Worldchefs Asia secures Prestigious Awards for “Food of Asia, Soul of Asia” e-book at the 29th Gourmand Cook Book Awards

Worldchefs Asia is proud to announce that its e-book, “Food of Asia, Soul of Asia,” has clinched several coveted awards at the 29th Gourmand Cook Book Awards held in Riyadh on 27th and 28th November 2023.

The e-book, initiated by Willment Leong, Continental Director Asia,  published by Worldchefs Asia and edited by Chef Soon Pau Voon from Malaysia, stood out in multiple categories, affirming its excellence in the culinary world.

Listed below are the special categories won by the Worldchefs Asia’s “Food of Asia, Soul of Asia” e-Book. View the full award announcement here:

i. C08 – Asian Books: Best in the World

ii. A05 – Food Professionals Free: Best in the World

iii. A05 – Chefs Associations: 2nd best in the World

iv. C02 – Plurinational Recipes: 4th best in the World

The e-book’s remarkable achievements highlight Worldchefs Asia’s commitment to culinary excellence and its dedication to showcasing the diverse and rich culinary heritage of Asia. Worldchefs Asia is thrilled and honored to receive these prestigious awards.

The recognition from the Gourmand Cook Book Awards is a testament to the hard work and talent of everyone involved in the creation of ‘Food of Asia, Soul of Asia. Every individual who contributed to the creation of this e-book did so voluntarily, without any financial compensation. Their efforts were driven purely by passion and dedication to the project. Their selfless commitment is truly commendable.

“Food of Asia, Soul of Asia” takes readers on a culinary journey, capturing the essence of Asian cuisine through a collection of recipes, stories, and insights from renowned chefs across the region. This recognition further solidifies Worldchefs Asia’s position as a leader in promoting and celebrating culinary excellence in Asia and beyond.

For more information about “Food of Asia, Soul of Asia” and other initiatives by Worldchefs Asia, please visit:

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Message from Willment Leong, CD Asia

Since assuming the role of Continental Director for Worldchefs Asia in June 2022, my foremost objective has been to establish communication for our 21 Asia Chefs Associations in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic.
Simultaneously, I have dedicated myself to promoting Asian culture and cuisine by harnessing our collective expertise, safeguarding our culinary heritage, and introducing our 21 Asia Chefs Associations.

In pursuit of these goals, I have appointed Chef PV Soon from Malaysia to spearhead our e-book projects. It is with great honor that I announce our inaugural “Food of Asia – Soul of Asia” e-book has been bestowed with the esteemed Best in the World Gourmand Cook Award.

I express my heartfelt appreciation to Chef PV Soon and his team, as well as to all the Asian Chefs Associations that contributed their information and expertise, for their invaluable contributions to this remarkable achievement. This e-book will stand as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to delve deeper into their appreciation and understanding of Asian cuisine.

Willment Leong
Continental Director Asia / Worldchefs
Chairman World Chefs Without Borders / Worldchefs

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