Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisors and Arabic Pre-Commis Chef Course in the News

Introducing the Worldchefs Academy and Its Advisors

Amro Al Yassin, Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisor, VP of Emirates Culinary Guild (Dubai) and General Secretary of the Syrian Culinary Guild, and Jihan Sahawneh, Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisor and Culinary Facilitator at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (Jordan), explain how Worldchefs Academy is helping young talents in their culinary journeys.

The Worldchefs Academy online portal and mobile app was established in 2018. How did the idea come about?
Worldchefs Academy was created to give aspiring chefs the chance to learn the basics in culinary arts — no matter their background or skills set — and to help culinary professionals review the basics and keep up to date with international standards. Offering interactive lessons and training videos, the free-of-charge Pre-Commis Chef Course is a great way to prepare for life in a professional kitchen. Participants can learn through the web-based platform or via the mobile app. Soon, they will even be able to download the courses and study at their own convenience.
Since 2018, 20,000 students have enrolled, and 5,000 students have graduated from the academy.

Amro Al Yassin, Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisor 

What does the curriculum cover?
The Pre-Commis Chef Course can be followed as a complete curriculum, while individual lessons compliment other existing courses or provide theoretical components to culinary apprenticeships. Participants must put their knowledge to the test as they progress through the courses. Once they pass the final assessment, they receive a Worldchefs Academy certificate and a digital badge that shows potential employers that they are ready for the job.

How is this program linked to the Worldchefs Certification?
Worldchefs Academy graduates are equipped with a Pre-Commis Chef certificate and a digital badge – an important prerequisite for anyone looking to apply for employment in a professional kitchen. Graduates with three years’ work experience under a supervising professional chef can apply for Worldchefs Global Culinary Certification as a Worldchefs Certified Professional Cook (Commis Chef). The Pre-Commis Chef Course helps aspiring chefs take their first steps toward a culinary career. Worldchefs is also launching Approved Courses, with training and learning programs provided by world-renowned institutions. Culinary professionals can find the best courses in hospitality to suit their ambitions and boost their careers.

Jihan Sahawneh, Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisor

What more can you tell us?
Adding to the lineup of free courses available for our global community, the Arabic Pre-Commis Chef Course has recently been added to the English, Spanish and Portuguese library. With the help of our partners, Nestlé Professional and Pro Gastronomia Foundation, and our language advisors and chef volunteers, Worldchefs Academy is also developing the Pre-Commis Chef Course in Italian, German and Mandarin, which is set to launch in 2021.
The Worldchefs Academy mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play and our website.

To learn more, visit

This article was originally published in Hospitality News Magazine. To read the article there, click here.


Meet our Partners: HUG Familie – Naturally good.

An independent Swiss family company, HUG has grown by these values – sincere, entrepreneurial and conscientious. Joining Worldchefs as a Premium Partner in March 2018, during their tenure as a Worldchefs partner HUG has supported our trade and industry progress with passion and commitment.

The history of HUG started over 140 years ago at a bakery in Lucerne. In 1877, Master baker Josef Hug-Meyer laid the foundation stone for success with the invention of the iconic Swiss bread – zwieback. Creating an essentially zero-waste recipe long before it was a trending topic, Josef cut unsold bread into slices and toasted them overnight in the hot oven. The twice-baked bread became zwieback, meaning twice-baked.

Four family generations later, HUG is led by Co-Directors Andreas and Anna Hug. The 5th generation, too, is already shaping the future with Andreas’ son Fabian Hug joining the company in 2016. Through their hard work and dedication and that of their forefathers, the HUG Familie brands are synonymous with quality.

HUG’s product innovation has also continued through the years. Today, HUG is probably the world’s #1 manufacturer of ready-to-fill tart shells with the latest addition coming to their Filigrano Tartelettes line-up: Coffee Tartelettes. The Coffee Tartelettes exceptionally intense coffee aroma is owed to dark roasting 70 % arabica and 30 % robusta beans, with coffee beans nibs in the fine shortcrust pastry freshly roasted and gently ground. The coffee is thoughtfully sourced from fair and sustainable purveyors in Brazil, Honduras and Ethiopia.

