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VanDrie Group serves veal burger breakfast to kick-off the Green Week

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Germany, 23rd January 2017

German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture visits global veal leader at IGW

Berlin, 20 January 2017 – At the kick-off of the International Green Week, IGW, Christian Schmidt, the German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, and Martijn van Dam, the Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs, visited the stand of the VanDrie Group, the world leader in veal. Within the framework of their opening walkabout, they enjoyed a veal burger in a small breakfast format. The whole week, visitors to the agriculture trade fair can try out all sorts of veal dishes and inform themselves of the high quality and preparation methods of this tender type of meat. The culinary programme is complemented by several interactive offerings, including video shows and audio tours with integrated prize contests.

VanDrie Group is the leading producer of veal speciality products and is committed to security and sustainability. Virtually all phases of the supply chain are integrated into the company's family – from farmers to processors. In this year's transparency benchmark of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Group rose 36 places to number 54. This benchmark is the result of an annual examination of Dutch enterprises in terms of their corporate social responsibility policies and sustainable business management. At number 54, the VanDrie Group is the highest-ranked family business on the list.

Taking responsibility for people, animals and the environment

“The sustainability and social function of enterprises are playing an ever greater role,” stated Henny Swinkels, Director Corporate Affairs of the VanDrie Group. “It is important that our commitment, and that of the industry, is transparent and receives the attention and recognition from the public that it deserves. The transparency benchmark openly shows how we work and that we have nothing to hide.” Above all, the VanDrie Group's presence at the trade fair shows how professionally the veal is handled and that the product is appreciated accordingly. “As a family-run business, we are proud to be rated so highly. It's an acknowledgement of our efforts and shows confidence in our work,” Swinkels emphasised. Especially for the Green Week, film and audio contributions have been produced that inform the visitors to Hall 18 about the subject of veal in an entertaining and captivating way.

Exquisite veal

Throughout the course of trade fair, Dutch chef Edgar Buhrs will treat visitors to the stand with a tasting of the all sorts of cuts of veal. Veal stands out because of its versatility, but it is also tender, low in calories and easy to digest. Anyone who is searching for inspiration in preparing veal should take a look at the various offerings in the VanDrie Group's multifaceted communication campaign. You can visit the Facebook page “VanDrieGroup” (cooking with veal), the YouTube channel of the same name, the website or the numerous veal recipes in printed form – everywhere you go, you can be enticed by veal.


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