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Les jeunes chefs français s’engagent pour la préservation des ressources de la mer

Des élèves d’écoles hôtelières ont participé aujourd’hui aux épreuves du concours culinaire national Olivier Roellinger – Pour la préservation des ressources de la mer. Co-fondé par Ferrandi et SeaWeb, la deuxième édition de ce concours est organisée en partenariat avec le lycée hôtelier de Dinard et l’association Relais et Châteaux et est soutenue par Prorestel, MSC, OSO, VLIZ, le CIPA et l’association Pêcheurs de Bretagne. Cette initiative vise à concilier gastronomie et sensibilisation de la jeune génération de chefs cuisiniers à la préservation des ressources de la mer et de l’environnement.

Des recettes durables et un message qui marque les esprits pour longtemps Venus de toute la France, neuf candidats ont présenté deux recettes de leur composition devant un jury de professionnels présidé par Olivier Roellinger, chef étoilé des Maisons de Bricourt à Cancale et vice-président de l’association Relais & Châteaux. Ils ont ensuite expliqué aux membres du jury le choix des espèces qu’ils ont travaillées pour ce concours et sur quels critères de durabilité ils se sont approvisionnés. Ce challenge leur a demandé créativité et compétences techniques en cuisine mais également une réflexion importante quant au choix de produits de la mer. Face au succès de la journée, l’objectif est atteint pour Olivier Roellinger, parrain du concours et président de son jury : “Pour ces futurs chefs, passer une commande de poisson n’est plus seulement une question de prix ou de fraîcheur mais aussi une réflexion sur la préservation de certaines espèces menacées et la mise en valeur d’autres espèces dont les stocks sont en bon état et qui méritent d’être mieux connues”.

D’autant plus que le message porté par le concours s’inscrit dans les esprits et dans les pratiques des participants au concours de façon… durable ! “Les lauréats de la première édition du concours sont devenus de véritables ambassadeurs de la cause auprès de leur établissement, leurs collègues ou leurs clients. Ils nous écrivent pour rester informés sur l’état des ressources halieutiques et diffusent ces informations autour d’eux. Nous sommes ravis de voir que cette initiative contribue à sensibiliser la jeune génération de cuisiniers, qui sont des prescripteurs clés”, rapporte Elisabeth Vallet, Directrice Europe de SeaWeb.

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On 7 May 2013, the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) is going to launch one of the most exciting developments in the culinary industry this year:  the WACS global culinary certification scheme.

The scheme, developed in partnership with City & Guilds, is the first global culinary certification scheme in the world.   It has nine different levels which are aimed at cooks, chefs and culinary educators who wish to gain recognition for the skills, experience and knowledge they have gained while working in the industry.

‘It has been a lifelong ambition for WACS to give something back to the culinary community’, says Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WACS.  ‘There is hardly anything available for chefs and cooks who may not have had the opportunity to obtain a qualification or were just too busy building their careers and did not manage to find the time to go back to formal education’, Gudmundsson continues. 

WACS is a global network of 93 national chefs associations founded in 1928, representing over 10 million professional chefs.  WACS dedicates all of its activities to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of cuisines around the world.

‘We want to celebrate success’, adds Gissur Gudmundsson, President of WACS.  ‘We want to encourage cooks, chefs and culinary educators to continue learning as this is the only way in which we can help to raise standards within the industry.‘

As well as targeting cooks and chefs, the scheme also recognises the role culinary educators play in the training and education of the next generation of chefs.

‘The work of teachers and trainers is often overlooked in the industry’, says John Clancy, Chairman of the WACS Education Committee. ‘The scheme brings to the forefront the invaluable contribution of educators around the world and allows us to formally acknowledge the positive difference they make in the professional and personal development of young cooks as they are starting out in the industry.’

WACS joined forces with City & Guilds, one of the world’s leading certification bodies, to develop the scheme.    ‘We only work with the best and are delighted to have City & Guilds as our certification partner’, notes Gudmundsson.  City & Guilds has led the work around setting the standards and defining a suitable quality assurance mechanism which will provide sufficient flexibility to operate the scheme at a global level without compromising on quality.

The two organisations have spent two years planning all the details of the scheme to ensure that it is relevant to employers and reflects the typical career progression within the industry.  

One of the key features of the certification scheme is the innovative use of technology so that it can reach out to as many individuals as possible around the world.  The application and the assessment processes are done electronically which makes the scheme affordable and accessible.  Applicants can take the time they need to prepare their evidence which will then be submitted to WACS using an electronic portal called Learning Assistant.

‘The scheme complements qualifications and certification schemes available around the world’, notes Clancy.  ‘It is all about recognising industry experience and re-engaging professionals in learning in a way which is not always possible through formal qualifications.   We have made a conscious effort to incorporate existing certification schemes and competitions into the requirements where it was appropriate to do so.  For example, we will accept Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef certificates from around the world as part of the entry requirements for applications at the WACS Certified Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef levels.’

