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The Vegan Revolution with Cornelia Volino, Certified Vegan Chef

On this episode, Ragnar talks with long-time vegan, plant-based cuisine expert, and Secretary General of Worldchefs Board of Directors, Chef Cornelia Volino.

Vegan and plant-based cuisine is a big topic in the culinary world. More than a fad, it’s here to stay, for the benefit of both human and planetary health.

As a Certified Vegan Chef, Special Advisor to the Culinary Competition Committee on Vegan/Plant-Based Cuisine, and the lead instructor for Vegan/Plant-Based Competition Seminars, Cornelia is educating the world’s leading culinary judges and competitors in bringing vegan food to the table.

Tune in to find out:

  • her path to veganism, the rise of vegan and plant-based cuisine in consumer demands, and why it’s so important;
  • what chefs can do to stay current with the latest trends and techniques, especially in the competition arena;
  • and why preparing vegan food is an essential skill for culinary professionals.
Join Cornelia Volino for a Vegan/Plant-Based Competition Seminar

Cornelia Volino is teaching a Vegan/Plant-Based Competition Seminar in Luxembourg on 29 November 2022, during the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2022.

Competition Seminar instructors share techniques from both the perspective of Worldchefs Certified Judges and award-winning competitors. Participants gain an understanding of not only judging criteria but also best practices in the competition kitchen and tactics that consistently reach the highest place at the podium.

Join us to:

  • Learn indispensable tips to excel in Vegan/Plant-Based Competitions.
  • Become aware of new Vegan/Plant-Based Competition requirements, design considerations and scoring criteria for plant-based cuisine.
  • Be among the first to start acquiring qualifications to become a Vegan/Plant-Based Certified Judge.
  • Engage with renowned chef instructors and get inspired alongside a diverse and driven class of competition chefs, aspiring judges, and influencers in plant-based culinary arts.
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Special thanks to Cornelia for joining us.

World on a Plate is supported by Nestlé Professional and our podcast sponsors.

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