You can learn more about HUG’s Coffee Tartelette’s here.

For so many in our industry, 2020 brought unexpected challenges to navigate. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, HUG continued to forge ahead with their commitments to reducing the company’s ecological footprint, despite the turbulent year.

A new production site at their headquarters in Malters is helping to build a more resource-efficient infrastructure for production and logistics. The energy supply system utilizes groundwater as the main source of energy, as well as internally generated waste heat to supply heating and cooling for buildings and production processes. With these new investments in technology and offset energy, the Malters site operations will be entirely CO2-neutral. In addition, climate-neutral packaging is now being used.

Mindful that their ecological footprint is also dependent on the raw materials used, HUG is committed to Swissness, sourcing most of the raw materials from Swiss agriculture. HUG’s products are made with with free-range eggs and nuts, cocoa and palm oil from certified sustainable sources.

“Over the past years, HUG has been a great supporter of the Worldchefs community. We so value their strong guiding principles and sincere interest in delivering quality, creativity, innovation and convenience to culinary professionals. We are proud to continue our close collaboration into the future,” said Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs Managing Director.

For more on HUG’s natural and smart products for the professional kitchens of the world, visit

For inspiration and recipes, visit HUG’s recipe database. You can now find a filter function exclusively for pastry shops and bakeries to help deliver the best products to your sales counter.

About the HUG family

The HUG Familie consists of three brands, HUG, Wernli and DAR-VIDA, and employs around 380 people in Malters, Willisau and Trimbach. Established as a bakery in Lucerne in 1877, HUG still remains a family business to this day and it is now run by the fifth generation. Andreas Hug and Anna Hug manage the company according to three main principles which are characteristic of HUG: humanity, entrepreneurship and responsibility. With its three well-established brands, the company offers a wide range of products, from typical HUG Swiss biscuits such as the Willisauer Ringli to Wernli specialities such as the Choco Petit Beurre to a large selection of DAR-VIDA crackers. All three brands share core values: pleasure, naturalness and authenticity. In addition to retail products, HUG offers an extensive range of high-quality baked goods such as HUG tartlets for the catering industry.

About Worldchefs

The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, known as Worldchefs, is a dynamic global network of 110 chef associations worldwide. A leading voice in the hospitality industry, Worldchefs carries 91 years of history since its founding at the Sorbonne by the venerable Auguste Escoffier. Representing a mobilized international membership of culinary professionals, Worldchefs is committed to advancing the profession and leveraging the influence of the chef jacket for the betterment of the industry and humanity at large.

Worldchefs is dedicated to raising culinary standards and social awareness through these core focus areas:

Education – Worldchefs offers support for education and professional development through the landmark Worldchefs Academy online training program, a diverse network of Worldchefs Education Partners and curriculums, and the world’s first Global Hospitality Certification recognizing on-the-job skills in hospitality; 

Networking – Worldchefs connects culinary professionals around the world through their online community platform and provides a gateway for industry networking opportunities through endorsed events and the biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo;

Competition – Worldchefs sets global standards for competition rules, provides Competition Seminars and assurance of Worldchefs Certified Judges, and operates the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge;

Humanitarianism & Sustainability – Worldchefs Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the globe.

For more information about Worldchefs, visit us at


Plan(t)s for Professionals, from ProVeg International

Plant-based cuisine, from marketing to meals.

Pro-Veg International’s new brochure Plan(t)s for Professionals provides background information and practical tips to meet the rising demand for plant-based offerings in the foodservice sector.

Would you like to impress your customers with tasty, healthy, and environmentally friendly menus? As the world population re-evaluates their dietary choices and moves towards more plant-based foods, foodservice professionals worldwide are embracing and supporting this shift. Plan(t)s for Professionals examines the drivers behind this ongoing global trend and provides useful information on adding more plant-based options to your menu.

