CAP & COTHM’s grand culinary show steals the spotlight at 11th WEXNET Exhibition by TDAP

Celebrity Chef Gulzar Wows Audiences, Live Cooking Competitions Thrill Spectators, and Diverse Exhibitors Impress at Three-Day Extravaganza

Chefs Association of Pakistan (CAP) and College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM) orchestrated a spectacular culinary show during the 11th WEXNET Exhibition, an event organized by the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. From mesmerizing culinary demonstrations by Celebrity Chef Gulzar to thrilling live cooking competitions featuring COTHM’s culinary arts female students and home chefs, the event was a culinary masterpiece that left a lasting impression on all attendees.

Celebrity Chef Gulzar Steals the Show

A highlight of the event was the presence of Celebrity Chef Gulzar, specially invited from Karachi, who left the audience in awe with his culinary prowess. Chef Gulzar’s captivating culinary demonstrations showcased his expertise and creativity, leaving the audience with tantalizing flavors and valuable cooking tips.

Live Cooking Competitions

Culinary arts female students and skilled home chefs from the platforms of CAP and COTHM battled it out in live cooking competitions that added an element of excitement and competition to the event. These talented chefs impressed the judges and spectators with their culinary skills and innovative dishes.

Diverse Exhibitors Shine

The event featured an array of exhibitors that catered to various tastes and interests. Stalls from CAP, COTHM, Chocolate Academy, Diet Studio, Cafe Xpress,, Ethnic Jewels, House of Threads, Khaas – o – Aam, and Marfa Cafe offered a diverse range of products and services, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

Fun-Eating Competition Delights

The ‘Fun-eating competition’ hosted by Fraaz Kasuri brought a touch of fun and entertainment to the culinary show. Participants and spectators alike enjoyed the light-hearted competition, making it a memorable part of the event.

Sponsors and Partnerships

The success of the event was made possible through the generous support of sponsors and partners. Bank of the Punjab served as the title sponsor, while KnN’s joined as the Chicken Partner, Islanders Choice as the Spice Partner, Ambassador Commercial Kitchen Equipment as the Kitchen Partner, and Dawn Bread as the Fun-eating Competition Partner. Rose Petal Professional ensured hygiene standards were maintained throughout the event as the Hygiene Partner.

Global Audience

The culinary show attracted high-profile dignitaries and guests not only from Pakistan but also from various parts of the world. This international presence highlighted the global appeal and recognition of CAP and COTHM’s culinary expertise.

The three-day culinary extravaganza organized by CAP and COTHM at the 11th WEXNET Exhibition was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and satisfied. The combination of culinary excellence, live competitions, diverse exhibitors, and valuable partnerships made this event a must-visit for all food enthusiasts and industry professionals. CAP and COTHM continue to set the standard for culinary excellence in Pakistan and beyond.

Learn more about the Chefs Association of Pakistan on their official website.


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Chefs Association of Pakistan & COTHM host world’s largest chefs’ gathering

Chefs Association of Pakistan (CAP), with the strategic partnership of College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM), Chocolate Academy, and Diet Studio and the endorsement of Worldchefs celebrated International Chefs Day with unprecedented grandeur at Alhamra Hall 1, Mall Road, Lahore.

This momentous occasion, graced by the presence of esteemed guests and a record-breaking gathering of over 2500 culinary professionals, showcased the culinary excellence and talent that Pakistan has to offer. The event not only promoted the culinary prowess of Pakistan but also took the bar high in the respect of the ‘white jacket’ in the world.

The event was presented by Nestle Professional, powered by Young’s Food and Shangrila Foods, and executed in association with KnN’s and Ambassador Commercial Kitchen Equipment. Pakistan’s number-one fast food brand Cheezious joined the event as Industry Partner.

The day commenced with a spectacular chefs parade, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration of the culinary arts; Minister of State for Tourism, Wasi Shah, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

CAP President Ahmad Shafiq delivered a warm welcome address, expressing his delight in hosting the talented chefs and urging them to join the ranks of CAP. He acknowledged the role of Worldchefs in bringing awareness among the masses about the chefs’ profession and uniting the chefs of the world under one umbrella. He also appreciated International Chefs Day 2023’s theme ‘Growing Great Chefs’ and said that the world needs to work on the training of young chefs and COTHM in Pakistan is already doing this service, considering it as an obligation. He also unveiled an exciting announcement – the Pakistan International Culinary Championship (PICC), scheduled for February 13, 14, 15, 2023, promising to be a prestigious culinary event of international repute.

A highlight of the evening was the induction of CAP’s executive committee members, who took an oath from President Ahmad Shafiq and were presented with chef belts, signifying their commitment to the culinary craft.

The crowning moment of the event was the Chefs Achievement Awards – Lahore, 2023, where outstanding professional chefs were honored with beautiful trophies in various categories. Chief Guest Wasi Shah, CAP President Ahmad Shafiq and CAP Senior Vice President Waqar Ilyas presented the awards to these deserving recipients, acknowledging their exceptional contributions to the culinary world.

The festivities came to a sweet conclusion with a delightful cake-cutting ceremony, where a delectable cake, generously provided by Pakistan’s premium bakery brand Mini Treats, was shared among the attendees. Cheezious, Pakistan’s leading fast food brand, added to the excitement by distributing free vouchers to the professional chefs, ensuring that the culinary celebration continued even after the event.

The International Chefs Day Celebrations and Chefs Achievement Awards (CAA) Lahore 2023 was a resounding success, epitomizing the passion and dedication of Pakistan’s culinary community. It was a day when gastronomy took center stage, and chefs were celebrated for their exceptional talents and contributions to the world of food.

Learn more about the Chefs Association of Pakistan on their official website.


Worldchefs represetns the global voice of culinary professionals, our memberships represents over 100 national chef associations and millions chefs worldwide. 

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Member News

Hundreds of new members join Chefs Association of Pakistan 

The Chefs Association of Pakistan (CAP) recently opened its membership resulting in the joining of a large number of new members.

To welcome the new members of CAP, multiple ceremonies were organized where membership certificates were distributed among them. CAP Senior Vice President Corporate Waqar Ilyas, CAP Secretary General Ahmad Shafiq and the executive members graced the ceremonies.  Waqar Ilyas informed the members about the scope and importance of CAP. Ahmad Shafiq welcomed the new members and provided career guidance to the young members. 

He said that Chefs Association of Pakistan is the only representative organization of chefs in the country which is also a member of World Chefs Paris; a global authority on food. By becoming a member of CAP, chefs can avail multiple local as well as international opportunities, he added. 

New members of CAP were quite excited to join the esteemed platform of chefs in Pakistan. They were of the view that after getting associated with CAP, they will try to come up to the expectations of CAP and Worldchefs, Paris.

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