PICC 2024 Recognized on the World’s Stage

PICC 2024 Recognized on the World’s Stage

The culinary world witnessed an unprecedented display of talent and expertise at the four-day Pakistan International Culinary Championship (PICC) 2024, organized by the Chefs Association of Pakistan (CAP) in the strategic partnership of College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM). Held at the prestigious Royal Palm Golf & Country Club in Lahore, the event marked a significant milestone in Pakistan’s culinary landscape and was endorsed by Worldchefs.

The four-day culinary championship, inaugurated on February 13, 2024, showcased the prowess of more than 50 international chefs from over 10 countries, alongside around 1,300 local culinary maestros competing across various categories. The PICC 2024 served as a platform not only for fierce competition but also for cultural exchange and culinary innovation.

The event commenced with a vibrant balloons releasing ceremony followed by the captivating Nations Parade, allowing guests a firsthand experience of the culinary diversity on display. Throughout the event, attendees were treated to live cooking stations, adding an interactive dimension to the festivities.

In his addresses on all the four days, COTHM CEO Ahmad Shafiq provided insights into the championship’s significance and scope, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey ahead. Worldchefs Vice President Chef Uwe Micheel, on the behalf of the Worldchefs, expressed gratitude to the PICC administration in his address, acknowledging the efforts invested in making the event a resounding success.

Notably, Qasim Ali Shah commended CAP and COTHM for orchestrating a remarkable international culinary showcase, underscoring the event’s impact on promoting culinary arts and fostering cross-cultural connections. Chef Uwe Micheel, presided over the event as the head of the jury, ensuring the highest standards of judging were maintained.

Adding to the event’s prestige, the National Culinary Team of Pakistan (NCTP) Captain Chef Muhammad Raees served as the moderator during the competitions, facilitating seamless proceedings and fair adjudication.

The PICC 2024 received immense support from its sponsors, with Unilever stepping in as the Title Sponsor, alongside Gold Partners Shan Food Specialists, K&N’s, and Cheezious. Shangrila Foods, Young’s Food, Blue Band Professional, Puratos, Shafaq Oil, and Ambassador Commercial Kitchen Equipment joined as Silver Sponsors, further bolstering the event’s success and impact.

At the closing ceremony of the event, chefs’ belts were awarded to the newly selected players of the National Culinary Team of Pakistan (NCTP). All the participants, medal holders and winners received their certificates, cash prizes and trophies at the end of the ceremony. All the esteemed sponsors also received their shields and souvenirs at the end of the event.


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24th FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition

Since the first FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition, held in 1998, it has adhered to its original goal: giving students and chefs who love cooking a platform for networking and skills exchange. The competition hopes to cultivate young chefs, so as to promote and strengthen the development of Western food in China and integrate Chinese and Western culinary culture.

With the full guidance of the instructors, the event organizing committee and the recognition and attention of all sectors of society, the competition has risen from an intercontinental event to a top-tier international event. It is a great platform to showcase the talents of all chefs!

The FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition, endorsed by Worldchefs, consists of three major competitions: 2023 FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition, 2023 FHC China International Pastry and Bakery Competition, and 2023 FHC Shanghai International Culinary Championships. The competition took place from November 8th to 10th, 2023, finally resuming after two years due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Let us review this event together!

Honorable guests delivered welcome speech on grand launch ceremony.

The competition was organized by Shanghai Cuisine Industry Association and Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and was endorsed by Worldchefs. The distinguished speakers at the event included: Chairman-Chen Zhe of the Shanghai Restaurant & Cuisine Association; USDA Deputy Undersecretary, Jason Hafemeister; Chairman of the Worldchefs Culinary Committee, Dr. Rick Stephen; and Chairman of FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition, Clinton Zhu.

Three-day intensive culinary competition

  • FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition: Display and Hot cooking with 60 sessions in total
  • Pastry and Bakery Competition: Display and Live with 32 sessions in total
  • 2023 FHC Shanghai International Culinary Championship: International team compete in 2 sets, each 6 hours of live cooking. The teams were from China, South Korea, Australia, and Italy.

The competition was judged by ten distinguished judges, all certified by Worldchefs.

The rules of the competition were as follows: teams of three chefs will cook for twelve people. Three portions will be for the jury to evaluate, one portion for the media, and eight portions for VIP guests of the show to dine at and experience a true international delight.

The results of the 2023 FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition are:

  • Winner – Italy
  • First Runner-up – South Korea
  • Second Runners-up – China and Australia

The culinary works of art featured at the competition were:

  • Chinese Cuisine and Western Cuisine Culinary Art Displays: Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Tapas/Finger Food, Western Three Course Menu
  • Chinese Cuisine and Western Cuisine Challenge: IS Seafood Halibut Western Main Course, Sumerians Truffle Chinese Main Course, LBF Australian Beef Western Course, U.S. Chicken Western Main Course, U.S. Potatoes Innovation Western Cuisine, U.S. Pork Western Cuisine Main Course, MINDONGYIYU Yellow Croaker Chinese Main Course, EWEN Arborio Rice Western Main Course, EWEN Pasta Western Main Course, NZ Maimoa Lamp Chinese Main Course, Chu Dao Cellophane Noodle Cuisine.
  • Pastry and Bakery Competition: Fondant Cake, Afternoon Tea, Buffet Showpiece.
  • Pastry and Bakery Live: Cake Decoration, Break Baking and Display, Plate Dessert, Chocolate Fondant Cake, Swiss Roll and Pound Cake, Soufflé.

The 27th FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show and the 25th FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition will be held from November 12th to 14th, 2024. We look forward to your participation!

Learn more at the official FHC China International Culinary Arts Competition website here.

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