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1st group of students to be receiving Worldchefs Certification in Bangalore, India!

ASKIHMCA Bangalore Culinary Arts & Pastry Arts

Students conferred with Worldchefs Commis Chef Certification

Chef John J Clancy, Worldchefs Education Director and Senior Lecturer, Culinary Arts of Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland conferred the Commis Chef certificates to the students of ASK Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Bangalore, India on 18th of August 2018.

Students from the Master Diploma in Culinary Arts and Patisserie programme, Master Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie Pastry Arts program of ASKIHMCA Bangalore were awarded the Diploma Certificates and Commis Chef Certificates on 18th August at The Sahar Pavilion Hotel, Hosur Road, Bangalore. Apart from the Culinary and Bakery Students, Students of International Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management and BSc in Catering Science and Hotel Management too received their certificates.

Chef John J Clancy was the Chief Guest and Mr.Kiran Harshan, Senior Manager, Revenue Optimization, South Asia of Radisson Group of Hotels was the Guest of Honour. The event commenced with the welcome address by Prof.Antony Mahendran, Director of ASKIHMCA Bangalore followed by convocation address by the Guests. More than one hundred students and their parents attended in the convocation ceremony. After taking the convocation oath, students were awarded the Diploma and Degree certificates by the Guests.

Numerous students and parents shared their experience and thanked the management of ASK IHMCA for having provided Industrial Exposure Training, Campus Placement in reputed five star hotels in India and Abroad. 


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WORLDCHEFS Academy was officially launched today by the World Chefs Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS) at its 38th Biennial Congress, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 11-14, 2018.


WORLDCHEFS Academy, an online portal and mobile app was established to offer culinary education to aspiring students that may not have the means, mobility or flexibility to attend full-time culinary school. The WORLDCHEFS Academy is free of charge and open to anyone, no matter what background or current skills-level.  


The curriculum covers the basics of culinary professionalism, food service operations, culinary theory, food hygiene and sanitation, basic cooking, and culinary nutrition. The program can be followed either as a complete curriculum or individual lessons can be used to compliment other existing courses or to provide the theoretical component to an in-service, kitchen apprenticeship. The online portal is currently in English only. Other languages will be added soon to offer access to people from all over the world who want to expand their culinary knowledge and work in this industry. 


Students can learn through the web-based platform or via the mobile app which offers an offline study mode. They will be able to complete the total course free of charge. By connecting to the internet when it is available they will be able to download the course that they are enrolled in via the mobile app and study at any time, with or without internet. They then simply need to go back online when ready to complete the final assessment.


“For us at WORLDCHEFS, it is important to give aspiring individuals in this industry the opportunity for a proper, well researched and developed learning system. And proper learning means from a-to-z, ensuring that this opportunity is available all over the world, allowing them to travel and really build on their career, from scratch” stated, WORLDCHEFS President Thomas Gugler.


Upon completion of its first course for the pre-commis chef, participants will have learnt the theory required to complete an online assessment and receive their WORLDCHEFS pre-commis chef certificate and badge – an important first step for anyone looking to apply for employment in a professional kitchen. The Program links to the Worldchefs Certification and is intended to be the first step on the culinary career path.


The Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Foundation, which has been promoting culinary education in emerging and developing economies for over 25 years, funded the development of the Worldchefs Academy for young people that want to join the culinary profession.  Through their generosity, a partnership with Nestlé Professional www.nestleprofessional.comwas formed, and the online portal and mobile app was created by Klood Digital  in  consultation with a global faculty of WORLDCHEFS Academy Development advisors. This new online learning portal, the first of its kind, will open a channel of learning and communication for those looking to establish a career in a professional kitchen. 


Rochelle Schaetzl, Business Capability Development Manager, Nestlé Professional stated, “Worldchefs Academy will make it possible for any person, anywhere in the world, that wants to enter the culinary industry, to get a solid professional foundation and apply for their first culinary job with more ease.”  


WORLDCHEFS Academy is available now for download on both the App Store and Google Play, and can be found at


ABOUT WORLDCHEFS                

The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WORLDCHEFS) is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines. We accomplish these goals through education and professional development of our international membership, through skills-building and competitions, and through sustainability and humanitarian initiatives. As an authority and opinion leader on food, WORLDCHEFS represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession.





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Worldchefs is using digital credentials to raise professional culinary standards, in a global workforce!

Do you know how Worldchefs is helping the 93% of culinary businesses having difficulty finding quality professionals?

Global cuisine is a fast growing industry with a highly mobile and very diverse workforce, reaching $5,776 billion (US) in 2017 and estimated to grow at a rate of 5% over the next five years.

In such a dynamic environment it can be time consuming and resource intensive for employers to find people with the right skills. In fact, a 2016 survey found that a staggering 93% of culinary businesses have difficulty finding the quality professionals they required.

Finding people with the right skills is particularly challenging in the culinary profession, as most of the learning for cooks and chefs takes place in the kitchen, rather than in organised training centres. This means that the majority of the skills people develop are invisible to potential employers.

As a result, even highly skilled professionals may be overlooked and not considered for opportunities which would enable them to realise their full potential.

If employers are to reduce the time and cost is takes to recruit globally, then they need more efficient ways of finding people with the right skills, starting by ensuring busy professionals can easily make every skill visible.

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Quito, April 13 2018. – Nestlé Ecuador, a company committed to the gastronomy sector, in alliance with the World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) and the Ecuador Chefs Association presented the portfolio “Culinary Techniques Guide”. The purpose of this portfolio is to improve the quality and application of culinary methods in the country.

The launch event, took place in Quito and was presided by Cornelia Volino, Worldchefs Secretary General, Pablo Campana, Minister of Commerce and members of the Ministry of Tourism, as well as represents of Peruvian and American embassies.

The Culinary Techniques Guide contains basics cooking methods that standardize the teaching of local gastronomy.  This book will be delivered for free to students and teachers of 80 gastronomy schools in Ecuador.  Also, it will be distributed and applied in 17 Latin-American countries.

Ecuador is the first country where this project has been developed. It is important because it has international standards for food safety that are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).  This document will be available on the website of the Ecuador Chefs Association , Nestlé Ecuador and gastronomy schools.


This Project is aligned with the Nestle Professional purpose of enhancing quality management of future professional chefs. For Edgar Dominguez, Nestle Professional BEO, the objective of this guide for Ecuador is to ensure the progress of the education in the area of Ecuadorian gastronomy, in addition to promote tourism.


About Nestlé Professional

Nestlé Professional is passionate about serving the out-of-home industry. We use our global experience and know-how to help accelerate the businesses of our foodservice and hospitality industry partners. Via our leading brands and products, we share our solutions and innovations to help our customers and operators make more possible as they aim to delight their clients and consumers.


About Worldchefs 

The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, or Worldchefs in short, is a dynamic global network of more than 100 chefs associations representing chefs at all levels and across all specialties worldwide. It was founded in1928 at the Sorbonne in Paris with the venerable August Escoffier as first Honorary President. 

Worldchefs is a global authority on food, creating impact through these core focus areas: 


education – includes our landmark Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program and the world’s first global culinary certification; 

networking – Worldchefs provides a gateway to global culinary networking opportunities and hosts the landmark biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo; 

competition – Worldchefs upholds a list of certified judges, sets global standards for competition rules, and runs the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge; 

humanitarian & sustainability – our Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the



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