Who we are?

Bon Vivant is 100% Nordic owned, founded by Norwegian masterchef and product inventor, Miss Silje Merethe Fossnes. Located in the southern part of Norway, Kristiansand, our quality products are proudly Norwegian, with “Culinary Craft of Norway” in our name and identity. We believe that artistic professions must promote the individual, nourish creativity, cultivate a chef’s own identity and style, and provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth. High quality and good design play a key role in everything we do. We value the classic and traditional, but at the same time step out of the box to create unique products. The first of its kind, Bon Vivant`s antibacterial knife sheath is manufactured and designed to ensure HSEQ and production hygiene. It was created to give chefs complete control over sharp knives in a hectic and potentially dangerous environment. Contact us via: or: [email protected]

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