The brochure gives a product overview of plant-based alternatives, as well as hands-on information for creating recipes – so you can discover new flavour profiles or simply adjust your favorite menu items. Plus, learn how to increase your sales and customer satisfaction by implementing effective marketing campaigns, using nudging methods, and training your staff in plant-based catering.

There are numerous benefits of plant-based diets in terms of their impact on the climate, the environment, and public health. By integrating more vegan or vegetarian options into your menu line, you can not only reduce your company’s CO2 footprint, but also serve delicious, creative, and health-promoting meals to more customers, all while saving money. By applying the tips provided in Plan(t)s for Professionals, you will be ready to design or adapt a diverse, healthy, and sustainable menu that satisfies the demand for more plant-based options and promotes increased quality of life.

“Modern, healthy, and close to nature: plant-based cuisine offers an enormous diversity of options for the foodservice sector to take advantage of. Additionally, meeting the growing global demand for more plant-based options also caters to varying dietary and cultural requirements.”

Katleen Haefele,
International Head of ProVeg Food Services & Events

Don’t miss the forward from Worldchefs Secretary General – Cornelia Volino CVC, CPBP – Certified Vegan/Plant-Based Judge and Instructor, and Worldchefs Academy Chief Advisor & Program Manager.

See more from ProVeg International and download the brochure here.


International Digital Food Service Expo: Engagement within the Gastronomy Sector Redefined

International Digital Food Service Expo: Engagement within the Gastronomy Sector Redefined

Originally published 12/14/21

INTERNORGA, IDX EVENTS and the Institut of Culinary Art redefined engagement in the Gastronomy industry and jointly launch a disruptive digital platform for the out-of-home market from 15th to 17th March 2021.

In it together for the industry – Under this premise, three strong partners  launch an innovative digital platform. In time of contact restrictions, the International Digital Food Services Expo (IDX_FS) is the virtual meeting place for all players from the Gastronomy, Food Services, and Hospitality Management fields. As an alternative to the leading international trade fair INTERNORGA in Hamburg, the top decision-makers in the sectors will now meet at the IDX_FS from 15th to 17th March 2021.  Complemented by the digital INTERNORGA supporting programme, IDX_FS will offer visitors and exhibitors a safe online platform for exchanging, networking, and discovering new trends and solutions. The synergy of the three partners INTERNORGA, leading international trade fair for the entire out-of-home market, IDX EVENTS, international company for digital technology and event management, and the Institute of Culinary Art, the network for the top decision-makers in the Food Services industry, guarantees the highest quality and relevance. 

“With the painful decision to cancel INTERNORGA 2021 as a physical trade fair in Hamburg, we felt obliged to offer our exhibitors and visitors, and thus the entire Food Services industry, an alternative exchange platform. In partnership with two strong players, we succeeded in developing an innovative digital solution to bring together all market players in these very challenging times. It is a matter close to our heart to enable first-class exchange and networking opportunities. Our concept is being received very well: Well-known companies such as MKN, Franke, RATIONAL, and Lekkerland have already confirmed their attendance. We are very pleased about that,” says Claudia Johannsen, Business Unit Director at Hamburg Messe und Congress.

The vision of IDX_FS is a simple one: Provide national and international players across the fields of Hospitality Management, Gastronomy, and Catering with a meaningful and sustainable virtual engagement platform to continue inspire their customers, showcase their product novelties, and lead their sales activities with more purpose than ever. “IDX_FS is much more than a virtual networking medium: It is a digitally enabled platform that leverages innovative technology and digital marketing expertise to redefine the sales and marketing engagement in the field”, explains Michael Buck, Managing Partner at IDX EVENTS GmbH, the Technology and Events company enabling the deployment of the IDX_FS globally. “It is an inviting platform for the the broader HoReCa industry to acquire the knowledge and the competences needed to navigate with confidence in the new normal”.

The ultimate purpose of this innovative digital approach to trade fair is to enable the entire out-of-home market to remain commercially successful and engaged in the future. “We believe the Hospitality Management sector should not only follow but create a new path – a new way to remain engaged with our trusted customers and partners, question and optimize the value chain, and explore new business opportunities”, says Gerhard Bruder, President of the Institute of Culinary Art and a mentoring force behind IDX_FS.

