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Frank M. Pfaller Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership and Sustainable Luxury – Building Strong Teams and Promoting Diversity with Frank M. Pfaller, Founder of The Hotelier Guild

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On Episode 85: Inclusive Leadership and Sustainable Luxury – Building Strong Teams and Promoting Diversity, join Ragnar in an engaging conversation with Frank M. Pfaller, Founder and President of The Hotelier Guild, about inclusive leadership, sustainable luxury, and the empowerment of underrepresented voices in the hospitality industry.

Inclusion and diversity are crucial values for building a strong team in the hospitality industry. With years of experience and expertise, Frank has made significant contributions to promoting diversity and excellence and achieved international recognition for his work, including “100 Most Powerful People in Global Hospitality.” Ragnar and Frank delve into The Hotelier Guilds’ key initiatives, specifically “BeyondCuisine”, which aims to elevate Black female chefs around the globe.

Frank M. Pfaller
100 Most Powerful People in Global Hospitality
Tune in and learn about:
  1. The Hotelier Guild: Founded two decades ago, this organization has a vision of introducing sustainability into luxury hospitality. With a membership of around 100 esteemed hoteliers worldwide, the guild emphasizes sustainable practices from hotel construction to cuisine.
  2. The Academy of Hospitality Arts: To bridge the gap between practitioners and academia, the Guild established The Academy of Hospitality Arts. It focuses on nurturing aspiring talent and fostering collaboration between professionals and renowned institutions.
  3. BeyondCuisine: This initiative under the guild’s umbrella aims to address bias, underestimation, and challenges faced by Black female chefs. Through scholarships and opportunities like internships and placements, BeyondCuisine provides a platform for aspiring chefs to interact with established industry leaders and gain valuable experience.

In the world of hospitality, inclusion and diversity are paramount. Through its initiatives like BeyondCuisine, The Hotelier Guild is making strides in supporting underrepresented talents and promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant culinary landscape.


The raison d’être of BeyondCuisine for black female chefs in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals lies in promoting gender equality (Goal 5) and reducing inequalities within the culinary industry in the short term. The initiative aims to create immediate opportunities for Black women chefs to showcase their talents, share their stories, and inspire future generations.

By providing a platform for these underrepresented chefs, “Beyond Cuisine” addresses the short-term need to raise awareness and foster an environment that nurtures their growth and success. This initiative helps break down barriers, creating a more inclusive and diverse industry where Black female chefs can thrive.

For more from on the BeyondCuisine initiative and The Hoteliers Guild, visit their website:

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About Frank M. Pfaller
Inclusive leadership in the global hospitality industry

Frank M. Pfaller is the Founder President of HoteliersGuild and its initiatives. An independent luxury hotelier, he is the CEO of CoutureHospitalityConcept and Selected Hotels Promotion L.C.

Frank M. Pfaller and his project teams have been instrumental in assisting private investors to develop, position, and manage an exclusive portfolio of some of the finest hotels around the globe since 1975. In 2012, he founded CoutureHospitalityConcept, a one stop solution partnership consisting of some of the most established individuals in the hospitality industry.

Frank was recognized by the International Hospitality Institute as one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Global Hospitality” in 2022.

Present Projects
Focussed on expanding HoteliersGuild by introducing a new interactive marketing and sales tool called “LuxuryAlliancePartners”. Aimed mainly towards independent hoteliers, it links members in joint and highly personalized special offers to their loyal VIP guests.

With his operating company ‘CoutureHospitalityConcept’, mandates to act as Owner’s Representative for various private hotel groups, i.e. Villa Padierna Hotels & Resorts, Marbella, Spain; Lagació Hotel Mountain Residence, San Cassiano, Italy; El Retiro Spa Retreat, Malaga, Spain, and others.


Executive Board Advisory Member for ST. JUSTINE HOTELS & RESIDENCES.

Founder President of THE HOTELIERSGUILD ACADEMY OF HOSPITALITY ARTS and the HOTELIERSGUILD LEADING HÔTELIÈRES CHAPTER curated by Preferred Hotels & Resorts, EHL, Institut Paul Bocuse, International University of Applied Sciences.

No two people are alike, and Frank M. Pfaller firmly believes the same should apply to autonomous luxury hotels. While every property must meticulously reach and maintain the highest standards of quality and personalized guest services, none should have to bear the dull stamp of conformity.

Vision Statement
“Emotion is Today’s True Luxury!” To cherish the classic hospitality tradition of excellence and to provide superior services to both, our guests and to the owners, whilst thinking and acting without the constraints of a large chain, thus maximizing the hotel’s potential without surrendering to standardization. Those are the tasks, which we pursue with pride and exuberance.


Special thanks to Frank for joining us.

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