The scheme has been unashamedly designed in a way that it can bring value to employers as part of their recruitment, training and staff retention programmes.   WACS has undertaken extensive consultation with the industry and found that the most important qualities that employers are looking for include attitude, passion and motivation as well as having the right skills.  The scheme allows chefs and cooks to demonstrate to an existing or potential employer as well as their own customers that they are willing to go the extra mile and have met an international benchmark while doing so.

‘It is going to be a very exciting time for chefs’, commented in Gudmundsson.  ‘The future is beautiful’.

And who could argue with that?


About WACS

WACS is the leading authority in global cuisine, dedicated to defining and promoting standards within professional cooking and hospitality around the world.

Through educational programmes, international culinary competitions and congresses and assemblies, WACS has been leading the way in shaping the role of the professional chef since it was established in 1928.

WACS membership includes cooks, chefs and culinary educators from over 93 countries; representing over 10 million professionals.

About City & Guilds

City & Guilds is one of the world’s leading vocational education businesses, offering over 500 qualifications across 28 industries.   The organisation operates in 80 countries with a network of over 20 regional offices around the world.

City & Guilds has over 130 years of experience in designing qualifications and assessment and its qualifications are considered by employers to be the benchmark for workplace excellence around the world.  Last year alone, nearly two million people studied towards City & Guilds qualification.

The City & Guilds Group comprises City & Guilds, the Institute of Leadership & Management (management and leadership qualifications), Learning Assistant, the Centre for Skills Development (research arm) and City & Guilds’ latest acquisition, Kineo, an awarding winning e-solutions company.

City & Guilds, unlike many other certification bodies, is a charity and therefore a not-for-profit organisation.  Any surpluses made through its work is reinvested into education or used to support educational programmes.

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Message from WACS President

The world is changing and so must we. Monday, 18 March 2013 The world is changing and so must we. It is amazing to see the speed at which our world is change day after day. We may want to resist these changes but they will happen with or without us. The question is: Are we ready to be part of this change and try to have influence on it for the better of our future? One thing I have learned is that we need to be open-minded and think outside of the box. If we don’t, we soon become a cranky old person who sees only the negative side of things when all the new things are happening. We must be open not only to different ideas and opinions and things happening around us but also in the small things that happen in our daily life. I try to apply this idea when I deal with the daily tasks of WACS. We are proud to have set up one of the most important programs in WACS history – the Recognition of Culinary Schools worldwide, as well as the International Certification for Individuals in our profession, which covers all levels. As chefs we know that this is something the chef profession really needs and that this step will serve both the chefs and the industry worldwide. Although we have encountered resistance and challenges on our right to certify chefs, these only reinforce our resolve to make this happen. Along with City and Guilds, one the biggest names in vocational education, with 2 million learners working towards one of their qualifications every year, is working along with us to accomplish this huge task. It has been a long journey but we are very proud that WACS can now offer any chef from nations around the world the opportunity to become certified by the World Association of Chefs Societies. Are you ready to be part of this change? Do you have constructive comments and opinions and want to have an influence for the future of WACS? I am ready and I hope to have your support to make the changes for the betterment of our profession and future. I am especially ready to listen to your opinions and comments. After all, this organization belongs to you, the members, so take the opportunity to take part! Don’t get left behind.

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WACS Train the Trainer, Explores New Territories

The WACS Train the Trainer program, which continues to be sponsored by Custom Culinary™, has extended its services to four new countries in 2012, with plans currently being made for two more. WACS expert chefs have volunteered their time and talents to share their knowledge and passion for cuisine to others around the world. Dozens of chefs and hundreds of culinary faculty and students have already participated. 

Here are some highlights of visits made in 2012. Thank you to the expert chefs who participated in these events: Chef Baranidharan P from Bangalore, India; Chef Davagi Sanmugam from Singapore; and Chef Soundararajan P.  from Chennai, India.

