These practices have yielded positive results and were presented in reports with accompanying visuals.”

What advice would you give to people who are interested in teaching others?

“Sharing insights as an educator, I offer valuable advice to those interested in teaching and mentoring in the culinary profession or sustainability-related fields. First, I encourage educators to introduce unexpected elements in their teaching methods. Expose students to thought-provoking documentaries like ‘Garbage Village,’ ‘Some Seas,’ and ‘Some Contaminated Food.’ Such content can help direct their attention towards sustainability. Additionally, incorporating humor through funny videos can enhance the learning experience. When explaining sustainability concepts, it’s crucial to remain adaptable and acknowledge that awareness and understanding may vary among students. To avoid repeating past mistakes and to adapt to evolving circumstances, students should be equipped with the tools of experiential learning. Not all experiences hold the same educational weight; some offer profound lessons in sustainability, while others provide smaller insights. It’s essential to recognize that isolation and detachment from diverse experiences hinder learning from past experiences.”

What sets this sustainability curriculum apart from others?

“Sustainability is a profound concept that has taken center stage in the 21st century. It plays a critical role in preserving our resources in a world abundant with riches. While we can imagine a future where some resources, such as water, energy, fish populations, lakes, and even rainfall, might become scarce, sustainability serves as our safeguard. The key lies in preserving these resources not only in our kitchens but also in our professional lives and homes. Those who embark on a journey of sustainability become well-versed in its many facets. The field of energy has evolved into a complex landscape, with several countries embracing clean energy practices to secure their futures. The creation of artificial lakes, for instance, acknowledges the potential depletion of natural fish populations. Sustainable practices include plant-based alternatives to animal protein, emphasizing the responsible utilization of grains and vegetables. This movement resonates with the new generation.”

Students in Palestine

How do you think the culinary industry is different today from when you started?

“It’s essential to recognize that the culinary industry has undergone significant transformations since my journey began 36 years ago. In the past, obtaining quality ingredients often involved intricate exchanges of information, recipes, or handwritten notes between chefs. Ingredients were not as readily available as they are today through online channels. However, the true transformation occurred with the advent of sustainability. This era, as I like to call it, revolutionized the world by instilling sustainable practices. Subsequently, we’ve entered a new era of growth, guided by the principles of sustainability. Sustainability now resides at the core of our dreams and actions, encompassing fields like artificial intelligence. Innovations such as plant-based meats produced through artificial intelligence, offering pure protein from vegetarian sources, have gained prominence. This concept is gaining traction in the Middle East and Europe, aligning with the United Nations’ visions for 2030 and 2050.”

How did joining the Feed the Planet training program help you with your career?

“My journey through the Feed the Planet training program was a transformative experience, expanding my dedication to sustainability. It broadened my perspective, leading me to consistently question the sustainability of various aspects of life. This transformation manifested in a simple yet profound question: ‘Are you a sustainable person?’ My career thrived as I became a role model, notably for my involvement as a trainer in sustainability for culinary professionals in the Arab world. We initiated efforts to educate chefs about the significance of sustainability and its application in their careers. This endeavor ignited a spark among people, prompting them to implement sustainability practices independently, a fact for which I extend gratitude to Worldchefs.”

What’s a memorable success story or transformation you’ve witnessed in one of your students through the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program?

“Teaching sustainability in the Arab world came with its unique set of challenges, as many people had heard the term but did not fully grasp its meaning. It was a fulfilling endeavor to be part of a movement to teach these chefs what sustainability truly meant and how to integrate it into their professional lives. The most significant success story I’ve witnessed is the growing awareness of sustainability among chefs and their dedication to incorporating sustainable practices into various aspects of their lives. This achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of the education we provided through the program.”

In your view, what role can culinary professionals play in addressing global sustainability challenges, and what excites you about the future of sustainability in the culinary world?

“The role of culinary professionals in addressing global sustainability challenges is of paramount importance. We must take the initiative to train chefs on the ground to realize the dream of sustainability in the Arab world. This undertaking should encompass various forms of education, including film screenings and hands-on training in open symposiums over four to five days. My commitment to sustainability education extends to creating specialized courses in culinary schools, equipping future chefs with the knowledge and skills needed to implement sustainable practices. It’s my hope that all individuals, not just chefs, in the Arab world investigate and understand sustainability’s meaning to ensure a future where food, energy, fish populations, water resources, and more continue to thrive. We must remain steadfast in our quest to preserve these resources and promote a sustainable future. The journey of sustainability begins with us, and together we can drive positive change.”

What’s your vision for the next generation of culinary professionals who are passionate about sustainability? How do you hope they will influence the industry and the world at large?