Visit Worldchefs

You can find Worldchefs at our interactive digital booth and be sure to tune in for Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler’s keynote address on Tuesday, 16 March at 12:30 CET.

Get a free ticket to the IDX_FS International Digital Food Services Expo 2021!

Don’t forget to visit our digital booth and tune in for Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler’s keynote address on Tuesday, 16 March at 12:30 CET.


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INTERNORGA has been the leading international trade fair for the Hospitality Management, Catering, and Bakery & Confectioneries sectors for 100 years and is held annually in March at the Hamburg Messe und Congress site. Due to the Corona pandemic, the event cannot physically take place in March 2021. Instead, the first IDX_FS powered by INTERNORGA will take place digitally from 15 to 17 March 2021.

Visit to register and find them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

About  the Institute of Culinary Art

The ICA is the exclusive networking platform for the top decision-makers in the Food Services industry. It aims to unite, inspire, and develop professionals and top international decision makers in the Food Services industry by providing a safe, robust, and independent enablement platform for knowledge transfer, networking, and personal development.


IDX EVENTS is a globally operating Digital Technology and Event Management company based in Cologne, Germany. The company works with global consumer and B2B brands to enable the conceptualization, technological enablement, and operational implementation of their global digital events and sales engagement platforms

You can hear more about the event and the future of trade shows on the latest World on a Plate episode with IDX_FS founder Michael Buck. Visit for more.


Just Announced: “Who Wants to be a Culinologist?” Scholarship Competition

Do you have an amazing Culinology story? Then we want you to share it with RCA members! With thanks to Chef Robert Danhi and Flavor360, RCA is excited to announce a competition for aspiring Culinologists like you. Using the innovative digital platform from Flavor360, you’ll record a short video and tell us why YOU want to become a Culinologist by answering a series of questions. 

A panel of RCA leaders will judge the top ten submissions, and these future industry leaders will present their story on a live Zoom call open to the world where attendees vote for the top three students, who will earn cash scholarships to use for their education.

Additionally, the first 100 entries will automatically receive a FREE RCA Student Membership, valid from February 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. The top ten entries, as determined by RCA judges, will also receive FREE registration to the RCA+ event, taking place March 23-26. 

Competition Timeline

There are five stages to participate and win a scholarship:

  1. By February 1st: Register to participate by clicking this link and filling out the registration form.
  2. February 1-15th: Download and use the Flavor360 app to submit your story and videos for consideration with login credential and instruction provided by [email protected]
  3. February 16-28th: RCA judges to evaluate and select the top ten submissions to award RCA+ registration 
  4. March 8th: Top 10 finalist announced
  5. March 2021: Join the live Zoom Peoples Choice Awards (open to anyone globally) and you will have one minute to present “Why you want to be a Culinoligist” and play your submitted video. All attendees will vote and the top three prizes will be awarded of $1000, $750, $500. 


Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean

Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean: Virtual Conference

Changing what we grow, cook, and eat is more imperative than ever if we want to have a chance to save the planet from the effects of climate change. Thankfully, we need to look no further than to the health, sustainability, and flavor principles of the Mediterranean Diet to adopt a road map to a better future. Join the Torribera Mediterranean Center — a project of The Culinary Institute of America and the University of Barcelona — for Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean: Virtual Conference. In roundtables and presentations, leading chefs and scientists from around the world will discuss health, nutrition, sustainability, and flavor strategies to help chefs and foodservice operators operationalize the Mediterranean Diet into menus and products suited to the demands of 21st century consumers, in a Covid-19 era. You’ll get plenty of time for questions and conversations with these experts in this virtual program.

Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the designation by UNESCO of the Mediterranean Diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and at a time of great uncertainty in our industry worldwide, how can scientists, chefs, business and government leaders, and food systems change-makers collaborate to significantly increase the presence of the heart of the traditional Mediterranean Diet — principally, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, legumes, nuts and seeds — on the menus of restaurants and foodservice operations across the Mediterranean and worldwide? And to that end, how can this same collaboration inspire next-generation culinary strategy, food product innovation, and consumer engagement building on the genius of the centuries-old food cultures of the Mediterranean basin? These questions drive the work behind Tomorrow Tastes Mediterranean.

The Torribera Mediterranean Center (TMC) is a joint initiative of the University of Barcelona and The Culinary Institute of America. It leverages the strengths of two leading educational institutions to address vital public health and sustainability issues through expanded academic, professional, and business collaboration. As the only academic center focused on preserving and broadly advancing the Mediterranean Diet and the wide application of its principles, TMC connects cutting-edge food and nutrition research with world-class culinary insight, food and agricultural business innovation, and translational strategies across multiple sectors of society—all within a pan-Mediterranean cultural reference framework. 

In a partnership initiated by Custom Culinary® and Worldchefs, The Torribera Mediterranean Center developed an additional, 8th module on Sustainable Nutrition for the Feed the Planet Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals program.

To sign-up for the free 8th module debuting on December 1st, click below!

Haven’t joined for the full online webinar series yet? Interested in earning a digital badge in sustainability? You can take part in the first 7 module’s of the Sustainability for Culinary Professionals webinar here.

Want to get involved in sustainability projects at home and around the world? Feed the Planet can help connect you with fun, easy, and impactful initiatives designed for especially for chefs. Visit now.  

Have an earth-friendly recipe to share? Click here to submit it! And don’t forget to become a part of the Feed the Planet community. Join now.

For more on sustainability, tune in to Worldchefs Podcast: World on a Plate, and be sure to check out our episodes with UN Advocate Chef Arthur Potts Dawson, influencer Max LaManna, and The Vegetable Chef, Frank Fol.

Sustainability for Culinary Professionals is part of our Feed the Planet initiative. Find out how you can get involved at

Feed the Planet is run in partnership with founding partners Electrolux Food Foundation and AIESEC, and counts on the support of the Electrolux Food Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation here.

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La Crise Sanitaire Doit Être l’occasion de Reconstruire Notre Souveraineté Alimentaire

La Crise Sanitaire Doit Être l’occasion de Reconstruire Notre Souveraineté Alimentaire

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE Mercredi 13 mai 2020- La crise du coronavirus ne va faire qu’aggraver la situation déjà difficile de la filière agricole française. Pour sauver notre agriculture, ainsi que notre restauration, la France doit adopter une stratégie nationale alimentaire cohérente, plaident Christine et Patrice van Ackere.

Christine van Ackere est biochimiste et ex-cheffe. Patrice van Ackere, ancien élève de l’ENA, a été membre de jurys culinaires. lls sont les auteurs de Passion gastronomique (Balland, 2018), un ouvrage préfacé par Bernard Pacaud, chef trois étoiles de l’Ambroisie.

Combien d’activités humaines répondent à un besoin essentiel, tout en étant une source de plaisir, une occasion de rassembler des femmes et des hommes autour d’une confrontation d’idées, de souvenirs ou de projets, en pérennisant des traditions, en étant porteuses d’une identité (dans le meilleur sens du terme), en contribuant à l’aménagement du territoire et à la création d’emplois, en mettant en relation des professions très diverses? Il n’y en a qu’une: la gastronomie. Et en France, l’expression crise ne correspond pas à la réalité actuelle (car une crise se conclut normalement par un retour à un état initial, éventuellement modifié): en 2020, la restauration de France est en situation catastrophique et ce de manière probablement durable.

La destruction de valeur subie par la restauration, avec sa dimension patrimoniale, n’est pas rattrapable.

La fermeture imposée ne génère pas qu’une simple crise de trésorerie: la destruction de valeur subie, avec sa dimension patrimoniale, n’est pas rattrapable, contrairement à ce qu’on observe dans nombre d’industries d’équipement.

La gastronomie française est blessée, impactant directement l’économie dans son ensemble puisque c’est toute l’agriculture et l’industrie agroalimentaire qui bénéficient, dans son sillage, d’une image de marque positive dans le monde.