Malaysia: On September 19, 2011 students of the Berjaya University College of Hospitality in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were treated by a special lesson and demonstrations by Chef Baranidharan P, Corporate Executive Chef for Griffith Laboratories, from Bangalore India. 
Chef Barani, as he kindly allows us to call him, is an expert chef in Indian cuisine, and has broad international connections through his position with Griffiths Laboratories and Custom Culinary™. He is a member of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) and an active participant at WACS events and Congresses. 
Berjaya University College of Hospitality is one of the growing numbers of WACS recognized programs under the WACS Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program. Located in the Golden Triangle area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the university was well suited to receive Chef Barani on one of his recent visits to the island nation. 
Chef Barani spent a whole day talking and demonstrating his passion for Indian cuisine to a captive audience of young culinary students, faculty and staff. The lessons were coordinated by Culinary Director Chef Jochen Kern, GMC who was eager to help provide this learning opportunity to his students. A Power Point presentation detailing his lessons is included in the Train the Trainer section of the WACS web site; along with additional photos and recipes. 
Chef Barani first lectured on the diversity of cuisines you find in modern day India addressing the different cultures that influenced Indian cuisine over the centuries. On his list were the influences of the Mongolians in the northwest region; the Persians on the west coast; the Chinese and Arabs thanks to the development of early spice trade routes; the Portuguese who landed and colonized in Goa; the French in Pondicherry, and the English thanks to their large Indian holdings.  These people easily adapted their native cuisines to India’s great agricultural diversity which includes a great amount of millet, rice, wheat, beans, green vegetables, eggplant, pineapple, sugar cane, chilies, chicken and game that was readily available. 
Among the recipes demonstrated included: Korma Gravy; Tandoori Chicken; Chicken Dum Biriyani; Vermicelli Kheer and a popular form of roti. Roti is a common word that describes a variety of Indian flat breads. Some roti are flattened quite large and cooked on the inside of a hot tandoor; called tandoori roti.

Asia goes to Montenegro: From 10 March through 19 March 2012 the chefs of Montenegro were treated to a world class series of Asian cooking lessons, demonstrations and kitchen work experiences thanks to the WACS Train the Trainer program and Custom Culinary™. Lessons included the cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia with some added recipes from Malaysia, Philippines, and Bali. 
The lessons were performed by one of Asia’s premiere chefs Davagi Sanmugam, a member of the Emirates Culinary Guild who travels the culinary world from her home base in Singapore. Chef Sanmugam is a talented chef, consultant, award winning cook book author and educator with world class experiences stemming from her Indian birthplace and extending to various locations around the globe including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and UAE. Author of more than twenty culinary books her latest title, Indian Heritage Cooking, won the 1st runner up at the Best in the World, Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2012 under the Woman Chef Category during a recent event in Paris, France. 
Vuksan Vuko Mitrovic, the Chairman of the Montenegro Chefs Association and owner of Hotel Education Center (HEC) where the lessons were delivered, was the host and organizer of the event. Zlatibor Milic, President of the Association of Hotels in Montenegro, was also heavily involved in coordinating the various events for Chef Sanmugam who was able to present her lessons to various groups of chefs and culinary students in two different areas of Montenegro. 
Many of the lessons and demonstrations were held at the Hotel Education Center (HEC College); a local culinary arts and management school located near the fishing village of Przno off the coast of the Adriatic Sea.  There faculty, students and professional chefs were able to take part in the lessons. Classes of 20 to 40 chefs quickly filled up the rooms. 
Chef Sanmugam presented a different style of Asian cuisine each of the eight days of lessons, presentations and hands-on kitchen experiences. On day 1 she focused on traditional Chinese foods; on day two students were introduced to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. On day 3 Chef Sanmugam turned her attention to Indian cuisine showing students a variety of traditional dishes from various regions of the large and diverse country. On day 4 and 5 Korean and Japanese cuisine were the main topics. On day 6 Pilipino cooking was showcased allowing Chef Sanmugam to further expand on the similarities and differences between South Pacific cooking styles and flavors. On days 7 and 8 the demonstrations and work shops were concentrated on Indonesian, Malaysian and Balinese cuisines. It was a two day whirlwind of spices, flavors, plate presentations and cooking techniques that intrigued both the imagination and taste buds of the room full of participants.

India goes to Singapore:  On April 18 Chef Baranidharan P. was able to perform more Indian cuisine demonstrations for his very friendly hosts at the ICAS Training & Education College in Singapore. Chef Barani had the occasion to be there attending an international trade show (FHA) on behalf of his employer Griffith’s Laboratories. During his visit he was able to perform these demonstrations for rooms full of teachers, students and practicing chefs. 
First he repeated his popular report on Indian Cuisine; in the form of a Power Point Presentation followed by 1 hour question and answer period. Everyone was amazed at the diversity of India’s culture and cuisine. 
Then Chef Barani was able to demonstrate a six course Indian menu which included:  Mango Lassi; Tandoori Chicken Tikka; Murgh Zafrani Korma; Mutter Paneer; Aloo Gobi; Dal Palak Tadka; Romali Roti, Lacchedar Tawa Paratha; Vegetable Dum Biryani; Cucumber Mint Raita; and for dessert: Vermicelli Kheer. These dishes were chosen specifically to show the great diversity of Indian foods, and the simple pleasure one could have recreating them in their own kitchens.

