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Special and rare – a miracle of nature

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France, 30th March 2017

RUNGIS, PARIS, March 2017:  Tea, in general, is a true gift from nature – a herb that has for centuries offered comfort while producing vigour, creativity and contentment in millions around the world. Yet, as is the nature of anything so complex and yet simple, tea has its own secrets it unveils through time, aided by Mother Nature and her erstwhile helpmates. Like the discovery of a rare blue diamond in the midst of a thousand others, like the unveiling of a map to a secret treasure trove, tea has its moments when it bestows on mankind – upon rare occasions when it pleases – a true miracle of nature. And this is none other than the Seasonal Flush tea.

This rare harvest of the bud and first leaf is Natures New Year gift, crafted by cool, dry weather over Christmas and handpicked for the dawn of 2017. A tea of extraordinary finesse, the neatly wiry leaf brews a bright, golden orange tea with a fragrance that is softly reminiscent of a garden awakening in spring. The coppery leaf reveals quality, and the exceptionally refined tea offers beautiful notes of mango, mild herbs and grapes, ending perfectly with a mild sweet citrus finish.

Craighead Estate is located in Nawalapitiya in the Kandy District and comprises of five divisions. Its highest elevation is 1150 metres above sea level and the tea factory is at 1143 metres. The Estate is bordered by the beautiful Gampola valley to the East, the stunning Dolosbage hills to the West, the Adams Peak to the South, and the Pidurutalagala mountain range to the North.

Only a limited quantity of this very special rare tea has been produced this year. It is a wonderful miracle of nature perfect for corporate gifting or simply showing a loved one how extra special they are.

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