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QCP Launching

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Qatar, 28th October 2014

QCP Launching

BLACK & White Theme Night – Smart Casual or Chef Jackets for all the Chefs

(Attendance for 200 pax to 250 pax)







President Gissur – 2nd November 2014


Venue Event @ Marriot Marquis City Center Doha

Marriott Ball room





Dinning Cocktail Reception & Presentation 6.30 pm to 10 pm 


Equipment needed

Screen, Microphone, Reception table for membership


Program of the Evening as follows

  • Chef Ryan will be the announcer or Emcee.
  • 6:30 to 7:PM – start and welcome the guest in the Ball Room
  • Catherine will seat in the nice table where can accept the membership and also she need money for that. Need a bowl to take the Business Card of the guest.
  • 7:PM – will open the door

Drinks only will be served for this time

  • David, Gissur, Christian-Jean and GM of Marriot to welcome the people and behind will be the committee.
  • Inside the Ball room will have rectangular set-up and the food/buffet on the side.
  • On the stage will have lecturer, behind will have the screen to show the slide photos (30 action photos), every 5 pictures shown next will be logo of QCP
  • Then when people are inside the ball room Chef Ryan will start to welcoming the guest
  • 7:15 –  7:20 Opening welcome

(We need to take Group Photos before to start the night wearing QCP Jackets to shown in the presentation)

Presentation of QCP

  • Chef Ryan will introduce President David (if there is second screen his Picture will be shown while his talking)
  • Then President David will speech about QCP and will introduce Worldchefs President Gissur
  • 7:20 – 7:30  – Presentation of WACS
  • Then Chef Ryan will come back and  will introduce Worldchefs President Gissur and Gissur will give small speech about WACS
  • Then after WACS President Gissur, Chef Ryan will come and call QCP President, WACS President, Chef Christian and his GM, then Chef Christian will give us small word in then will take photo.
  • Will give certificates to Chef Christian and his Culinary Team and his GM – Marriot then small gift also. (Yuksel will buy 2 gifts)
  • David will ask Gissur to bring WACS wall plaque/signage to be given to us QCP, then David will give small gift to Gissur
  • Yuksel will prepare one gold signage to give to Gissur  and give it to David (from WACS Gissur first visit with date and etc., to QCP)
  • 7:30 – Buffet
  • Then Chef Christian will open the buffet


 Invitation List / Printing (featuring  partner corporate of QCP & sponsor of the QCP launching)

  • Target: Exec chef, Exec Pastry Chef, Exec Sous-Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Hôtels GM, F&B, QTA…Qatar Airways
  • Catherine – the invitation will be post in FB (only for those who has the invitation can attend)
  • Joseph – TBA
  • Baran – TBA
  • Jameel – TBA
  • Ryan – TBA
  • Christian – David can ask about name list to be invited – TBA

Get logos of all Partners


Invitation – ALDAR – 600 pcs

Baran will call Aldar

Design of the Invitation (A5 size)

  • QCP logo will be on top (sample below)
  • Middle will be WACS Logo
  • Signed by the QCP President
  • On the right side will be logo of the sponsor for the night –TBA by Yuksel
  • On the left side will be all partners logo

Aisha Al Tamimi

Joseph – TBA

Qatar Airways

David have 5 people to be invited – TBA

QTA – Qatar Tourism Authority

Yuksel – TBA

QFA – Qatar Football Association

David – TBA

Embassy – Ambassador (European)

Yuksel – TBA

Travel Agency

Catherine – TBA

Qatar Foundation

Yuksel – TBA

Dr. Mohammad


Ministry of Education of Culinary Teacher in University


Aspire Logistics

David – TBA


Joseph – TBA


David – TBA


 Media, Photograph

  • Jameel will be in charge of the Photo from the beginning and at the end of the event
  • Christian and marketing team-TBA
  • David to contact WACS media too – TBA


 Menu coordination and evening

RYAN, David & Christian


Reception Cocktail diner menu: Non-alcohol + wine beverages +station live cooking with sponsored product: Beef, lamb, cheese, duck liver, air-dried beef, smoked fish….)

Menu TBA by Chef Christian with attached product list






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