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Special and rare – a miracle of nature

RUNGIS, PARIS, March 2017:  Tea, in general, is a true gift from nature – a herb that has for centuries offered comfort while producing vigour, creativity and contentment in millions around the world. Yet, as is the nature of anything so complex and yet simple, tea has its own secrets it unveils through time, aided by Mother Nature and her erstwhile helpmates. Like the discovery of a rare blue diamond in the midst of a thousand others, like the unveiling of a map to a secret treasure trove, tea has its moments when it bestows on mankind – upon rare occasions when it pleases – a true miracle of nature. And this is none other than the Seasonal Flush tea.

This rare harvest of the bud and first leaf is Natures New Year gift, crafted by cool, dry weather over Christmas and handpicked for the dawn of 2017. A tea of extraordinary finesse, the neatly wiry leaf brews a bright, golden orange tea with a fragrance that is softly reminiscent of a garden awakening in spring. The coppery leaf reveals quality, and the exceptionally refined tea offers beautiful notes of mango, mild herbs and grapes, ending perfectly with a mild sweet citrus finish.

Craighead Estate is located in Nawalapitiya in the Kandy District and comprises of five divisions. Its highest elevation is 1150 metres above sea level and the tea factory is at 1143 metres. The Estate is bordered by the beautiful Gampola valley to the East, the stunning Dolosbage hills to the West, the Adams Peak to the South, and the Pidurutalagala mountain range to the North.

Only a limited quantity of this very special rare tea has been produced this year. It is a wonderful miracle of nature perfect for corporate gifting or simply showing a loved one how extra special they are.

Odder online through our online shop.

For more information visit
Website –
Email – [email protected]


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Pastry Queen India promotes and sponsors female chefs

For the first time this year, the Academy of Pastry Arts India held the Pastry Queen India even, which aims at promoting female pastry chefs by giving them a platform to show their skills and craft.

This year’s winner is Chef Sanjana Patel, with a very creative and technical realization based on this year’s theme « the art of dance ».

Among her prizes, she won an advanced training at the Academy of Pastry Arts India and she will also have the chance to represent India at the Ladies World Pastry Championship which will be held at the SIGEP 2016 in Italy.

Elle & Vire Professionnel and its local distributor Dabon International Pvt. were proud to be sponsors of this event and wish the best of luck to Chef Sanjana Patel.

Visit Elle&Vire Professionnel on FB. And the Academy of Pastry India on FB.

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Tribute to Alen Thong

Chef Alen Thong, a founding member of the Emirates Culinary Guild passed away recently. This was a great loss to the global chef community, as he gave much of his life to building the culinary profession. 
Chef Andy Cuthbert pays his tribute, and the Emirates Culinary Guild has also put together a booklet of tributes (as attached)  that gives good insight into the wonderful man that Alen Thong was.
For further tributes, we welcome you to share them on our Worldchefs facebook page. 
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Condolences to Sifu Shi Zheng Liang from China

A message from Asia Continental Director, Rick Stephen: 
“Dear Chefs World
It is with sad heart that I write to you to let you know that Sifu Shi Zheng Liang, a master of Sichuan Cuisine in China, passed away on Wednesday on his way to a Culinary Competition,
Chef Shi Zheng Liang life ended in tragic circumstance in a massive car accident on the highway.
Sifu Zheng Liang's wake and funeral will be held in Mianyang – China on Tuesday 15th of September, his career as a master chef in China has been and extensive career where he has left his mark on the Culinary World
With many dedicated students who in their own rights are now masters in Sichuan Cuisine.
Please take a minute on Tuesday to reflect on another great chef, who has left us too early in life, but his legacy will continue to grow.
Sincere and condolences to his wife, Wang Xiao Li and  family along with his many students.” 
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Six Steps to Great Coffee

Coffee offers you one last opportunity to wow diners at the end of a great meal, but get it wrong and you risk leaving your customers with a bad taste in their mouths. David Veal, Executive Director of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), offers six top tips for creating a quality and profitable coffee offering.

This June SCAE is returning to the roots of speciality coffee in Europe when we will host our annual event, World of Coffee, in the beautiful Swedish port of Gothenburg.

 The Nordic World of Coffee 2015, sponsored by BWT water+more, will be a homecoming for the European coffee community, bringing coffee aficionados from around the world to the Nordic region, home to the biggest consumers of coffee on the planet and the location of where speciality coffee first began its entry into Europe.


With such a proud coffee heritage it is little wonder that the Nordic countries are at the cutting-edge of coffee, boasting some of the most innovative coffee emporiums and talented coffee professionals in the world. When over 5,000 visitors arrive in Gothenburg from more than 100 countries for the Nordic World of Coffee during Sweden’s famous Midsummer Week (16-18 June), they will be able to learn at first hand what it takes to create a highly valued and profitable coffee business.


Big Business, Powerful Flavours

As the second most traded commodity on the planet, coffee is big business and for those of us who work in the industry and are passionate about it, it is a truly wondrous beverage, brimming with kaleidescope of flavours and rich aromas. As a product, it doesn’t just provide you with valuable sales and profit, it also offers you a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and serve memorable flavours that complement your cuisine.


