Duni Group is a market leader in attractive, sustainable and convenient products for table setting and take-away. The Group markets and sells two brands, Duni and BioPak, which are represented in more than 40 markets. Duni Group has some 2,300 employees in 24 countries, headquarters in Malmö and production units in Sweden, Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Thailand. Duni Group is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker name “DUNI”.


Q Industries is your one-stop destination for integrated hospitality solutions. We take care of all your procurement needs, collaborating with you to devise the most innovative and cost-effective solution that works best for your business. Headquartered in Singapore, and with offices in South East Asia, our extensive range of products can be found in some of the most reputable hospitality establishments all over the world. Our products come in a multitude of styles, designs and price points that cater to the unique requirements of our clients in different sectors of the hospitality and food service industries. Our integrated services are designed to simplify your procurement decisions, starting from your first enquiry with us, to the time the complete solution arrives at your doorstep.


VITO AG is a multiple awarded company and the world’s leading brand for in-tank frying oil filtration – the VITO oil filter system. VITO AG is based in southwest Germany, and specialized in cleaning oil to prolong its lifetime! The mission of VITO oil filter systems is to save time and cost for the HoReCa sector. VITO protects the environment by avoidance of oil waste while keeping a high-quality standard of the fried food. Used daily, the oil filters remove food particles and carbon from the frying oil. The oil is cleaned in less than 5 minutes without any supervision! The filtered oil will result in a better looking and optimal tasting fried product. The oil costs will be cut by up to 50% and there will be less workload due to less changes of oil and less cleaning efforts. VITO AG exports its products to over 150 countries. They have been awarded by the German Gastro Innovation Preis, Taste 13, Sial Innovation, Smart Label and two times with the Gulfood award to mention only a few. In many countries, VITO is also able to offer a live demonstration in the kitchen of the customer. Please check the info below, if you are interested.


For over 75 years, Les vergers Boiron concentrated all its energy and experience into developing fruit solutions that unleash the creative talent of chefs and mixologists around the world. In 1976, Les vergers Boiron launched the first frozen fruit puree with a unique know how: strict selection of the best varieties in the best terroirs, mastery of the art of blending guaranteeing a consistency season after season, preservation of organoleptic qualities with a specific process to each fruit. The company’s founding values and expertise continue to guide its independently owned and operated family business, currently managed by the 3rd generation under Alain Boiron. With its network of distributors and importers operating in 80 countries, Les vergers Boiron has a turnover of 80 million Euros and over 130 employees.


Koppert Cress is on a never-ending quest to find natural, innovative ingredients that chefs can use to intensify the taste, scent or presentation of their dishes. A huge international network of biologists, plant experts and gastronomists support a steady stream of products, that meet the ever higher culinary demands of restaurants around the world.


“THE WORLD’S BEST PAN” according to VKD – Developed in close cooperation with the German National Culinary Team – Cook like the professionals!


ScanBox is a solution-oriented manufacturer of boxes for holding and transportation of hot and cold food with preserved food quality


Le Nouveau Chef is a family business. We have been providing chefs and other professionals in the food and hospitality business with premium wear since 1986. This means over 35 years of expertise, innovation and experience in balancing practicality and style. All of our products are produced in Europe and made from European fabrics to minimise our carbon footprint. We exclusively use high-quality materials that are made to last, to benefit our clients, as well as the planet. For more information visit www.lenouveauchef.com.


Developed by Chefs for Chefs – Our Quantum Pro range has been designed with the professional Chefs in mind. All Quantum Pro products have been subjected to real heavy duty use and abuse by our Chef brand ambassadors in their own professional kitchens before being made available to you. A fully comprehensive range of kitchen OS&E to outfit any professional kitchens from A to Z. Quantum Pro will be your one stop shop for all your kitchen utensils needs.


Throughout our 75-plus year history, Custom Culinary® has never wavered from the commitment to providing foodservice professionals with true, real, and authentic flavor solutions.

Helping our customers stay ahead of evolving consumer tastes and needs is at the core of what we do: turning insights into inspiration. We celebrate and cultivate our passion for food on a daily basis, as the culinary landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace. How food is experienced, enjoyed, and created has fundamentally changed forever.

Consumers are more educated and open-minded about what they eat and more demanding. As we expand the reach of the Custom Culinary® brand internationally, it remains our job to explore and discover the trends that drive consumer behavior so we can support our customers’ needs to keep their menus fresh, appealing, exciting and most importantly relevant. In many cases, the story behind the dish is just as important as the food itself.

Our world feels smaller than ever. Technology enables consumers to connect with the food trends exploding across every neighborhood, every city, every country, and every continent. What’s hot on New York City menus today will be front-page food news in Shanghai tomorrow. The street food of Kolkata has an influential impact on fine dining in London. The work we do at Custom Culinary® is truly a celebration of food.

At the heart of it, all is a passion for the industry, as we combine marketing insights with culinary artistry and the strength of our brands elevating our customers’ offerings and nourishing the world.