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Against the Scorecard with Rick Stephen, Chairman of the Culinary Competition Committee

Rick Stephen is the Director of Kitchens for SATS Catering Solutions in Singapore and Worldchefs’ Continental Director for Asia. This year, he’s added Chairman of the Culinary Competition Committee to the list.

In this episode of World on a Plate, join Ragnar as he talks with Rick about his impressive career, his new appointment, and his position as an industry leader in times when leaders are even more important.

“It’s not me against you. You’re up against the scorecard and that’s what you’ve got to aim for.”

Rick started his career in 1972 under world-renowned chef Claudio Magris. Perhaps a nod to Rick’s future path, Magris was brought to Melbourne especially to compete for Australia in the 1956 Olympics as a member of the Victorian and Queensland Culinary Olympic team. Magris’ apprentice would go on to do the same. Find a young Rick in the image above as vice-captain of the Australian National Team in 1988.

Rick’s culinary competition experience is extensive and illustrious. He’s competed in many and won many, too. His 82 gold medals in various competitions on the international arena include achievements like: Australian Chef of the Year, Chef of Chefs (3 times over), Gold Medalist winner at Food Asia –Singapore, Culinary Olympics – Germany, Luxembourg World Cup Fine Foods – Sydney & Melbourne, Sapporo –Japan, Detroit – USA, Team Captain of Australia 1990 – 1995,  and Team Manager/Coach of Australian Team 2002 – 2008.

He’s also literally written the book on The Art of Judging. A coach and mentor, Rick has trained many National Culinary Teams for international competitions, including the Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China. He recently trained the Chinese candidates to WorldSkills in western cuisine, where they came in the top 3.

Whether your on his team or not, Rick is always in your corner. He is a force in advocating and support Young Chefs around the world. And pre-pandemic, you’d find him with a generous smile and good humor on the competition circuit at home and abroad.

For Worldchefs Certified Judges whose judging licenses are expired or expiring in 2019 – 2021, Rick has a message for you:

We hope to see you there for Rick’s Renewal Competition Seminar: Hot Kitchen & Culinary Arts.


What’s to come for culinary competitions? You can read more from Rick Stephen on his vision for the Culinary Competition Committee and more in the latest issue of Worldchefs Magazine:

To read more about Rick’s career and philosophy, check out this interview:

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Special thanks to Rick Stephen for joining us as a guest.

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