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Foodography: Culinary art 2.0

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Israel, 31st May 2016

Picture from Carmel Winery from

This article was originally published on Elle&Vire website.

Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram®…You only need to scroll through your newsfeed in social media and surf on cookery blogs to see how much the Internet has changed our perception of cooking.

The phenomenon is so great that the term “foodography” has been coined to designate the millions of mouth-watering photos spread all over the Internet, be they homemade dishes or creations by top Chefs. This trend has met with mixed reactions from professionals of the sector. In any case, this enthusiasm has inspired one restaurant in Tel Aviv.

The Catit and Carmel Winery serves dishes which are specially designed for foodography enthusiasts. After sampling 5 dishes created by Chef Meir Adoni, the customer is given tips by culinary photographer Dan Perez on how best to showcase these creations.

2 plates (one of which turns 360°) were specially designed to help diners get the best shot of their food. It just goes to show that foodography is serious business!


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