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Senior Chefs & Industry Influencers: Agility of the Kitchen of the Future With Electrolux

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United Arab Emirates, 24th May 2017

20 MAY 2017: An excellent Arts & Science Seminar, part of the partnership between Electrolux & Worldchefs, took place in ICCA, Dubai on Saturday 20th May. The event gathered Senior Chefs and industry influencers, delivering a different format of Demo and Round table discussion on the industry-relevant topic of Agility of the Kitchen of the Future. During the session there was also insight from a Kitchen Design Specialist on how technology could help chefs to stay agile in the current high paced, competitive environment.

All Senior industry professionals in attendance agreed that the change in the food industry these days is so fast, they need advanced technology in their kitchen to be able to stay on top of their game: saving time, energy, labor.

Experience and solutions such as Speedelight, Pressure braising pan, Cook&Chill help chefs to keep up with the pace and be less stressed whilst still producing great quality dishes.

For more photos from this event, click here

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