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Announcing the World Chefs Without Borders Committee for 2020-2024

Dear Worldchefs Members,
We are pleased to announce the World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) Committee for 2020-2024. Please see below for details.
Your support of WCWB and the Chef Social Responsibility (CSR) tours, events and initiatives are always greatly appreciated.
Stay Safe and Stay Well.
With Culinary Regards,
Willment Leong
WCWB Committee Chairman


Thomas Gugler
Worldchefs President

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New Jobs on Worldchefs Online Community

New jobs are up on Worldchefs online community! You can find thousands of opportunities around the globe to take your career to the next level.

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FHA Match: Dairy – Showcasing finest collections of dairy products and dairy alternatives

FHA Match: Dairy – Showcasing finest collections of dairy products and dairy alternatives

As a key component in cuisines around the world, the use of dairy as an ingredient or as the produce itself is both widespread and versatile. Relied on for great sources of nutritional values, the dairy and alternative dairy markets are seeing an uptick in demand due to consumers’ shift to healthier food consumption. 

FHA Match: Dairy Virtual Event will bring the finest collection of dairy products and dairy alternatives to cover all of buyers’ sourcing needs. Attendees can plan and personalise their event schedule, send and receive meetings requests, engage in 1:1 video live chats with potential new suppliers, or catch up with partners and peers. Some of our early confirmed exhibitors include Bord Bia, Morinaga, Ingredia and Eurodelicies.

Beyond product discovery and business matching activities, attendees can also attend content sessions featuring impressive speakers who will cover:

  • Top dairy trends and the major factors driving market growth
  • Opportunities underexplored in specific dairy categories
  • The best qualities of UHT milk by Ingredia Dairy Experts
  • Ireland’s commitment to supplying highest quality, sustainably produced and naturally tasty dairy products by Bord Bia
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the dairy world
  • The impact and development of China’s rise to the world’s largest importer of dairy products
  • Trade implications for dairy in APAC
  • The future of alternative milk in Asia
  • Solutions for large-scale dairy operations and producers to become more sustainable while maintaining a competitive edge

Speakers are subject experts from Bord Bia, Ingredia Dairy ExpertsIFCN Dairy Research Center, GlobalData, Gira, Asian Trade Centre, Green Queen Media and Innova Market Insights.  Find out more about our content sessions and the agenda here.

Dates: 19-20 May, 2021

Time: 0900hrs – 2200hrs, Singapore (UTC+8)

Location: Virtual

Registration: Complimentary for Trade Buyers

About FHA Match

Born of out FHA-Food & Beverage trade show, FHA Match is a food & beverage sector-focused series comprising 6 virtual events to be held from April – October 2021. Powered by, each FHA Match will feature 2 days packed with AI-driven and bespoke meetings to match businesses, enabling new connections and opportunities across markets. Attendees will also gain access to content sessions featuring top leaders and experts, browse product listings and demonstrations, and source from suppliers around the world. 

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Relief applications will open Monday, May 3, 2021: Resouces from the Independent Restaurant Coalition

27 April 2021 – Independent Restaurant Associaton:

Today, the Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that Restaurant Revitalization Fund applications will open at 12pm ET on Monday, May 3, 2021. To prepare to apply, please visit this Friday, April 30th after 9am ET to create your account. We encourage you to register on Friday and submit your application on Monday.

The portal website will be We suggest bookmarking this page now for use on Friday and Monday.

Visit the SBA’s informational page at, utilize our resources at, and attend one of our round tables this week to get your questions answered. Anyone interested in learning more about accessing a grant can register for one of these discussions:

If needed, you can reach out to the SBA for assistance preparing your application. Call center support is available at 1-844-279-8898 (hours: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm ET), the SBA knowledge base is linked here, and you can also contact your local SBA District Office.

To learn more and a sample application, visit

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A message from Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler and APCCA on the passing of APCCA President Andrés Atapoma Simeón

                                                                                                No photo description available.

