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40th Anniversary of the erection of the monument of Western Cuisine Birthplace in Japan

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Japan, 06th November 2017

AJCA celebrated 40th Anniversary of the creation of the monument of Western Cuisine Birthplace in Japan on 25th October 2017 on a large scale. Monument was built by AJCA in the Thomas Glover’s Residence Garden of Nagasaki-city in Kyushu Island in 1977. More than 100 chefs of AJCA member include President Toshi Utsunomiya, attended this ceremony.

History of western cuisine in Japan started in the middle of 16th century that Portuguese ship came to Tanegashima-island in Kyushu region. Culture of western cuisine grew at Nagasaki-city in Kyushu region, because Nagasaki was only the place opened for foreign country under the national isolation policy at Edo-period. First western cuisine restaurant “JEUTEI” was opened in 1864 by Chef Jyokichi Kusano in Nagasaki-city.

Mr. Thomas Glover was a Scottish trader and came to Japan in the middle of 18th century. After a big success in trading business, he built this luxurious residence in 1863 on the hill facing splendid view point of Nagasaki-city. His residence was registered as a historical world heritage site in July, 2015.



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