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Thessaloniki… a culture of tastes!

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Greece, 03rd May 2016

Thessaloniki’s cuisine is widely known for its quality and variety. As the formation of the overall culture of the city came under many influences, Thessaloniki’s cuisine is one of the richest in Greece.

Traditional recipes as well as modern trends have created a wide range of choices.



Famous all over the world, Feta Cheese is certified as an exclusively greek product worldwide and it is the main ingredient of most greek pies.

The city is a treasure trove filled with an amazing variety of tastes. Enjoy the local delicacies, bougatsa, koulouri and galaktoboureko, to get a delicious insight into the city spirit. Eastern and western cultures mix in traditional Greek dishes -for lunch or dinner- ideally enjoyed at a local taverna, while gourmet cuisine is also on offer in sumptuous city centre restaurants. No matter where you are in Thessaloniki and what time of day it is, the choices are there for you to explore!

Local Cuisine


The olive tree, the most recognizable symbol of peace woldwide, the Wreath of Victory, reconciliation, noble competition, fair play and reward has its roots in Greece.

Search out small local tavernas while wandering around the picturesque side streets of Athonos square and Ladadika, in the city centre, or while admiring the monuments of Ano Poli, and order ouzo and meze, to savour a fully authentic local experience. Do not miss out on local “gyros” or the famous “souvlaki” (succulent meat slow-roasted and sliced from the spit or skewered and grilled). You will find them on sale at every turn!

Wine Routes


Wine, the nectar of the ancient gods has a prominent place on the greek table supplementing and promoting the richness of the greek cuisine since antiquity.


The Wine Roads are a series of suggested routes that give you the chance to experience the production of local wines, taste them and meet their creators! Enjoy the natural beauty along the Wine Roads of Northern Greece and explore the history that infuses the entire region, from archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, museums and more to the wineries themselves, which are open to visitors. Discover restaurants, tavernas, hotels, inns, local gourmet workshops and stores stocked with regional culinary specialties. Take one of the eight organized routes that cross Macedonia, Thessaly, Epirus and Thrace, stop at the suggested vineyards, enjoy a glass of wine and admire the majestic natural scenery. It is an sensorial  voyage of discovery for the taste buds -one you should not miss out on!

Start your day with a koulouri!


Koulouri, Thessaloniki’s famous bread ring, is a popular treat, made with sesame, mostly enjoyed for breakfast. One can find it in all the local bakeries in the city centre.


Taste the delicious bougatsa

Bougatsa is a traditional pastry consisting of semolina custard, cheese, or minced meat filling between layers of filo pastry. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack at any time of day.

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