Message from Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler:

Dear Chefs, Colleagues, and Friends from all around the World,

With great sorry and very sad feelings,  I have to inform you about the passing away of our dear friend Andrés Atapoma Simeón President APCCA (Peruvian Chefs Association).

An outstanding personality with a heart of gold who hosted one of our Board of Directors Meetings in his home country. It was his biggest dream to host us and we were proud to join him and all the members of APCCA and Worldchefs in Lima, Peru. The Board of Directors had an extraordinary experience with Peru at its best with all its treasures and jewels of culture, cuisine, and hospitality. Peru is a beautiful country with stunning cuisine and so many talented chefs.

For us culinarians, this is a very great loss, especially for all the Peruvian Chefs and the hospitality industry.

Andres as APCCA President was a leader and role model. The chefs from all around the country respected him for his passion and commitment. He demonstrated great leadership, friendship, and at the same time a very big heart for all. He took all the efforts possible in his hands to make Peruvian Gastronomy special and receive recognition worldwide.

I would like to extend my personal condolences and those of the entire Board of Directors and global Worldchefs community.

We will miss you my friend and know GOD will take care of you on your journey to a better place. Our prayers will be with you and we as chefs will always remember you.

On a personal note, I must share with you that unfortunately his wife and son are very sick as well. APCCA (Peruvian Chefs Association) has asked us to make a plea for donations if possible from the Worldchefs community to help his family in their time of illness and need.

This is a big plea to all the culinarians willing to help who are welcome to contact Worldchefs Head Office [email protected] to coordinate or donate directly as listed below:

Hermenegildo Mendoza

BBVA 001102840200090379

Georgina Emma Ayarza Tipismana

Western Union DNI 40089711

Andres my friend,
 we send you deep heartfelt emotions and condolences from our entire Worldchefs family, the APCCA chefs and all the culinarians around the world

My last words are going to all of you. Please make sure to stay safe and healthy, protect yourself and your family as much as possible, and always think positive.

Thomas A. Gugler



Message from APCCA Peru:


We express our deepest condolences to the family of our President Andrés Atapoma Simeón, who today departed to meet with the Lord. 

Your teammates and colleagues will always remember you. 

In life, you were a great representative of Peruvian cuisine, an excellent person, and a good professional. Death can take a body, but never memories and its spirit. Memories will fill us with joy and comfort us. His spirit will watch over us wherever he is.

May you rest in peace and may God be with you in his kingdom.


His wife and his son are also facing the same situation with the disease, for which we ask you, have to support them with a voluntary, significant financial contribution so that you can cover the expenses of burial and so together we can help your family.

Account numbers of wife’s relatives.

Hermenegildo Mendoza

BBVA 001102840200090379

Georgina Emma Ayarza Tipismana

Western Union DNI 40089711


Expresamos nuestras más sentidas condolencias a la familia de nuestro presidente Andrés Atapoma Simeón, quien el día de hoy partió al encuentro con el Señor.
Tus compañeros y colegas siempre te recordaremos. En vida fuiste un gran representante de la cocina peruana, una excelente persona y buen profesional.
La muerte puede llevarse un cuerpo, pero jamás los recuerdos y su espíritu. Los recuerdos nos llenarán de alegría y nos consolarán. Su espíritu cuidará de nosotros donde quiera que esté.
Que descanses en paz y que Dios esté contigo en su reino.
Su esposa y su hijito también están afrontando la misma situación con la enfermedad, para lo cual solicitamos a ustedes, tengan a bien apoyarlos con un aporte económico voluntario, significativo, para que pueda cubrir los gastos de sepelio y así juntos podamos ayudar a su familia.
Números de cuenta de los familiares de la esposa.
Hermenegildo Mendoza
BBVA 001102840200090379
CCI 011-284-000200090379-75
Georgina Emma Ayarza Tipismana
Western Union DNI 40089711
La Junta Directiva

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FHA Match: Meat – New Virtual Event Dedicated to the Global Meat Industry

FHA Match: Meat – New Virtual Event Dedicated to the Global Meat Industry

A new 2-day virtual event dedicated to all things Meat, attendees will have a fantastic opportunity to connect with top global meat suppliers and source from a wide range of meat related products such as beef, lamb, pork, poultry, processed meat, organic meat and more! 