India travels to the United States: Chef P. Soundararajan, Corporate Executive Chef Mahindra Holidays & Resorts, General Secretary of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA), and WACS Certified Chef took time out of his busy schedule to visit the United States for 4 days of learning and teaching as guest of The Chefs Academy in Indianapolis. 
From May 14th thorough May 18th Chef Soundararajan demonstrated dozens of Indian recipes both savory and sweet. Brandon Hamilton, CEC, CCE chef instructor at The Chefs Academy made all of the arrangements, and was a most gracious host. 
Demonstrations and workshops were conducted for professional chefs, students and teaching faculty from both secondary (High School) and post-secondary institutes in Indianapolis. Chef Soundararajan easily accommodated these diverse groups with interesting discussions and tasty presentations. 
The grand finale came on the last day when Chef Soundarajana and eight instructors from The Chefs Academy worked together to reproduce over twenty authentic Indian dishes. Not only did the chefs get to watch, but they also got to produce these tasty dishes under the watchful eye of the chef. 
WACS Train the Trainer program brings expert chefs from one country to another for the purpose of sharing knowledge, skills and passion for world cuisine. For more information on the program, or how to get involved, visit the WACS web site and look under Education Programmes. You will find all the information and applications there for your convenience.



12-04-2013 Bocuse d’Or Bronze award winner, Hákon Már Örvarsson, has been hired as the new Manager for the Icelandic Culinary Team. He is one of the most experienced chefs in Iceland and is a former member of the Icelandic Culinary team. Hákon has worked as Chef de cuisine at a Michelin star restaurant in Luxembourg and as Executive Chef at Nordica Hotel and VOX Restaurant in Reykjavik. He has also worked as a Culinary Teacher at the Hotel and Catering School in Iceland. He is now working as a private Chef and appearing as a guest Chef promoting Iceland in USA and Canada. Hákon Már also manages one of the finest salmon fishing lodge in Iceland during the summer seasons. Hákon Már has won many awards and recognitions. Among them, Chef of the year in Iceland 1997, bronze medal at Expo Gast “Culinary World Cup” 1998, Nordic Chef Bronze medal 1998, Chef of the Year “Mouton Cadet” Gold medal 1999, Bocuse d’Or Bronze award 2001 and Honorary Diplome for great achievements in culinary contests from the Icelandic Chefs Association. Hákon Már has a diploma as a culinary judge and has been a member of the international jury in the Icelandic Chef of the year contest and in the Nordic Chef contest. He is now a member of Bocuse d’Or Winners Academie and was one of 12 leading chefs from all the Nordic countries to sign the New Nordic Food Manifesto. The President of the Icelandic Chefs Association, Hafliði Halldórsson, is very pleased that Hákon Már has agreed to manage the Culinary Team. “Hákon Már has achieved a great deal, he is familiar with culinary contests both as a competitor and as a judge. We know that his experience and knowledge will be very beneficial for the team and will encourage the team members to set the bar high,” he says. Hákon Már says that he is excited to choose those chefs that are willing to participate in the challenging training process that lies ahead for the culinary competitions. “We are now in the process of building the team and we are aiming to participate in Expogast Culinary World Cup in 2014. We have many excellent chefs in Iceland that are potential to great achievements in international competitions.”

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Unilever Food Solutions announces collaboration with WACS to deliver training on sustainability in FoodService



Unilever Food Solutions, the professional foodservice division of Unilever; known for its Knorr, Hellmann’s and Lipton products, on March 22nd 2013 started a partnership with the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) to raise professionalism of the foodservice industry through jointly developing and delivering training programmes in sustainability.

Sustainability is a topic little understood by chefs but, with rising pressure on the global food chain and growing guest demand, one that will become increasingly intrinsic to their future business success. These training programmes will educate chefs about sustainability, helping them understand why making it part of the way they run their future daily operation will protect the planet, people and their profit and teaching them the practical behaviours that will enable them to run a sustainable kitchen.

Says President of the World Association of Chefs Societies, Gissur Gudmundsson, “This is an agreement that is the result of years of discussions. Unilever Food Solutions shares our vision in playing our part and doing our utmost best to contribute to the culinary industry, and it is my hope that this will be the start of a long term relationship.”

Senior Vice President Marketing – Unilever Food Solutions, Gaby Vreeken said, This partnership between WACS and Unilever Food Solutions is a new milestone in our long-lasting relationship. Through our jointly developed sustainability training program, we hope to contribute to the development of a more sustainable foodservice industry. We aim to increase the understanding of sustainability among chefs and educate them about how to run a sustainable and profitable kitchen. It will mean doing things differently from how we do things now. It is a challenge, but at the same time crucially important for ensuring success of the businesses of chefs and a thriving industry in the future!”

The first programme will be developed in 2013.

For more information, visit and