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Leadership Lessons from a Chef – Finding Time to be Great with Charles Carroll

In an exclusive interview, award-winning Certified Executive Chef Charles Carroll, Culinary Olympic gold medalist, former president of Worldchefs, and inspirational speaker, shares his unique perspective on motivational leadership. Hear more on Episode 93: Leadership Lessons from a Chef – Finding Time to be Great with Charles Carroll.

On this episode, Ragnar speaks with 8-time culinary Olympian, award-winning author, producer, and inspirational speaker Charles Carroll on the importance of passion, teamwork, personal growth, and maintaining a fine balance between professional commitments and personal life. Join us for an inspiring journey filled with important lessons from a top chef.

Tune in and HEAR:
  1. An Inside Look at Managing Luxury: Chef Charles gives a behind-the-scenes look at the ins and outs of managing a prestigious country club and the obstacles chefs face managing large teams and catering to an exclusive clientele.
  2. Leadership Insights from Chef Carroll’s Journey: Gain insights into Chef Carroll’s leadership methods, drawn from his book, Leadership Lessons From A Chef: Finding Time To Be Great, and understand the importance of empowering your team.
  3. An Olympian’s Culinary Evolution: Hear stories from Chef Carroll’s culinary journey, from his early days with Worldchefs to his remarkable experiences working with eight Olympic teams.
  4. Cultivating Excellence and Encouraging Growth in the Kitchen: Explore how Chef Carroll cultivates and maintains a culture of excellence, respect, and camaraderie in his kitchen, fostering personal development and professional growth among his staff.

You can find Charles Carroll’s book, Leadership Lessons From a Chef: Finding Time to Be Great, on Amazon, plus more from Charles, including books, podcasts, and a cooking channel at

Leadership Lessons from a Chef is about creating excellence in the professional kitchen. Here the difference between good and great comes down to the details, and attention to these details comes from the right attitude reaching across all staff. A good culinary manager, according to Charles, skillfully cultivates this attitude for success, and so leads the way toward kitchen excellence.

Using stories and examples drawn from his many years’ experience, Chef Carroll gives you a leader’s tour through the working kitchen. Offering proven wisdom in plainspoken terms instead of abstract management theories, the practical tools and ideas found in this groundbreaking book can be used immediately to motivate and develop an effective team environment among kitchen staffs.

“Chef Charles Carroll has answered our prayers and delivered a book, a bible, a life’s journal shared by a real chef in today’s modern kitchen.”

Chef John Folse, CEC, AAC

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About Charles Carroll, CEC, AAC

Award-winning author, inspirational speaker, producer, and culinary Olympic gold medalist, Chef Charles Carroll is currently the Executive Chef of River Oaks Country Club, in Houston, Texas.

Chef Carroll takes pride in mentoring students due to which he has written the award-winning “Leadership Lessons from a Chef: Finding Time to be Great”, “Tasting Success: Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Chef”, and most recently published, “The Recipe”.

He has spent the past three years traveling around the United States and the world including Ireland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Chile, Korea, Paris, South Africa, Afghanistan, Greece, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, and Canada mentoring, sharing and presenting his messages to culinary students, chefs, industry professionals and executives as well as the United States military personnel. His influence and inspiration have helped thousands of individuals reach their full potential and strive to be the best they can be.

Learn more about Charles’ career here.


Special thanks to Chef Charles Carroll for joining us.

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Krumma Jonsdottir
people development professional Founder of Positive Performances
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