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Founded in 1955, Alto-Shaam is the inventor of the original Cook and Hold oven that revolutionized low-heat cooking and the commercial cooking industry. Today, Alto-Shaam features a full line of Cook and Hold ovens, convection ovens, combi ovens, chillers, warming cabinets and drawers, heated buffet and display cabinets, merchandisers, fryers, and rotisserie.

Whether you’re preparing haute cuisine in a top restaurant, health-conscious meals in a health care facility, or tater tots in the local school, the equipment must provide a great return on investment for the foodservice program to be successful. At Alto-Shaam, we specialize in creating systems and equipment that are the core of successful and profitable foodservice programs in many different industries.

While many Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold ovens still take a little bit of effort and electricity to make an amazing prime rib, many chefs are using this commercial kitchen staple oven for steaks, vegetables, braising short ribs, baking cheesecakes, proofing bread dough or reheating convenience food items. With no flavor carryover, a very small electricity draw, no exterior ventilation needed, the Cook & Hold can work all day, every day, with maximum efficiency.


Trimonte-Park Gebäude 8 Wasserstraße 223 44799 Bochum

+49 (0) 234 298798 25

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