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Worldchefs Offers Co-Branded Digital Badges for National Association Members

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19th February 2024

Worldchefs Offers Co-Branded Digital Badges for National Association Members

In an exciting development, Worldchefs has announced an opportunity for its association members worldwide. Worldchefs is offering co-branded digital badges to individual members of participating associations at absolutely no cost.

The initiative aims to enhance recognition, professionalism, and visibility for members, while also fostering a sense of pride in their national association affiliation. These digital badges, adorned with both the association’s logo and Worldchefs branding, serve as a symbol of membership validity and professional achievement within the global culinary community.

“We’re delighted to present this exclusive opportunity to our valued association members,” says Ragnar Fridriksson, Managing Director of Worldchefs. “These co-branded digital badges not only validate membership but also elevate the professional profile of culinary experts worldwide.”

Each digital badge, valid for one year, showcases the association’s emblem alongside the distinguished Worldchefs logo. By leveraging these co-branded digital badges, culinary professionals can amplify their presence, credibility, and impact on a global scale, setting new standards of excellence within the industry.

The United Arab Emirates Guild national membership digital badge serves as a prime example of this collaborative effort, embodying the essence of partnership and professional excellence.

Benefits of these digital badges extend beyond mere validation. They provide members with enhanced credibility, recognition, and exposure within the culinary industry. Moreover, they offer a tangible representation of professional affiliation, bolstering the individual’s reputation and fostering trust among peers and clients alike.

“Digital badges have become increasingly instrumental in today’s digital landscape, offering a convenient and impactful way to showcase credentials and achievements,” adds Thomas Gugler, Worldchefs President. “We believe this initiative will empower our association members, enabling them to stand out in a competitive field while also reinforcing the value of their association membership.”

To take advantage of this unprecedented offering, Presidents or representatives of Worldchefs’ national association members are encouraged to contact the Worldchefs office team. This offer is valid through April 31, 2024.


Worldchefs Credentials are digital badges that translate qualifications and capabilities into verified skills. Digital badges represent concrete evidence of learning outcomes and achievements, allowing earners to showcase their skills confidently.

With secure digital verification, each credential can be verified in real-time, providing the proof needed to build a professional profile to propel opportunities and unlock careers.

Learn more here and find a collection of Worldchefs digital badges.


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