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Chef Amro Al Yassin Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisor

The Season for Training with Amro Fahed Al Yassin

On this episode:

Meet Chef Amro Fahed Al Yassin, Vice President of the Emirates Culinary Guild and a Worldchefs Academy Arabic Advisor. Previously the Culinary Director of the acclaimed McQueen’s Education Dubai, Chef Armo helped to translate the Worldchefs Academy Culinary Foundations and Pre-Commis Chef Training Program into Arabic, one of seven languages offered on the free learning platform.

Tune in to hear:

  • how Worldchefs Academy is helping people around the globe to advance their career in the culinary arts, from onboarding to upskilling.
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Episode Resources

Worldchefs Academy offers a Culinary Foundations Certificate, Pre-Commis Chef Training Program, and Sustainability for Culinary Professionals course for FREE at Once you complete each course, you’ll receive a digital badge to show your achievement.

Learn more about Chef Amro at

Expand your digital presence with a free profile on Worldchefs online community! Connect with thousands of culinary professionals, keep up with the latest industry news, or find your next job. Create your account now at


Special thanks to Chef Amro for joining us.

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