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The High Tea Revolution begins with you

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Afghanistan, 09th May 2017

In 2007, Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando felt that the High Tea occasion has lost its relevance at a time with tremendous culinary innovation as it was not crafted around tea. He felt that tea has been relegated to a bottom of a menu, overcrowded with the traditional high tea fare that lacked inspiration, originality, and most importantly, any connection to tea. As a passionate tea grower that worked tirelessly to share the joy of ‘real tea’ with tea lovers around the world, he vowed to put the ‘tea’ back in High Tea. Thus the Dilmah Real High Tea Revolution was born.

Dilmah’s Real High Tea recognises the special relevance of culture, individuality, mood, gastronomy, mixology and heritage in crafting the perfect afternoon tea. There is no single definition of the perfect high tea but rather a multiplicity that is as varied and complex as tea itself, linked to the personality of the chef, the culture that you wish to share, the natural environment and therefore ingredients you wish to use, the nature of the occasion, whether a celebration or a moment of solace, an expression of art or of purity and a host of other factors all focused on tea. The one consistent characteristic of a Real High Tea is that all these dimensions are focused on tea in its beguiling and natural variety.

Partnering with chefs and hospitality professionals like yourself, we’ve erased the boundaries of tea…

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