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Secrets of Gelato – An Inside Scoop with Kenny Kong, Honorary President of Singapore Pastry Alliance

In an exclusive interview, gelato expert and Honorary President of the Singapore Pastry Alliance Kenny Kong shares insights on the importance of gelato for professional chefs, the secrets behind perfect gelato-making, and the inside scoop on the prestigious Gelato World Cup, happening January 20 to 24 in Rimini, Italy. Hear more on Episode 95: Secrets of Gelato – An Inside Scoop with Kenny Kong.

On this episode, Ragnar and Kenny Kong journey into the world of gelato. As Honorary President of Singapore Pastry Alliance and the lead judge of the upcoming Gelato World Cup, Kenny gives expert insight into the Worldchefs-endorsed competition and a peek into what the jury will be looking for this year.

Kenny Kong
Worldchefs Certified Judge
Secrets of Gelato
Inside Scoop Gelato World Cup
Tune in and HEAR:
  1. The Importance of Gelato to Professional Chefs: Explore why mastering the craft of gelato can significantly expand the skillset and culinary variety of professional pastry chefs.
  2. Insight on Unique Gelato Flavors: Kenny takes us on a deep dive into the diverse world of gelato flavors, from traditional favorites to innovative combinations like milk flower and durian.
  3. Techniques to Make the Perfect Gelato: Learn about the technical elements of crafting perfect gelato, including a balance of ingredients, the significance of the churning and freezing process, and the optimal serving temperature.
  4. An Inside Look at the Gelato World Cup: Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the renowned Worldchefs-endorsed Gelato World Cup, from an insider view of the judging criteria to the culinary talent it showcases from around the globe.
About the Gelato World Cup
Gelato World Cup
Secrets of Gelato
Inside Scoop with Kenny Kong

The 10th Gelato World Cup, also known as Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria, will be held as part of SIGEP – International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Confectionery, and Bakery, The Dolce World Expo, at the Rimini Exhibition Centre from January 20 to 24 2024.

Since its inception in 2003, this biennial competition has consistently been a highlight of SIGEP, eagerly anticipated by gelato artisans, pastry chefs, and ice sculptors from across the globe. At the core of this prestigious competition are the principles of integrity, professionalism, and fairness, which extend to all nations participating. The event enjoys the invaluable support of a World Committee of Honour, comprised of some of the world’s most eminent gelato experts. It is organized collaboratively by SIGEP – Italian Exhibition Group Spa and Gelato e Cultura s.r.l.

Breaking new ground, the 2024 Gelato World Cup introduces a new format with teams representing five continents engaging in a demanding gastronomic challenge. After intense national and continental trials, the crème de la crème from each continent will converge in Rimini to compete in five distinct trials: Gelato, Pastry and Chocolate Making, Ice Sculpture, and Haute Cuisine.

Visit for more information.

Kenny Kong on Why Worldchefs Congress in Singapore is a Must-Attend Event for Chefs

Over the span of 96 years since its inception in 1928, the Worldchefs Congress & Expo has been hosted in 39 cities worldwide. This prestigious event serves as a platform for connecting with thought leaders and influential figures in progressive industries, fostering collaboration, cultivating relationships, and shaping a shared vision for the future of hospitality.

In the present day, Singapore proudly hosts the Worldchefs Congress & Expo, attracting a diverse assembly of hospitality professionals from 110 national chef associations across the globe. Renowned for its culinary excellence, Singapore has earned a stellar reputation as a gastronomic destination and food paradise. From cherished hawker delights to Michelin-starred establishments, Singapore offers a rich tapestry of culinary experiences to the global community of chefs.

You have attended many Worldchefs Congresses. What stands out for you as key reasons to join chefs from around the world in Singapore?

The Worldchefs Congress & Expo serves as a global convergence point for chef delegates and professionals hailing from all five continents, fostering networking opportunities and the expansion of professional connections. The distinctive program features presentations and workshops led by industry-leading experts. It encompasses impactful educational initiatives such as the Worldchefs Educators’ Forum, specialized events geared towards the advancement of the next generation like the Young Chefs Forum, the prestigious Global Chefs Challenge culinary competition, and an international trade exhibition. These diverse activities are meticulously designed to enrich both personal and professional networks, offering a comprehensive experience for participants.

What would you recommend to visit while in Singapore?

Singapore transcends its reputation as a mere concrete jungle by embracing a harmonious blend with nature. The city-in-nature concept underscores our commitment to sustainability as a guiding principle for the future.

When with family, venture into the wild side and uncover the boundless wonders of nature in the Lion City. Resorts World Sentosa beckons with attractions like the S.E.A. Aquarium, counted among the world’s largest, and the thrilling Universal Studios Singapore. These destinations promise not just entertainment but also a deep connection with nature, reflecting Singapore’s commitment to sustainability amid its urban charm.

Can you share a hidden gem that our listeners should try?

Welcome to the vibrant city of Singapore, where the culinary scene is a delightful tapestry of international flavors and impeccable culinary standards. Here, you’ll discover a plethora of dishes that could fill a lifetime of gastronomic exploration. From the exquisite offerings of Michelin-starred establishments and diverse international cuisines to the innovative creations of homegrown chefs and beloved hawker classics.

For an extraordinary dining experience, I highly recommend stepping into Ocean Restaurant, nestled within Resorts World Sentosa. Here, you’ll be captivated by the enchanting views of the vibrant underwater world as you dine alongside graceful manta rays, reef sharks, and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. The sustainable dining menu, curated by Chef Olivier Bellin, a two-star Michelin chef, promises a culinary journey that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also champions environmental responsibility. It’s a unique opportunity to savor exquisite flavors while immersed in the beauty of the marine realm.

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At Worldchefs Congress & Expo, you’ll learn from cross-industry leaders about emerging trends set to shape the world of hospitality. Discover the trailblazers sharing their ideas at Congress 2024 – Explore the Speakers.

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Don’t forget to create your free Worldchefs networking account for the latest updates on Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2024, plus industry insights, news, and more.

About Kenny Kong
Kenny Kong
Pastry Chefs
Secrets of Gelato
Inside Scoop
Gelato World Cup

An esteemed chef, mentor, and pastry expert, Kenny is no stranger to the world stage. As the president of the jury at the Gelato World Cup and an Honorary President of the Singapore Pastry Alliance, he brings decades of experience to the table. Kenny has been a longtime Worldchefs figure, having served as a member of the Culinary Competition Committee and a Worldchefs Certified Judge. His numerous achievements include being a multiple-time gold medalist at the IKA Culinary Olympics, an International Pastry Judge at IKA, and a mentor to the incredibly successful Singapore national pastry team, alongside many awards and accolades.


Special thanks to Kenny Kong for joining us.

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