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Worldchefs Partners with Scoolinary to Expand Access to Quality Culinary Training

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Global, 16th April 2024
A new partnership between Worldchefs and Scoolinary is empowering culinary careers through online courses and scholarship opportunities, enhancing accessibility to quality culinary education across the globe.
  • Worldchefs has partnered with Scoolinary, enhancing accessibility to culinary education through 50+ new online courses on Worldchefs’ Approved Courses platform and a scholarship program.
  • The collaboration aims to make quality culinary education more accessible globally, addressing training constraints in the hospitality industry.
  • Worldchefs’ latest Education Partner, Scoolinary offers over 300 online courses, empowering professionals with hands-on learning and industry-relevant skills.

Paris│16 April 2024 – The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) has announced a new partnership with Scoolinary, a leading online culinary education platform. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards making quality culinary education more accessible worldwide.

Partnership Highlights

Scoolinary, Worldchefs’ new Education Partner, will introduce over 50 new online courses to the Worldchefs’ Approved Courses platform, the industry directory of the best online courses and vocational training programs to start or accelerate a career in hospitality.

Scoolinary will also unveil a scholarship program exclusively available to Worldchefs’ global network of Education Partners, further fostering culinary talent and expertise.

Making Quality Culinary Education Accessible

In a landscape where culinary training faces constraints, Worldchefs is committed to democratizing culinary education. Scoolinary offers a key solution to bridge the training gap in the hospitality sector, offering a diverse array of online courses that transform culinary learning. By partnering with Scoolinary, Worldchefs reinforces its dedication to elevating standards and empowering careers in the global hospitality industry.

As part of the partnership, Scoolinary has extended a special offer to the Worldchefs community. For a limited time, Worldchefs’ international network can benefit from a 50% discount* on Scoolinary’s annual membership.

Exclusive Offer: Unlock Unlimited Access at Half the Price

This exclusive offer grants you unlimited access to Scoolinary’s extensive range of courses, with new content added weekly. Benefit from the expertise of over 200 esteemed chefs and pastry chefs from around the globe as you expand your culinary knowledge and skills.

Advancing Continuous Learning in Hospitality

The partnership between Worldchefs and Scoolinary underscores the importance of continuous learning in the hospitality industry. By leveraging technology and innovative teaching methods, both organizations aim to address the industry’s challenges, including high turnover and a shortage of qualified professionals. Through accessible, high-quality education, they seek to enhance productivity, competitiveness, and talent retention in the culinary landscape.

“As Worldchefs continues its mission to promote excellence in culinary education worldwide, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Scoolinary,” said John Clancy, Worldchefs Education Director. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality training opportunities for culinary professionals everywhere. Through Scoolinary’s diverse range of online courses, chefs at all levels can enhance their skills and advance their careers, contributing to the growth and innovation of the hospitality industry.”

About Scoolinary
online courses
culinary training

Scoolinary pioneers the culinary education revolution with its comprehensive platform offering more than 300 online courses. These courses, led by world-renowned chefs and experts, cover various culinary disciplines such as Cooking, Pastry and Confectionery, Bakery and Pastries, Cocktails, Sommelier, Barista, and Nutrition. With a focus on flexibility and hands-on learning, Scoolinary equips professionals with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic hospitality sector.

Lorena Hidalgo, spokesperson for Scoolinary, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Worldchefs in our mission to democratize culinary education. Together, we aim to empower individuals worldwide with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the culinary industry.”

About Worldchefs

The World Association of Chefs’ Societies, known as Worldchefs, is a federation made up of 110 national chef associations. A leading voice in the hospitality industry, Worldchefs carries years of history since its founding in 1928 at the Sorbonne by the venerable Auguste Escoffier.

Representing a mobilized international membership of culinary professionals, Worldchefs is committed to advancing the profession and leveraging the influence of the chef jacket for the betterment of the industry and humanity at large.

Worldchefs is dedicated to raising culinary standards and social awareness through these core focus areas:

  • Education – Worldchefs offers support for education and professional development through the landmark Worldchefs Academy online training program, a diverse network of Worldchefs Education Partners and curriculum, and the world’s first Global Culinary Certification recognizing on-the-job skillsin hospitality;
  • Networking – Worldchefs connects culinary professionals around the world through their online community platform and provides a gateway for industry networking opportunities through endorsed events and the biennial Worldchefs Congress & Expo;
  • Competition – Worldchefs sets global standards for competition rules, provides Competition Seminars and assurance of Worldchefs Certified Judges, and operates the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge;
  • Humanitarianism & Sustainability – Worldchefs Feed the Planet and World Chefs Without Borders programs relieve food poverty, deliver crisis support, and promote sustainability across the globe.

For media inquiries or more information about the partnership, please contact Olivia Ruszczyk at [email protected] and Lorena Hidalgo at [email protected].

*The 50% off code will automatically apply at checkout. Membership prices vary depending on location (US, Europe, etc.).

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