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Worldchefs Feed the Planet moving us towards meaningful sustainability solutions

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Denmark, 30th August 2017

COPENHAGEN, August 2017: On August 23 and 24, over 300 experts gathered in Copenhagen to address the very serious issues surrounding food as humanity moves into the 21stcentury and increasingly toward 2 billion more people on the planet by 2050.  The problems facing humanity and the need to provide increasing amounts of food and water are daunting.  This second summit was sponsored by the Danish government.  The experts in attendance were from 34 countries and represented a broad base of expertise including food safety and security, urban planning, government policy, urban agriculture and renewal, academia, food waste, chefs, etc.  Also in attendance were a wide range of NGOs and entrepreneurs with incredible ideas.

I was very pleased to represent Worldchefs and the Feed the Planet Committee at this summit.  In fact, it was very important that we had a seat at the table considering how many chefs and how many countries we represent.  Over the two-day event, we not only heard a wide range of topics, but worked to find solutions (both more immediate and more long-term/aspirational) for increasing food diversity, food safety and security, communication, and food waste.  I worked with the food waste group which comprised about 20 leaders from a range of backgrounds. 

It is these types of summits that are needed not just to talk about ideas, but to move humanity toward meaningful and doable solutions.  It is ultimately about action as time is ticking on a global scale.  I look forward to continuing to work with this summit and to implement solutions.   Most importantly, I look forward to bringing some ideas and action points to the Congress in Malaysia in 2018.  And I know that we as chefs will rise to the challenge before us!

Chris Koetke

Chairman, Feed the Planet Committee, Worldchefs



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