Attendees will be able to map and personalise their event schedule, request meetings and engage in 1:1 video live chats with potential new suppliers, or simply catch up with long-time partners and friends in the community. Some of our early confirmed exhibitors include Bord Bia, U.S. Meat Export Federation, Siam Canadian Group, ABBRA Corporation and more!

Beyond the product sourcing and business matchmaking activities, attendees can also check out a host of topics covered under content sessions themed ‘Growth & Agility’ and ‘Risk & Resilience’ respectively. The 2-day agenda will see the congregation of world’s top business leaders and think-tanks to discourse over top trends and challenges impacting the meat industry, including Pathogens, Pandemics & Food Safety, Technology, Digitalisation & Value Chains, Sustainability & Resilience, and Free Trade & Market Access.   

Early confirmed speakers include experts from Article ThreeCoBankGira FoodsGlobalDataHalal Development Council PakistanInnova Market Insights and IRI Worldwide.  Find out more about our content sessions and the agenda here.

Dates: 13-14 April, 2021
Time: 09:00am – 10:00pmSingapore (UTC+8)
Location: Virtual

About FHA Match

Born of out FHA-Food & Beverage trade show, FHA Match is a food & beverage sector-focused series comprising 6 virtual events to be held from April – October 2021

Powered by, each FHA Match will feature 2 days packed with AI-driven and bespoke meetings to match businesses, enabling new connections and opportunities across markets. Attendees will also gain access to content sessions featuring top leaders and experts, browse product listings and demonstrations, and source from suppliers around the world. 

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Mourning the Loss of Chef Leon Menachem

Paris, 13 March 2021 – It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear friend Chef Leon Menachem.
President of the Israeli Chefs and Cooks Association from 2012 to 2018, Leon was a leader in Israeli cuisine and a passionate advocate for our trade.
We wish him peace after his battle with cancer and offer our most sincere condolences to his family and friends around the world. He will be remembered and his contributions cherished.
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Worldchefs News: March 2020

Hi Chef,

Will you join us as a VIP guest at INTERNORGA’s IDX_FS International Digital Food Services Expo 2021? We’re giving away a limited number of free VIP tickets! 

Tune in on Tuesday at 12:30 CET to hear from Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler. Learn more about the event and how to get your free VIP tickets here!

See you there,
The Worldchefs team


A New Generation of Trade Shows — World on a Plate

This week’s guest is Michael Buck, a former top management executive at Dell and founder of IDX_FS Events. Hear how technology is redefining events to offer a safe platform for exchanging, networking, and discovering new trends.
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We’re Live with a Fresh Website — Feed the Planet

We’ve just launched a new Feed the Planet website! Explore our sustainability projects and get involved in the mission to build a more resilient food future for all.

check it out >>

New Series Kicking Off with Hawker Cuisine — #skillofthemonth

Join us for our first installment of #skillofthemonth with At-Sunrice Digichef Academy! Our first episode airs on March 25th with a classic Hawker recipe: Chilli Crab. Have cuisines or skills you want to see? Let us know!
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FHA Match: Meat – New Virtual Event Dedicated to the Global Meat Industry
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Wales Pressing Ahead with Plans to Host World’s Top Chefs in October

Immunity Inspired by Tea Challenge
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Electrolux Professional Acts for Food Support and Sustainable Cooking Together with the Electrolux Food Foundation

Sustainability Around the World #9: Zero-Waste Restaurants
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The ‘Godfather’ of Singapore’s Culinary Fraternity with Otto Weibel
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Wales pressing ahead with plans to host world’s top chefs in October

WALES, 3rd of March 2021 – Wales pressing ahead with plans to host world’s top chefs in October

Organisers have confirmed that plans for a prestigious four-day culinary event, which will attract the world’s best chefs to compete in Wales in October, are progressing at full speed.

The Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge, which comprises three competitions, will be held at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport from October 23-26.

The only major Worldchefs event organised this year, the Global Chefs Challenge is being hosted by the Culinary Association of Wales (CAW) and its partners, the International Convention Centre Wales (ICC Wales), the Celtic Manor Resort and the Welsh Government.

The CAW has appointed professional conference organiser Worldspan to organise the globalevent. The company has a wealth of experience, delivering 5,000 events across 84 countries.

Sophie Morris, Worldspan’s managing director, said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Culinary Association of Wales as hosts of the Global Chefs Challenge. From our HQ in North Wales, we are celebrating almost 50 years of delivering events and experiences for our clients.

“To support this event, showcasing the best of Welsh food and drink, on our home ground is a privilege.  Our team looks forward to supporting CAW as they welcome the world to Wales.” 

CAW president Arwyn Watkins, OBE, said the decision to press ahead with the event was a massive vote of confidence in Wales by Worldchefs, which represents more than 12 million chefs from 108 countries worldwide.

Culinary Association of Wales President Arwyn Watkins, OBE.

“We believe that the Global Chefs Challenge will be a fantastic opportunity for the hospitality industry to open up again following the global pandemic,” he added. “Our plans are progressing well, boosted by the enthusiastic support that we are receiving from Worldchefs.

“Hosting a global event of this magnitude in Wales is a huge honour and undertaking, but the Culinary Association of Wales and its partners relish the challenge of welcoming the world’s best chefs.

“Hopefully, this event will support the steps being taken to help Wales bounce back from the pandemic’s severe economic impact.”

The event will feature the Global Pastry Chefs Challenge on the first day, the Global Chefs Challenge on days two and three and the Global Young Chefs Challenge for the Hans Bueschkens Trophy on day four. Wales will have a chef competing in each of the competitions.

Lesley Griffiths, Wales’ Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, said: “While we face the continued backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is, of course, very pleasing to see that the Culinary Association of Wales and the Celtic Manor Resort are planning to hold the Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge in October.

“I am pleased that organisations planning ahead for events continue to look at Wales as a destination.”

Worldchefs have given a vote of confidence to the CAW and its partners to organise a safe and professional event for chefs.

Worldchefs president Thomas A. Gugler said: “Wales and the Global Chefs Challenge – an amazing opportunity and match with a fantastic venue – will welcome chefs from around the globe for the first time, and for me it’s a must to attend.

“Great vision, modern approach and a dedicated team behind the scenes. COVID 19 will not stop us as we believe in the ‘Power of the white jacket’. All participants will be overwhelmed by the hospitality, the warm welcome and the stunning landscape around.

“I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Worldchefs Global Chefs Challenge in Wales. I wish Arwyn and the team good luck for all the preparations and thanks for the amazing dedication.”

Culinary Association of Wales president Arwyn Watkins, OBE, with Worldchefs’ president Thomas A. Gugler.

Ragnar Fridriksson, Worldchefs’ managing director, said: “We want to give our competitors the best possible opportunity to meet and compete under safe and professional conditions. The Culinary Association of Wales has our full confidence to deliver just that.”

The CAW and the Celtic Manor Resort has a successful track record of hosting Worldchefs’ events. In 2017, the country hosted a successful Worldchefs European Congress and, in 2019, welcomed a Worldchefs board meeting.

The Celtic Manor also hosted Ryder Cup in 2010 and a NATO Summit of world leaders in 2014.

The Celtic Manor Resort, which is to welcome the world’s best chefs next October.


For more information, please contact Arwyn Watkins, OBE, Culinary Association of Wales president, on Tel: 07831 697494 or Duncan Foulkes, publicity officer, on Tel: 01686 650818.

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