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Allo Chef: A New Online Technical Help Service by Les vergers Boiron

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09th August 2020

Online help, just a click away.

To make chefs and pastry chefs’ job easier, Les vergers Boiron launches Allo Chef Les vergers Boiron, an online technical support service.

After publishing the new tables of use for frozen fruit purées, Les vergers Boiron has broadened its range of services with an online technical support for chefs. Now that restaurants are reopening in many countries, this new service, which is being launched starting today on Les vergers Boiron website, will help food and beverage professionals by making their daily lives easier and guiding them through their creativity.

Available in English, French, Spanish and German, Allo Chef Les vergers Boiron allows chefs and pastry chefs, in Europe, to benefit from expert guidance on using Les vergers Boiron fruit solutions. The consulting chefs behind this tool offer their expertise like they usually do during technical courses or demonstrations.

If they have any questions about creating/making a recipe with Les vergers Boiron products, chefs or pastry chefs may use the online service Allo Chef Les vergers Boiron to seek advice from renowned professionals. Then they will be contacted by phone within 48h of the request and guided in a personalized manner through the recipes. This will make their job easier on a daily basis, by being provided with personalized technical support and fast and reliable solutions!

This service is offered unconditionally by Les vergers Boiron until the end of September. Chefs may submit their requests online either from Les vergers Boiron website or on the dedicated page.


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