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The Blockchain Restaurant with Sunjeh Raja, Founder & CEO of ICCA

On this episode, we speak with award-winning educator Sunjeh Raja, Director and CEO of the world-class International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA). Passionate about Technical Vocational Training (TVET) programs, for the last 18 years Sunjeh has been working to redefine TVET in Culinary Arts to make it relevant to the emerging needs of the industry.

Sunjeh sheds light on the emerging world of blockchain infrastructures, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and how food in the metaverse just might be the next big idea for hospitality.

Tune in to hear:

  • the rapidly growing reach of blockchain
  • the future of the ecosystem around food
  • the new chapter of food in the metaverse that could benefit chefs and the hospitality industry at large

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Sunjeh joined us at Worldchefs Congress & Expo earlier this month. You can watch his panel, “The Future of Education: Attracting and Supplying Talent in Our Industry” and many more expert-led conversations from Congress on Worldchefs’ YouTube channel.

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Special thanks to Sunjeh Raja for joining us as a guest.

World on a Plate is supported by Nestlé Professional and our podcast sponsors.

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