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My Dreams Came True – Jozef Oseli

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Global, 22nd April 2024

My Dreams Came True – Jozef Oseli

About the Chef: Jozef Oseli

Chef Jozef Oseli
Chef Jozef Oseli, member of Worldchefs

Jozef Oseli was born on 4th of March 1949 in Medvode. He graduated from the Vocational School of Hotel Management and Faculty of Public Administration at University of Ljubljana.

At the age of 24 in 1973, he became head of organization and service at castle Brdo in Kranj, the residence of former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito. During Tito’s presence, Jozef and his wife Metka, were responsible for Tito’s personal service at many state visits and other ceremonial events at Brdo. For their work, Josef and Metka received the state ‘Order of Labour with a Silver Wreath’.

Later he needed a new challenge, so he decided to make good on his desire to evolve even more in cooking. He enrolled into the E.A.C.H. School of Artistic Cuisine and Hospitality Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. This was a turning point in his life and he began his second career.

In 1999 he presented Slovenian cuisine with 10 dishes in Fabien Ballasan’s book, World Delishes. From 2002 to 2008 he published articles in many different Slovenian Gourmet Magazines: ONA, LISA, DOBER TEK, GT and 5 ZVEZDIC, where he presented around 300 different international and typical Slovenian recipies. In the last ten years he was also a lecturer at the Academy Culinaire in Croatia.

As a chef and culinary crew leader of the Slovenian team he assisted at Miss World Competition on the Seychelles Islands in 1997 and 1998. In 2011 he led Slovenian team at the global event “World Chefs Tour against Hunger” in South Africa.

Experience and Association Membership
Best International Cookbook in the World Award 2023
  • Member of Worldchefs
  • Worldchefs Without Borders Committee member
  • Worldchefs global approved Judge
  • Member of Slovenian Chef Association
  • Member of Academie Coulinaire de France
  • Member of Emirates Culinary Guild
  • Member of Saudi Arabian Chefs Association
  • Chefs Association Mediterranean and European Region / SCMER /
    Split, Croatia
  • Ambassador for Slovenia Chefs Ass. European and Mediterranean
  • Egyptian Chefs Association
  • Member of ACEEA (Asociatia Curturala Euro Est Alternativ) Romania
  • Manager R.T.D. Institut International Lausanne Suisse
  • Manager l’Escole Superieure de l’Hotellerie et de la Gastronomie
    Poznan, Pologne
  • Honorary Member of Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka
  • Member of Myanmar Chefs Association
  • Member of Sommelier Slovenije association
  • Yugoslavian State Orders
  • Gold and silver medals and awards from the GTZ Slovenian

My Dreams Came True

My Dreams Came True

My Life Experience

The first volume of the autobiography with the title “My Life Experience” presents the author’s early life, growing up and the beginnings of his professional path. There is a detailed account, supported by plenty of photographic material, of his work at the Brdo castle in Kranj, where the author and his wife Metka worked in the service of Tito, former president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The book presents a great number of anecdotes connected with their work with Tito in the final decade of his life, which they always performed with the highest level of responsibility, professionalism and pride.


The second volume of the trilogy – “Recipes”, contains about 500 recipes that he collected, recorded, developed and prepared throughout the years. His private archive collection is much more extensive, therefore he made a selection of some of the most interesting recipes for each category: Slovenian recipes from the 18th and 19th century, a selection of Tito’s favorite dishes, wok specialities, bread, and some interesting food decorations. The book also offers some recipes from the best restaurants and culinary specialities from Brazilian, African, Arabian, Indian, Malaysian, and Japanese culture.

The recipes are suitable for all culinary enthusiasts and offer several options how to spice up daily menus as well as ideas for special occasions.

Adventures by Chef Jozef

My Dreams Came True box set

The third volume – “Travels with Chef Jožef”, takes the reader on a journey to 26 countries where the author worked, upgraded and shared his vast knowledge. The anecdotes recount his inspiring life story and the enormous amount of effort that he put into his professional development.

There are stories from his many visits abroad where he worked as a chef, led culinary expeditions, organized and participated in countless charity events and represented Slovenia as a culinary ambassador of knowledge, international judge at culinary competitions as well as member of the Chefs without Borders committee.

The book was written to record and keep for posterity the amassed professional knowledge and countless unforgettable experiences with colleagues across the globe, as well as to serve as an inspiration to younger generations to become interested in this hard and responsible profession.

For those interested buying, you can order books directly from Chef Jozef. My Life Experience for 55,00 EUR, Recipes for 65,00 EUR and Adventures by Chef Jozef for 50,00 EUR. A set of books is 150,00 EUR. Shipping not included.
Email [email protected]
to order.


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