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Haiti Hurricane Disaster Appeal

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France, 12th October 2016

Hurricane Matthew -the most powerful Caribbean hurricane in a decade; category 4 with wind speed of 200kph has unleashed itself in the southern part of Haiti. The Hurricane left villages under several feet of water and killed more than 300 people, it has caused widespread devastation, destroying homes and displacing thousands of children and families.

350,000 people are now in URGENT need of assistance.

World Chefs Without Boarders is appealing ALL chefs around the world to donate generously to the account of Worldchefs (WACS) here. WCWB is collaborating with Haitian Culinary Alliance in US an affiliate of Alliance Culinaire Haitieane are making a relief effort by cooking hot meals to the relief workers, victims and children that are desperate in needs with the help of disaster agencies. Beside food and drinking water victim also dire need of hygiene kit, blanket. Our WCWB committee Ray McCue of US and Cornelia Volino of Canada will coordinate the relief effort of WCWB.

Thank you

We are chef, we have no border                                                                                                 

Willment Leong

Chairman – World Chef Without Borders

Vice President – Thailand Chefs Association

Founder Chairman – Thailand Culinary AcademyWillment Leong                             

[email protected] (WCWB Chairman)


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