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Gastronomixs Inge Meijs

Inspiration and Innovation in the Digital Age – Empowering Chefs to Create with Gastronomixs’ Inge Meijs

In an exclusive interview, Inge Meijs, co-founder of Gastronomixs, discusses the transformative power of technology in kitchens. Hear more on Episode 94: Inspiration and Innovation in the Digital Age – Empowering Chefs to Create.

On this episode, Ragnar speaks with Inge Meijs, co-founder of Gastronomixs, about the transformative power of technology in kitchens. They explore how Gastronomixs enhances culinary creativity, assists in recipe creation, and keeps chefs updated with recent trends. Tune in to learn more about Gastronomixs’ journey, their unique offering, and explore how they are shaping the future of professional kitchens. Plus, get an exclusive Worldchefs discount code for a 4-week free trial of Gastronomixs membership!

Tune in and HEAR:
  1. Made by Chefs, for Chefs: Discover Gastronomixs, an online recipe database for professional chefs with building blocks for more than 4,200 recipes. The platform allows chefs to search for inspiration based on different parameters such as ingredients, techniques, textures, and cuisines. Ragnar and Inge discuss the platform’s offerings, its innovative approach, user experiences, and recent updates.
  2. Collaboration with Top Chefs: Hear how Inge and her team have enlisted renowned chefs worldwide to continuously add unique, tried, and tested recipes. Through these collaborations, Gastronomixs offers users a peek into the kitchens and cooking styles of celebrated chefs.
  3. Empowering Chefs to Create: Gain insight into how Gastronomixs empowers and inspires chefs in their creative process. With thousands of recipes, a seasonality calendar and more, the platform supports creativity and individuality in cooking with culinary knowledge and inspiration all in one place.
  4. The Future of Cooking in the Digital Age: Just like the industry, the Gastronomixs platform is continuously evolving. Hear how their team is designing tools to fit the needs of its user base, and find out what’s in store.
Building blocks for chefs

As a chef, you love your profession and are driven by your passion for cooking. However, like many of your colleagues, you are also busy with all kinds of tasks and challenges that have very little to do with cooking at all. Scheduling staff, HACCP, calculating costs… and so on. Do you scarcely have any time to experiment with new recipes? Do you want to stay ahead in your profession and surprise your guests? Want to stimulate your creativity and continue to enrich your knowledge? Check out Gastronomixs.

“Whether it’s about what’s in season or a good basic recipe as a starting point for a new dish, Gastronomixs has been my favorite reference source for years now!

Chef Merijn van Berlo – Choux, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About Inge Meijs

Inge studied Food Design & Innovation and set up her own company immediately after graduating. She is the co-founder and Managing Director of Her focus lies on realizing growth ambitions, creating a result-driven workspace with a great atmosphere, and at the same time develop even better solutions for the users of Gastronomixs to help them with the challenges in their work.


Special thanks to Inge Meijs for joining us.

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Krumma Jonsdottir
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Krumma Jonsdottir
people development professional Founder of Positive Performances
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