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Worldchefs and Ariane Fine Porcelain Bring Excellence to the Table with New Global Partnership

Worldchefs has announced a global partnership with Ariane Fine Porcelain, a leading manufacturer of high-quality porcelain tableware, to support chefs worldwide in their demanding kitchens.
  • Worldchefs has partnered with Ariane Fine Porcelain, a leading manufacturer of high-quality porcelain tableware.
  • The new partnership between Worldchefs and Ariane Fine Porcelain is set to enhance the culinary profession with high-quality, durable tableware, supporting chefs globally in their demanding environments.
  • Learn more about Worldchefs partnership opportunities at

Paris│3 July 2024 – The World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) is proud to announce a new partnership with Ariane Fine Porcelain, a leading manufacturer of high-quality porcelain tableware. This collaboration underscores Ariane Fine Porcelain’s commitment to supporting the culinary arts and empowering chefs worldwide.

bringing excellence to the table

The partnership between Worldchefs and Ariane is grounded in a shared passion for supporting culinary excellence and fostering a thriving global culinary community. Together, they will provide educational content, engage with young chefs, and support culinary competitions and industry events like Worldchefs Congress, empowering the next generation of culinary leaders.

Worldchefs has partnered with Ariane Fine Porcelain, a leading manufacturer of high-quality porcelain tableware.

Worldchefs President, Thomas Gugler, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are proud to partner with Ariane Fine Porcelain, a company that shares our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the empowerment of chefs. This partnership enhances the tools available to our members and underscores our mission to foster a sustainable and thriving culinary community all around the world.”

Beyond Aesthetics: Functionality and Durability for Busy Kitchens

Established in 2014, Ariane Fine Porcelain has earned a reputation for its exquisite designs and dedication to quality. While aesthetics are important, the company understands the practical needs of chefs. Ariane’s porcelain tableware is meticulously crafted to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen environment.

  • Rigorous Firing Cycles: Plates are remarkably strong and chip-resistant, able to handle the heat of a bustling kitchen.
  • Optimal Serving Temperature: Food retains its ideal temperature, ensuring a flawless dining experience.
  • Effortless Food Presentation: The smooth, glazed surface allows for precise plating, showcasing culinary creations with ease.
  • Edge Chip Resistance: The core collections are renowned for their durability, making them a premium choice for even the most demanding chefs.
Green by design: A Commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Ariane Fine Porcelain goes beyond beautiful, functional tableware. They are committed to sustainable practices and social responsibility. Since opening their state-of-the-art factory in 2014, eco-conscious principles have been integral to their production process.

By choosing Ariane Fine Porcelain, chefs contribute to a company actively shaping a sustainable future for the culinary world.

Discover the Ariane Difference

Visit or contact [email protected] to explore all the collections and find the perfect pieces for your establishment.


Ariane Fine Porcelain is a leading manufacturer of high-quality porcelain tableware, renowned for its innovative design, technical expertise, and commitment to quality. Crafted by industry professionals for industry professionals, Ariane collections blend creativity, practicality, durability, and timeless elegance seamlessly. Suitable for all fine hospitality, catering, and food & beverage establishments, Ariane Fine Porcelain is dedicated to supporting the culinary arts and promoting sustainable practices.

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The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, known as Worldchefs, is a federation made up of 110 national chef associations. A leading voice in the hospitality industry, Worldchefs carries years of history since its founding in 1928 at the Sorbonne by the venerable Auguste Escoffier.

Representing a mobilized international membership of culinary professionals, Worldchefs is committed to advancing the profession and leveraging the influence of the chef jacket for the betterment of the industry and humanity at large.

Worldchefs is dedicated to raising culinary standards and social awareness through these core focus areas:

  • Education – Worldchefs offers support for education and professional development through the landmark Worldchefs Academy online training program, a diverse network of Worldchefs Education Partners and curriculum, and the world’s first Global Culinary Certification recognizing on-the-job skillsin hospitality;
  • Networking – Worldchefs connects culinary professionals around the world through their online community platform and provides a gateway for industry networking opportunities through endorsed events and the biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo;
  • Competition – Worldchefs sets global standards for competition rules, provides Competition Seminars and assurance of Worldchefs Certified Judges, and operates the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge;
  • Humanitarianism & Sustainability – Worldchefs Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the globe.

For media inquiries or more information about the partnership, please contact Olivia Ruszczyk at [email protected].

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Elevating Culinary Excellence: Alto-Shaam’s Partnership with Worldchefs Spurs Innovation

Elevating culinary ventures around the globe, Alto-Shaam joins forces with the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) for innovation and excellence.
  • Alto-Shaam, the world-class provider of innovative and dependable foodservice kitchen solutions, has joined the largest culinary trade association as a Worldchefs Global Partner.
  • Servicing 90+ countries with award-winning USA-brand equipment, Alto-Shaam has driven confidence and innovation in foodservice through intuitive, dependable designs and investments in advanced technologies, amplifying returns on investment for culinary professionals.
  • Learn more about Worldchefs partnership opportunities at

Paris, 17 of August 2023 – Leading foodservice equipment brand Alto-Shaam and the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) have announced a new global partnership


This partnership will cultivate growth and innovative approaches for the chef community, sharing Alto-Shaam’s wealth of educational and informative content.

Since 1955, Alto-Shaam has pioneered innovative foodservice kitchen solutions, fostering operational confidence among its customers. Alto-Shaam’s dedication empowers culinary professionals to embrace creativity, opening avenues for profitable growth. The brand’s designs are distinguished by intuitive efficiency and reliability, amplifying returns on investment while elevating culinary offerings.

“We are proud to welcome Alto-Shaam, a longstanding industry ally, to our global network,” says Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs Managing Director. “Alto-Shaam’s comprehensive suite of commercial kitchen equipment solutions is tailored to the specific needs of professional kitchens, helping to propel businesses forward. Backed by world-class service, training, and support, Alto-Shaam’s reliable products consistently deliver. That’s why they are a natural fit as a Worldchefs Trusted Brand.”

Alto-Shaam aims to provide customers with a partnership that feels like family. This goal is underscored by a suite of cutting-edge kitchen solutions and prioritized customer support. From seamless installation to comprehensive training, Alto-Shaam is positioned to meet the unique and shifting needs that culinary professionals require. The brand engineers commercial foodservice equipment with dependability to unlock creative and fiscal potential, from high-volume food production to small space operations. Alto-Shaam’s diverse range of solutions ensures impeccable food preparation, holding, chilling, and display, setting the stage for a thriving foodservice operation.

Most recently, Alto-Shaam will be releasing webinars detailing informative and fresh opportunities for the chef community.

Situated in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Alto-Shaam’s headquarters and manufacturing hub drive the production of USA-made foodservice equipment solutions distributed across more than 90 countries. Ongoing investments in cutting-edge technologies like robotics and automation highlight Alto-Shaam’s dedication to achieving excellence within the foodservice industry.

Alto-Shaam’s dedication to customer satisfaction has earned consistent industry recognition. The brand earns accolades for its quality, design, and innovation, validating Alto-Shaam’s journey as a manufacturer and industry trailblazer, celebrated for exceptional contributions to the foodservice sector.

Visit for more information on their products.

Founded in 1928, the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) represents the largest international membership of food and beverage professionals dedicated to raising industry standards.
With over 240 member national chef associations, educational institutions, and F&B companies, Worldchefs is the global voice of culinary professionals.

Learn more about Worldchefs partnership opportunities at

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