Aujourd’hui, l’enjeu va au-delà, car il s’agit de la souveraineté alimentaire de la France. Le président de la République a, mieux que quiconque, souligné l’enjeu de la crise sanitaire de 2020 dans son allocution du 13 avril, en déclarant: «Déléguer notre alimentation, notre protection, notre capacité à soigner notre cadre de vie au fond à d’autres est une folie.» La valeur ajoutée dans la filière agricole française diminue d’un milliard d’euros chaque année depuis cinq ans. Stopper cette dégradation est devenu un impératif national. Depuis une dizaine d’années, Allemagne, Espagne et Pays-Bas accroissent leurs exportations, les coûts salariaux et sociaux ne constituent donc pas à eux seuls un frein au succès.

Adoptons une stratégie nationale alimentaire pour bâtir une chaîne agroalimentaire complète et cohérente.

Dès lors, il nous faut reconstruire et garantir la souveraineté alimentaire de la France, en relocalisant les forces productives ; il n’est pas normal que la moitié des fruits, de légumes et de certaines viandes soient importée, de surcroît sur la base de normes techniques souvent moins exigeantes que celles qui sont imposées aux producteurs français. Adoptons une stratégie nationale alimentaire, à partir d’une approche globale pour bâtir une
chaîne agroalimentaire complète et cohérente, incluant agriculture, viticulture, transformation, restauration, innovation technologique et soutien à l’exportation. La food tech française (agtech et foodscience) risque d’être prise de vitesse par celle des pays anglo-saxons, de l’Europe du Nord et d’Israël. Au vu des problèmes de santé et d’environnement qui appellent des innovations, ces entreprises bénéficient d’un atout exceptionnel. Partout dans le monde, les trois ressources nécessaires à la production alimentaire que sont la terre, l’eau et l’énergie se raréfient, ouvrant des débouchés pour des technologies qui permettent de les préserver en appui à une nouvelle compétitivité française.

Le monde entier admire, envie et copie notre gastronomie.

La gastronomie est devenue un puissant ciment de l’unité nationale depuis la suspension du service national obligatoire. Le monde entier l’admire, l’envie et la copie. L’UNESCO a reconnu le repas gastronomique français comme élément du patrimoine immatériel de l’humanité, la France se doit de le soutenir dans la durée.

Discutons d’une loi de programmation agroalimentaire quinquennale, avec des engagements budgétaires couvrant l’ensemble des secteurs de la filière, de manière compatible avec les engagements pris au titre de la politique agricole commune (PAC). Le transfert prévu d’une grande partie des choix d’application de la PAC aux États membres offre d’ailleurs l’opportunité d’une mise en œuvre adaptée au contexte local. L’un des débouchés de l’agriculture étant les restaurants, l’État pourrait envisager le rachat de la dette de ceux qui ont subi la catastrophe sanitaire de 2020 et qui seraient prêts à prendre des engagements progressifs d’alimentation saine, en contrepartie d’une prise de participation à leur capital, qu’ils pourront racheter au fur et à mesure de la remontée de leur chiffre d’affaires, sur cinq ans par exemple, allégeant d’autant la charge budgétaire de l’État.

La préservation de la gastronomie française appelle le développement de la justice alimentaire en France.

Par ailleurs, à partir du moment où, comme l’a répété le président de la République le 13 avril, «il est des biens et des services qui doivent être placés en dehors des lois du marché», la France doit pouvoir négocier des adaptations à ses engagements en matière d’ouverture commerciale dans le cadre de l’UE et l’OMC.

Enfin, la préservation dans la durée de la gastronomie française appelle le développement de la justice alimentaire en France: la cohésion nationale suppose de réduire la fracture alimentaire. L’insécurité alimentaire, telle que définie par la FAO, touche en France un adulte sur dix, paradoxe dans un pays qui a une des meilleures agricultures du monde! Certes, l’État n’est pas resté inactif: il a initié en 2010 un Programme National pour l’Alimentation plaçant le plaisir et le goût au centre des actions, articulé avec un Plan National Nutrition Santé pour offrir à tous l’accès à une alimentation de bonne qualité et produite dans des conditions durables. Par ailleurs, la loi dite EGalim de 2018 place la lutte contre la précarité alimentaire dans le champ de la lutte contre la pauvreté et les exclusions.

