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Starring the World’s Most Versatile Herb – Black Tea

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12th September 2022

There is a tea for every mood, moment and celebration – we all know that by now. 

But did you also know that regardless of which tea you go to, almost all of them are perfect for baking! 

The versatile and diverse nature of tea and the many multidimensional aspects and flavour profiles that come with it, have led chefs around the world to try their hand at combining tea with baking – thereby producing truly gastronomical masterpieces.

Tea infused food and drink are experiences in themselves, as they offer many elements to a dish – tea is not just an accompaniment during evening snacks but a key ingredient of the snack itself. Often, you may taste individual notes of the tea in the dish, other times they subtly blend in offering just a hint of flavour. Whatever you may be looking for, tea elevates your dish by bringing out depth in flavour and character. 

Traditional black tea is the most consumed and common type of tea around the world. Without compromising the goodness in tea, black tea has been infused into a range of flavoured teas that you can use to bake with. 

Some of the flavour profiles include fruity, spicy, minty, tangy, citrus, sweet, creamy, floral and herbal and can be found in our wide range of flavoured teas and infusions. 

Black tea is a perfect baking ingredient. Try your hard at making a warm, moist Apple cake with cumquat glaze, utilizing Dilmah Ceylon Supreme or any Dilmah Black tea. Or, how about Cardamom Scented Almond Friands, moistened with a syrup made with aromatic Dilmah Italian Almond Tea that adds not only flavour but a lovely sheen to the cakes providing a perfect balance between almond, cardamom and citrus flavours.

Among the notable creations that caught our eye in recent times, is Museum Art Hotel’s (New Zealand) brilliant tea infused strawberry mille feuille filled with silver jubilee Ceylon strawberry tea infused crème patisserie, and served with tea syrup and frozen strawberries.  

Similarly, Shangri-La UAE also jumped on the bandwagon of tea infused bakes, with their new take on a classic favourite, the New York t-cheese cake. The cookie-based cheese cake is revived with the flavour of Dilmah’s spring time chocolate mint tea, to give a lovely twist to a classic tea time favourite.

For more tea inspired gastronomy and mixology recipes and ideas, please visit Tea Recipes | Home | Tea Inspired Recipes

*Links for the recipes mentioned: 

Apple cake with cumquat glaze: Glazed Apple Cake Recipe | Food | Tea Inspired Recipes

Cardamom Scented Almond FriandsAlmond Meal Friands Recipe | Food | Tea Inspired Recipes


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