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May we serve you a new edition of Figgjo Buffet?

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Norway, 22nd February 2016

Figgjo is keen to spice things up and reach new heights! The only porcelain factory in Norway is launching several new products and bringing out new versions of existing series.

Figgjo Fri is our new series of plates in organic shapes. The broad surfaces are inviting for beautiful meals and offer new potential for laying out delicious buffets. “Trends are increasingly moving towards soft, round shapes, and so this is our response,” says Erik Lorange Lindberg, Product Development Manager at Figgjo. Figgjo Fri (30, 40 and 50 cm) offers interesting new ways to lay out your table or buffet.

Figgjo Fri provides contrasts

The soft lines of Figgjo Fri help create harmony and work well with other Figgjo plates when setting the table. “Combining these playful forms with our more symmetrical series produces lovely contrasts,” says Lindberg.

Build up, extend, develop

He also has several new sizes in the timeless Figgjo Classic series in front of him (30, 35 and 40 cm). These plates offer large volume, large surfaces for dishing up food and new potential uses. Build up, extend, develop. The new plates can easily be combined into attractive, space-saving pedestals, taking your buffet to new heights!

Expanding into new colours

“We are delighted to be expanding our colour spectrum, and are now offering our Figgjo Flom and Figgjo Skygge decorations on buffet products,” says Anne Linn Olsen, Marketing Coordinator at Figgjo. “Our Figgjo Flom and Figgjo Skygge ranges will come in brown, black, grey, green and blue-green.” She indicates the contrast against the traditional white porcelain. “We also envisage the decoration being used as colour-coding: for example, green decoration indicating organic food.”



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