Il faudrait calculer ce que coûte à la collectivité une agriculture en crise avec les drames humains qu’elle génère.

Certes toute politique a un coût, mais il faudrait calculer le retour sur investissement d’une politique d’alimentation saine (le R.O.I. des investisseurs), alors que le seul coût social de l’obésité et du surpoids est évalué entre 20 et 25 milliards d’euros par an. Dans ce calcul, il faudrait aussi intégrer ce que coûte à la collectivité une agriculture en crise avec les drames humains qu’elle génère. Les solutions ne sont pas nécessairement très coûteuses, elles commencent par le développement des actions éducatives. Ce qui serait dans la nature des
choses pour un pays qui est reconnu dans le monde entier pour sa gastronomie.


French readers: you can find Menaces sur la Gastronomie Française at your local bookstore and online here, as well as their 1st book, Passion Gastronomique.

To read their article in Le Figaro, visit our blog or click here.

You can hone your skills AND help keep French gastronomy alive! Get your own copy of the English translation to the famous La Cuisine de Référence – the book that trained over 800,000 chefs in French cooking techniques. Translated into English for the 25th anniversary, The French Chef Handbook is now available to the Worldchefs members with an exclusive discount. The next best thing to a stage in a kitchen, take a study trip to France without the plane ticket with the most complete book of key technical tips in the kitchen with more than 500 step-by-step techniques, 3000 photos, 118 videos, and 1000 recipes worksheets. Visit Worldchefs store at to learn more and save with the discount code WORLDCHEFS.

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Programme Manager (Pastry, Bakery and Confectionery): International Culinary Institute



Job Description

1. To provide leadership in the planning, development, implementation, quality assurance, and administration of Pastry, Bakery, and Confectionery Food Preparation programs

2. To develop, review, update and monitor the training curriculum and syllabus of training programs to meet with the latest needs of the industry

3. To conduct training in Pastry, Bakery, and Confectionery Food Preparation related programs

4. To undertake administration, training, and operational related duties, including supervision of staff and management of resources

5. To oversee the operation of the training kitchens, coordinate special training events/functions and culinary competitions which form part of the Integrated Learning Experience of the training programs

6. To establish and maintain close contacts with the industry partners, professional bodies, and institutes both local and overseas

7. To support marketing and promotional activities of the culinary programs

8. To compile the financial estimates and training statistics as well as to oversee the procurement, maintenance, and commissioning of plants and equipment of the section.

Application Procedure
A completed application form [VTC-1 (Rev. 1/2018)], together with a full curriculum vitae, should be sent to the Human Resources Division, 18/F, VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Please specify on the envelope the reference of the post being applied for.

Closing date for application: 23 November 2020, Applicants not invited for an interview within 10 weeks from the closing date may consider their applications unsuccessful.

The Council reserves the right not to fill the post(s).

Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only. Information on unsuccessful candidates will normally be destroyed 12 months after the completion of the recruitment exercise.


1. A recognized degree in a relevant discipline or equivalent; and preferably memberships of relevant professional bodies
2. At least 5 years’ international experience in the relevant industry and/or teaching
3. Preferably with:

  • qualification of Master Confectioner (Konditor Meister) and Certified Trainer Chef Certificate (Ausbildereignunspruefung (AEVO)) in Western Pastry and Confectionery Cuisine, or equivalent
  • knowledge and experience in trade test systems

4. Proven management and administrative experience at a senior level
5. Proficiency in written and spoken English
6. Proficiency in computer software applications
7. Ability to pass a trade test.


