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Food Heros Workshop at ICS

Worldchefs Sustainability Food Heroes Workshop at ICS Paris

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11th April 2024
Worldchefs Sustainability Food Heroes Workshop at ICS Paris

Partnership for a better future

In a bid to foster sustainability and culinary excellence, ICS Paris International School proudly collaborated with Worldchefs as part of its Eco-Week celebrations. The workshop, conducted by Worldchefs, immersed students in the world of culinary artistry while emphasizing the importance of sustainability and responsible consumption.

During the interactive sessions, students from Grades 1 to 5 were encouraged to embrace their roles as “Food Heroes,” championing locally sourced produce and advocating against food waste. This partnership between ICS Paris International School and Worldchefs exemplifies a shared commitment to building a more sustainable future through education and practical engagement.

Through this collaboration, ICS Paris International School aims to empower students to become conscientious global citizens, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to address pressing environmental challenges. By fostering partnerships with organizations like Worldchefs, the school is dedicated to cultivating a culture of sustainability and innovation, paving the way for a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Afin d’encourager la durabilité et l’excellence culinaire, ICS Paris International School a fièrement collaboré avec Worldchefs dans le cadre de ses célébrations de l’Eco-Week. L’atelier, dirigé par Worldchefs, a plongé les élèves dans le monde de l’art culinaire tout en soulignant l’importance de la durabilité et de la consommation responsable.

Au cours des sessions interactives, les élèves du CP au CM2 ont été encouragés à assumer leur rôle de “héros de l’alimentation”, en défendant les produits d’origine locale et en luttant contre le gaspillage alimentaire. Ce partenariat entre l’école internationale ICS Paris et Worldchefs témoigne d’un engagement commun à construire un avenir plus durable par l’éducation et l’engagement pratique.

Grâce à cette collaboration, l’école internationale ICS Paris vise à donner aux élèves les moyens de devenir des citoyens du monde consciencieux, dotés des connaissances et des compétences nécessaires pour relever les défis environnementaux les plus pressants. En favorisant les partenariats avec des organisations telles que Worldchefs, l’école s’attache à cultiver une culture de la durabilité et de l’innovation, ouvrant ainsi la voie à un avenir plus brillant et plus vert.

Read the original article from ICS Paris:

Learn more about Worldchefs’ Feed the Planet programs at

Start your journey towards a more conscious kitchen with Worldchefs’ FREE online Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals course on Worldchefs Academy! Learn about key topics in food systems at your own pace, and give your career a boost with a valuable digital badge to show you’ve completed the training program.

Feed the Planet is powered by our friends at Electrolux Food Foundation. Visit the Electrolux Food Foundation website here and explore Replate at

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