Sadly, some hospitality operators have not realised coffee’s commercial and creative potential. All too often a great meal is ruined by a bitter espresso or a badly brewed filter coffee. The good news, however, is that quality coffee is easily achievable. Here are SCAE’s five top tips for improving your coffee offering:


  1. Research & Educate

Millions of people around the world drink coffee every day but many do not understand its complexities – how different roasting, grinding and brewing techniques can influence its taste and how you can manipulate coffee just like any other ingredient in your kitchen to create a variety of flavours.


At SCAE we are dedicated to ‘Inspiring Coffee Excellence’ and we offer a wide range of tools to help you understand coffee and improve your offering, from our world-renowned Coffee Diploma System which educates foodservice and coffee professionals from entry level up to senior management, to coffee research and practical ‘how to’ guides.


Our one-day ‘Introduction to Coffee’ module is a great place for chefs and front-of-house teams to start – it will bring you on the journey of coffee, from bean to cup. Other modules, including Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Roasting, Brewing and Barista Skills, delve deeper and teach you how to craft exceptional coffee and focus on how to grow your coffee business. Visit us at for more details.


  1. Grind & Brew Freshly

Coffee, like all natural ingredients, is best when fresh. The better the quality of the beans, and the fresher the grind and brew, the better the taste will be for the customer.


Your grinder is your best friend and one of the most important pieces of equipment in your kitchen. Grinding the beans freshly for each cup makes a huge difference to the taste and flavour of the end product. Try it for yourself – you’ll immediately see the difference in taste and aroma from coffee which has been ground fresh to order and coffee which has been ground at an earlier time and set aside. The taste of your coffee will be further enhanced if you can clean your grinder blades every day and change them regularly. Your coffee supplier will be able to advise how to do this.


At World of Coffee this June, SCAE is hosting the largest gathering of coffee farmers and producers in Europe, providing you with a valuable opportunity to learn about fresh coffee directly from those who grow it in a series of networking events, cuppings (coffee tastings) and discussions. The world’s most innovative coffee equipment suppliers are also exhibiting at the event, offering you the chance to test some of the best equipment on the market including those all-important grinders.


  1. Find the Right Equipment for Your Business

A finely-tuned espresso machine is a thing of beauty and an essential piece of equipment for high-volume cafés and speciality coffee shops, but not every foodservice business has the budget or the footfall to justify a top-of-the range machine.


The good news is that filter coffee is back in vogue (in truth, for coffee purists it never went out of fashion) and its growing popularity is great for those wanting to provide quality coffee on a tighter budget.


Filter coffee is a big hit with discerning coffee lovers as it allows you to taste the full flavour of the coffee which can sometimes be lost in milk-based drinks. You can learn all about different brew methods, from the straight forward pour-over machine to a v60 hand-brewed coffee, in our Coffee Diploma System Brewing module and quality speciality coffee suppliers will also be able to provide helpful training and advice. Look for suppliers who are members of SCAE – this means that they are dedicated to supporting the industry with education and training.


  1. Mind Your Equipment

Remember the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’? Keep your equipment in top condition by undertaking regular cleaning and maintenance. It will prolong the lifecycle of your machinery and help avoid costly and stressful breakdowns during busy service. When sourcing new machinery check the service contract – having maintenance support on speed-dial is worth its weight in speciality coffee!


  1. Keep an Eye on Your GPM

Coffee can offer great gross profit margins, but you need to tailor your offering to suit your clientele and keep a close eye on the bottom line. For instance, while a hand-brewed v60 coffee will wow discerning coffee lovers it is not always practical during peak service in high-volume catering establishments.


Work with your suppliers to find the right coffee offering to suit your business – the best solution will be one that allows for good turnover and provides strong margins while still maintaining quality. To help you achieve this, you should insist that your supplier provides full and frequent training for your staff.


  1. Don’t Forget About Water

A cup of coffee is made mainly with water – in fact, water accounts for almost 99% of the content – but this is often overlooked in the creation process. A critical piece of equipment that you should have, therefore, is a water filtration system. Not only will it protect your other equipment from scaling (coffee machine, boilers, brewers and kettles) but you will also notice a huge improvement in the flavour of your coffee. Once you have installed your water filter, ensure that you replace the filters regularly, as per the manufacturers specifications.


By implementing these six simple steps you will make a substantial difference to the quality of your coffee. Remember, speciality coffee is highly valued and offers plenty of scope for creativity so fire your customers imagination with an exciting coffee menu that provides good sales potential.

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Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2016 in Thessaloniki – Receive an extra 15% discount !

Register now for Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece with an exceptional discount.

Special Discount (-15%) on full package registration :

This offer is strictly available until 15th September 2015.

For registration and information visit our dedicated congress website.

(NB: Registrations are fully refundable in case of written cancellation until 31 December 2015.)

A list of hotels at preferential rates can be viewed at:

Worldchefs are dedicated to ensure we have the best congress ever, great education, great food, friendly world competition, networking and catching up with friends and colleagues will be at its best.

We are looking forward to hosting you in the gastronomy city of Thessaloniki.