(1) The post is in the rank of “Principal Instructor”.
(2) The appointable candidate shall assume duty in September 2021.
(3) Candidates without the required academic qualification stated in (a) above but possessing 18 years’ relevant experience may also apply. Where applicable, these candidates may be required to have a Qualifications Framework (QF) Level 4 qualification.
(4) The appointee may be required to perform duties outside normal office hours in designated places as assigned.
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Meet the Chefs Who Are Championing Healthy Food for the Future on International Chefs Day

This year’s theme for the October 20th International Chefs Day is Healthy Food for the Future, which focuses on ensuring a healthy planet for future generations, while aiming to teach children about what impact food production and consumption has on the environment.


“During these uncertain times, we must boost our immune systems and teach both children and adults of the benefits of healthy food, which will help in the long run to fight off any future illnesses,” said Vanessa Marquis, Chairman of the International Chefs Day Committee.

“We have a duty to prepare chefs worldwide to educate and prepare children for a healthier life through other means if they can’t in person – not even letting a pandemic get in the way,” she added.

This call to action comes as Nestlé Professional and the World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs), who teamed up in 2014, join forces again on October 20, 2020 for International Chefs Day to teach children across the globe about the importance of healthy eating through organized fun-filled workshops worldwide.

Healthy Food for the Future 

This year’s theme is Healthy Food for the Future, which focuses on ensuring a healthy planet for future generations, while aiming to teach children about what impact food production and consumption has on the environment.

As part of the workshops, a toolkit has been prepared to encourage children to turn everyday recipes into appetizing food that is enjoyable to make and nutritious. It contains instructions, materials, social media tips and healthy recipes created by professional chefs.

In 2019, over 69 000 children and more than 1800 chefs took part in the annual event, doubling from the year before.

Impact of good food

With plant-based diets on the rise, Vanessa explained why now is the time to encourage children to eat and cook more plant-based foods and recipes, giving them easy access to fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before.

“Their immune systems are still developing and getting the right nutrients and vitamins through a proper diet will help them in the future,” she explained. “This year’s International Chefs Day will help children see and taste delicious recipes that are more geared towards plant-based diets.”

Growing up in a family which worked for large produce companies, fresh vegetables were always on hand at her childhood home, with her mother regularly cooking homemade meals.

Good food made a significant impact on Vanessa and she joined culinary school after leaving a career in banking, working her way up the ranks to become an Executive Chef. She said: “As a female chef, there were many times I felt I must work harder than others to get there, but I simply worked with my head down knowing I am equal to anyone else in the kitchen.

“I continue to give it my all for Worldchefs and ‘Prepare Children for a Healthy Life’,” she added.

Value of bringing knowledge to children

Emmanuel Lorieux, Executive Chef for Nestlé Professional, also stresses the value in teaching children to eat well, choose good products and instill healthy eating habits.

Having grown up next to a restaurant in Normandy, France, he was surrounded by the sights and smells of nutritious, homemade meals. With his aspiration to travel, this also steered his career and he completed his apprenticeship at a 1-star Michelin restaurant before working as a chef in the French Army, and with Le Méridien Hotels in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Bora Bora, and San Diego.

“When I was younger, my mother bought fresh food in the market and cooked it at home. But these days, parents don’t have much time as they are both working, so it’s quite often easier to cook frozen meals,” said Emmanuel.

“It’s very important to bring knowledge to youngsters in the classroom, focusing on ingredients that are good for the planet and sustainability. For this year’s event, we have recipes that are full of fresh vegetables and homegrown ingredients.

“We work well with Worldchefs to develop materials and collaborate with member chefs to create these healthy recipes – we believe we can all make a difference to children from all backgrounds,” he added.

For information about International Chef Day and if you are planning to host a Healthy Food for the Future workshop, please contact Vanessa Marquis at [email protected]. To download the Virtual Event Toolkit, visit



About Nestlé Professional

Nestlé Professional is passionate about serving the out-of-home industry, using its global experience and know-how to help accelerate the businesses of its foodservice and hospitality industry partners. Via its leading brands and products, Nestlé Professional shares its solutions and innovations to help customers and operators make more possible as they serve and delight their clients and consumers.



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