“I am enthusiastic about teaching the next generation of chefs, instilling in them the significance of sustainability in the culinary world. My goal is to empower these young individuals to champion the cause of sustainability, not just within the culinary industry but also in the broader world. Through my writing, which spans Arabic, English, and French, I aim to reach chefs across different regions, fostering a shared understanding of sustainability. As a bridge between diverse culinary communities, I always make myself available to explain the intricacies of sustainability to those who seek knowledge. By engaging with this new generation, answering their questions, and providing valuable insights, I hope to create a community of sustainability advocates who can transform the culinary industry and beyond, aligning with the United Nations’ vision for a sustainable future by 2030 and 2050.”

Chef Montaser Masoud, featured center and sitting, with students of the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course

Chef Montaser Masoud’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of sustainability education. His dedication to preserving human health and promoting sustainable practices is a beacon of hope for the culinary world and the global community at large. With visionary educators like Chef Montaser Masoud leading the way, the future of sustainability in the culinary industry is indeed promising.

Take action

Start the Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course for free at, and receive a digital badge to show your achievement.

The Worldchefs Academy mobile app can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play, and at

Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals is made possible with the support of Feed the Planet partners and the tireless contributions of Worldchefs’ members around the globe. Worldchefs extends the utmost gratitude to all course participants, program trainers, and educational institutions who bring their time, expertise, and vision to all Feed the Planet initiatives.

To learn more about Feed the Planet, visit


On this World Food Day, we’re celebrating you.

On this World Food Day, we’re celebrating you.

October 16th is World Food Day. It’s a day for reflection, for action, and also for celebration. A year ago we asked you to join us and chefs around the globe in a movement towards more equitable and sustainable food systems. We gave you the tools, and our community made a remarkable impact. To date:

  1. Worldchefs Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program, available in 8 languages on the free Worldchefs Academy platform, has prepared 146 trainers from 130 culinary institutions in 55 countries and reached nearly 11,000 graduates.
  2. The award-winning Like a Chef culinary employment program has changed the lives of more than 1,176 people, providing career training and support in 10 training centres around the world.
  3. The award-winning Food Heroes Challenge has educated over 116,000 kids about sustainable and healthy eating habits with a fun and interactive toolkit.
  4. Our webcast, Sustainability Around the World, has interviewed experts in 31 episodes, making the big conversations in food systems easy to digest for more than 700,000 viewers.
  5. The Feed the Planet partnership, with our amazing team at Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation, and AIESEC, has brought inspiration to kitchens everywhere, with an international community of viewers numbering over 160 million. We’re happy you’re one of them.

What better way to celebrate than through food? Visit Replate to find inspiration for a new sustainable recipe, and be sure to #showusyourplate! 

Follow the steps below to get involved.

World Food Day

#ThisIsWorldchefs #WorldFoodDay #FeedthePlanet

Press Releases Congress Global Chefs Challenge Partnership

Returning 22 – 25 October 2024: FHA-HoReCa partners with Worldchefs Congress& Expo to host the acclaimed Global Chefs Challenge Finals for the first time!

  • An expansion from Food&HotelAsia (FHA), FHA-HoReCa tradeshow will take place 22-25 October 2024 in Singapore with an expected turnout of over 40,000 attendees.
  • The expo also brings with it the biggest competition for chefs, Global Chefs Challenge Finals 2024, alongside the first finals of the newest Global Vegan Chefs Challenge category.

SINGAPORE, 12th October 2023 – Come 2024, FHA-HoReCa, Asia’s most comprehensive and premier hospitality event, will partner with World Association of Chefs Societies – Worldchefs – a global leading organization that brings together global chef delegates and professionals, to host Singapore’s first-ever Global Chefs Challenge Finals.

The Global Chefs Challenge Finals will feature the top 72 chefs from 25 countries, selected based on their outstanding performance at the Worldchefs Regional Semi-Finals that took place in 2023. These culinary talents will compete head-to-head at the Global Chef Challenge Finals, scheduled to take place at the Singapore Expo from 22 October to 25, 2024.

FHA-HoReCa trade show is Asia’s most comprehensive international trade show covering 5 key segments – Bakery, Pastry & Gelato; Foodservice & Hospitality Equipment; Hospitality Style; Hospitality Technology and Specialty Coffee in a single platform. This event brings over 40,000 hospitality and foodservice professionals from around the world.

Ian Roberts, Vice President of Informa Markets said, “With the dynamic partnership of FHA-HoReCa and the Worldchefs Congress, we’re not just setting a place at the table; we’re creating a feast of innovation, excellence, and culinary mastery that will reverberate throughout the industry. In 2024, the Global Chef Challenge will ignite the culinary world, and together, we’ll redefine the art of gastronomy on a global scale, inspiring chefs, tantalizing taste buds, and shaping the future of the culinary industry like never before.”

“SCA has a strong history of partnering FHA in the organization of culinary competitions over the decades. We also have also strongly supported the Global Chefs Challenges by sending competitors. So we are pleased and excited to support this important culinary competition in our country,” says President of Singapore Chefs’ Association, Eric Neo.