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Elle & Vire Professionnel : Performance Universal Cream gourmet recipes

This year, Elle & Vire Professionnel has launched Performance Universal Cream, available in a brand new 2L format, more economical and practical for extensive users. It is a versatile cream and it can be used both to prepare savoury dishes or to fold in pastries.

Elle & Vire Professionnel International Culinary Advisors, Christian Guillut and Ludovic Chesnay have developed a unique collection of recipes using Performance Universal Cream to give the chefs a chance to experience cooking with it.

Discover here a delicious recipe for Trout Rolls with Tender Lettuce Leaves, Tomato Mousse and Tzatziki elaborated by Christian Guillut in exclusivity for Elle & Vire Professionnel :

If you were looking for a new dessert, try out Ludovic Chesnay’s Lemon-Raspberry Ganache :

Find out more about Performance Universal Cream here :


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Figgjo – sets a new standard for serving coffee

Figgjo – sets a new standard for serving coffee

– The new coffee cups from Figgjo completely change the coffee experience. By using the three different cups I am able to emphasize each individual coffee´s unique flavors and intensify my guests taste experience. Says Tim Wendelboe, former winner of the World Barista Championship

Figgjo´s main focus this autumn is the new product range Figgjo Oslo. The product family captures and challenges current coffee trends in line with world-leading coffee roasters and baristas. Figgjo Oslo provides the opportunity to communicate and tailor the experience of the coffee´s aroma in a new and exciting way. Figgjo Oslo does for coffee, what tailored glass has done for wine. The range Figgjo Oslo consists of a pot and three special cups, which enhance the taste experience in different ways.

According to Tim Wendelboe, making coffee can be compared to cooking. Success requires good ingredients, the right equipment and good techniques. He provides guests with taste experiences and operates in the adventure market – just like Figgjo!

-The collaboration with Tim Wendelboe on developing Figgjo Oslo, has been a great inspiration and advantage. The fact that we are now launching a brand new coffee concept, shows again that Figgjo has a high innovation capability and is a trendsetting producer, says Marketing Coordinator Anne Linn Olsen at Figgjo.

More info here

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Elle & Vire Professionel cream know-how

In Normandy, at the Elle & Vire dairy in France, high-quality UHT creams are made by a team specifically for pastry & cooking chefs. An expertise that goes back over 50 years.

When you arrive in front of the building, the first thing that strikes you is the scent in the air – a heady aroma that instantly reminds you of the welcoming smell of milk being heated in a saucepan. You slip in a gown, shoe covers and a cap. You open the door to the UHT lab. First, you hear the sounds: the quiet drone of the machines, the discreet hum of discussion between the employees. Then you see the lab. The huge vats that reach right up to the ceiling; the long metal pipes that snake along purposefully. The atmosphere here is peaceful and calm; everyone is perfectly in tune with their job – and not least Michel Baudry. This imposingly tall man in his white gown is the process manager of the UHT Cream Processing Facility. He is 56 years old, 32 years of which – over half his life – have been spent working at Elle & Vire. You can see that he feels completely at home here at the heart of Condé-Sur-Vire Dairy. He has spent several decades working for a department whose history boasts numerous innovations, starting with the construction of a facility producing bottled sterilized milk at the time of the development of UHT, in 1972. The Dairy’s very first long-life products were produced here, as was UHT cream, back in 1975. Having grown in step with its innovations, this dairy department is currently staffed by 170 full-time employees. Cream doesn’t wait. Freshly delivered milk even less so.

Read more on Elle & Vire cream know-how in The Chef’s Magazine :

You can discover in our portfolio on YouTube our unique cream know-how which brings you the best creams:

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Worldchefs Welcomes Olitalia as Partner

The World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) is pleased to announce its partnership with Olitalia from Italy.

A well-respected international company, Olitalia is an ambassador in the world of Italian oil and the leading producer of olive oils at a global level.

Over the years, Olitalia has achieved success in markets internationally with its high quality products. Besides being known for its dynamism and quality in producing a varied range of special olive oils, the company’s core competency in high technology production plants positions them as one of the most important companies in the Italian olive oil branch. The company pioneers the analysis of evolving markets, consumer tastes, new lifestyles and increasing demands for psychophysical wellness.

Says Fabrizio Rosso, Business Development and Export Director of Olitalia, “Our company believes in continuous research as this is the base of Olitalia’s success. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and education in the universe of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. This partnership allows us to share with the chefs an avenue to gain more knowledge and information to further increase their understanding of one of the kitchen’s most basic ingredients. We look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with the chef members from Worldchefs.”

Besides oils, Olitalia offers a variety of products that includes vinegars. One of the feathers in its cap is the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication), a great classic of the seasonings and suitable to enhance any type of dishes, from simple to more elaborated ones.

Charles Carroll, President of Worldchefs adds, “We are very excited by this marriage. This partnership provides chefs with access to resources, and promises them an avenue to expand their knowledge and perspectives to Italian cuisines.”


For media enquiries about this partnership, please contact:

Jenny Tan

Communications Manager

Worldchefs Asia Office

+65 98367653

[email protected]

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