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Worldchefs Without Borders event raises 220,000 TWD for children in need

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France, 27th March 2017

DAYEH UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN, March 2017: Our most recent Worldchefs Without Borders event, held at Dayeh University in Taiwan, was a great success.

 On March 16, 2017, Willment Leong, founder of the Thailand Culinary Academy, was invited to lead a cooking demo and charity luncheon. The event raised 220,000 TWD for the nonprofit organization Changhua County Yuan Lin Town of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, to go towards building much-needed infrastructure for children in Taiwan.

 Over 70 enthusiastic guests including women's groups and university alumni had the chance to taste authentic Nanyang cuisine such as Thai cold seafood green papaya, Thai roast chicken and other dishes. The guests were full of praise for the culinary feast.

 In addition to the demo and luncheon, two Atlantic Knife sets, donated by Mr Eric Chang, were auctioned off. The winning bidders were Ms. Liang Jui Chen, who nabbed a knife set for 13,000 TWD, and Mr. Cho Lung-Chu, with a winning bid of 10,000 TWD, adding a total of 23,000 TWD to the cause. The money raised will benefit thousands of children in need.


ABOUT World Chefs Without Borders

Worldchefs Without Borders (WCWB) is a global humanitarian aid initiative by The World Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS).

Our mission is to support and mobilize our global network of volunteer chefs to undertake initiatives providing education and resources to those in need and afflicted by natural disasters.

Our programs fit into four key focus areas. Through the Emergency Task Force chefs work with local rescue units, mobile kitchens and other local programmes.  In the Relief Program, operated with logistical support of Electrolux and AIESEC, chefs assist victims and aid teams in disaster areas.

The Development Program allows chefs to assist with the establishment of training programs and infrastructure development. Chef Ambassadors coordinates events to grow awareness and / or raise funds for WCWB.

Worldchefs is a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving culinary standards of global cuisines.



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