Launch of Global Vegan Chefs Challenge in the Global Chefs Challenge Finals

The 2024 Global Chefs Challenge Finals will see the world’s top chefs meet to compete in four competition categories:

  • Global Vegan Chefs Challenge
  • Global Pastry Chefs Challenge
  • Global Young Chefs Challenge
  • Global Chefs Challenge

The Global Chefs Challenge Finals will see its newest category Global Vegan Chefs Challenge’s first finals. This competition features innovative chefs who will showcase vegan culinary skills. Their plates must exclude animal proteins while creatively and tastily combining key vegan ingredients.

Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler states, “The Global Vegan Chefs Challenge will be an exciting opportunity for Worldchefs members interested in expanding and showcasing their expertise and knowledge of Vegan Cuisine, and this particular category will support our mission as leaders in global culinary advancement and culinary competitions.”

Worldchefs Congress & Expo
Global Chefs Challenge Finals

The Global Pastry Chefs Challenge features the crème de la crème in pastry competition. Competitors strive to meet the standards of the world’s most modern patisseries, enticing the five senses through their knowledge, extraordinary technique, and versatility.

The Global Young Chefs Challenge features emerging talents who are 25 years of age or younger. The top Young Chef winner will be awarded the Hans Bueschkens Trophy, named after Chef Hans J. Bueschkens, the former president of Worldchefs, who championed the development of programs aimed at promoting and nurturing young individuals for careers in the culinary industry.

In the Global Chefs Challenge, participants demonstrate their culinary skills in high-pressure situations, showcasing their ability to adapt under pressure. Their creations must not only be appetizing and flavorful but also exhibit exemplary plating for efficient service.

Worldchefs Congress, a Hallmark Tradition for culinary Innovators

Making its return to Singapore soil since its first exposition in Singapore in 1990, the Worldchefs Congress is set to take place in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre across three days from 20-22 October 2024. This event is also supported by the Singapore Chefs’ Association, a chef association member of Worldchefs.

Worldchefs Congress & Expo is a biennial event and delivers a unique programme to for industry leaders to network, bond, and improve their knowledge. This includes presentations and workshops from leading experts in the industry, impactful educational programs including the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events designed to uplift the next generation of chefs such as the Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, the Global Chefs Challenge Finals culinary competition, an international trade exhibition, and diverse activities to enhance both your personal and professional network.

For full press kit, kindly refer here:

-END –

Media Contact

Informa Markets
Chan Shu Zhen
Tel: +65 6989 6564
Email: [email protected]

Brand Cellar
Vanessa Chong
Tel: +65 9787 5794
Email: [email protected]

Shane Yong
Tel: +65 9074 3284
Email: [email protected]

Worldchefs Organization
Olivia Ruszczyk
Tel: +33 (0) 1 80 06 58 30
Email: [email protected]

Ting Tan
Tel: + 65 842 87139
Email: [email protected]


FHA-HoReCa brings together the most extensive line-up of the world’s leading foodservice and hospitality suppliers through 5 specialized sectors – Bakery, Pastry & Gelato; Food service & Hospitality Equipment; Hospitality Style; Hospitality Technology and Specialty Coffee. Majority of exhibitors participating in FHA-HoReCa are renowned manufacturers and brands hailing from over 30 countries and regions.

For more information on FHA-HoReCa, kindly refer here:

About Worldchefs Congress & Expo

The global leading platform that brings together chef delegates and professionals from across the five continents, Worldchefs Congress & Expo delivers a unique programme to help industry players network and expand their professional bonds.

This includes presentations and workshops from leading experts in the industry, impactful educational programs including the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events designed to uplift the next generation of chefs such as the Billy Gallagher Young Chefs Forum, the Global Chefs Challenge Finals culinary competition, an international trade exhibition, and diverse activities to enhance both your personal and professional network.

For more information on Worldchefs Congress, kindly refer here:


Join Worldchefs Village at the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024!

Join us at Worldchefs Village in the heart of the competition hall at the 26th IKA/Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany from 3 – 7 February 2024! Visit our pavilion for exclusive experiences like our daily Get Together parties, live culinary demonstrations & tastings! 

This renowned competition will take place together with the INTERGASTRA international trade show at Messe Stuttgart. On a surface of 115 000 m2, the event is expected to host around 1,500 exhibitors, 2,000 chefs, and 100,000 visitors from 70 countries.

Worldchefs Village’s prime and exclusive location at the heart of the competition makes it a great chance for you to:

  • Promote the activities and membership of your chefs’ association
  • Showcase the products and services of your partners
  • Promote your national cuisine and tourism

Our fully equipped kitchen and guest lounge are available for your culinary demonstration needs. Get Together parties with judges and competitors are also organized at this common area every day to maximize your networking opportunities.

You can find more details and reserve your booth here:

We strongly advise you to get in touch with your local tourism office and partners to set up your national culture area at Worldchefs Village together.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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