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MCA Chefs graduate at CVT the only Dual Vocational Training center in Myanmar

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Myanmar, 14th April 2016

One of the very first attendance of the new Yangon State Prime Minister, U Pyo Min Thein, handed over the first certificates of CVT graduates. At the historical Strand Hotel over 500 people in attendance from Industries, students, lectures and parents.

Today we saw Myanmar young chefs graduate from CVT, Center for Vocational Training in Myanmar as MCA members after a three years next to their job weekly vocational school practical ( by lecturer Daw Ni Ni Aye Nyo ) and theory. Specially the second part the theory comes mostly to short at vocational training in Myanmar with just having a year plus the first and still very view 1 to 3 vocational training standards and schools for the hospitality industry and young Myanmar. So the future and professionalism in job education looks still grim in Myanmar.


MCA Chefs graduate at CVT

Vice President Mr Stefan held the opening speech,—not without a good highlight to the founder the late Max Owey …..

MCA Chefs – members went through all the past three years weekly training and school next to the daily job at Hotels & Restaurants

– Naing Tun Aung

– Hein Nay Kyaw

– Mg Zarni Way

– Phyu Aung Zaw Htun

CVT trains for Commercial Assistant, Cabinet Maker, Electrician, Hotel & Gastronomy Assistant, Metal Worker and education for the youth.

In remembrance to Mr Max Owey the founder of CVT over 15 years ago, set that long time ago already an international standard, – where others just now come in as they believe young Myanmar during the past 20 years were not able to be trained – the EU even thought in the old days that the best was that education and vocational training should be sanctioned and boycotted ..

We welcomed the former CVT President Mr Kari,- at present working on a self financing live Hotel & Restaurant school in Hpa An, south Myanmar to establish a vocational training center there for the young people of a most remote and rural area. The concept is done and soon the building starts.

A system which is in Asia known from SHATEC Singapore, live Hotel and live restaurant and Kitchen ….. a system well to transfer to several rural area running and potential Tourism Destinations … MCA and we support Mr Kari and will be of help once the school starts.  

Good these days are over and more and more institutes come up , CVT soon will enter into a new own building with sure more and higher quality trainings in dual system to the existing Jobs a  win win for the young people here which can not afford a three years education without pay or even cost.

To the above MCA chefs members all the best we are proud as chefs that you choose a smart way to upgrade your knowledge and follow an international best standard,—sure your future is bright and positive regardless of a countries situation or place you are, it is what you learnt and carry for live which makes you the best among many competitors , all the best until soon .

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

Yangon 2.4.2016


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