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How to Grow Your Plant-Based Menu with Rohini Alam, Nestlé’s Plant-Based Global Category Lead

On this episode, Ragnar speaks with Rohini Alam, Plant-Based Global Category Lead at Nestlé Professional, about how chefs can grow their plant-based menu. Rohini brings her extensive experience in the food service industry to the development of vegan and plant-based products, helping chefs to deliver amazing dining experiences to consumers.

Tune in and learn about:
  • shifting trends and how chefs can respond with plant-based versions of their top menu items;
  • how restaurants can adapt to changing consumer demands and capture an expanding market, and;
  • tips and common pitfalls to avoid.

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About Rohini Alam
Rohini Alam
Nestlé Professional
How to add plant-based and vegan dishes to your menu

Rohini Alam has many years of experience in the FMCG industry and is the Global Category Lead for Plant-based Food and Dairy, working with brands across multiple markets in the exciting world of Food Service. She successfully launched the company’s plant-based brand, Garden Gourmet, in the UK. Rohini is passionate about innovation and has experience in establishing new categories, developing communication campaigns, and creating and executing long-term business and brand strategies that deliver value to the Out of Home customers.


Special thanks to Rohini for joining us.

World on a Plate is supported by Nestlé Professional and our podcast sponsors.

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Rohini Alam
Plant-Based menus
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Rohini Alam
Plant-Based menus
Vegan food
Customer demands
how to grow plant-based menu

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