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VanDrie Group provides tempting veal breakfast at International Green Week Berlin

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Germany, 19th January 2016

Berlin, 15 January 2016 – The tour made by government ministers at the kick-off to International Green Week Berlin (IGW) has become something of a tradition. Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt and the Dutch State Secretary of Economic Affairs Martijn van Dam visited several stands at the exhibition, which is currently open in Berlin. At the stand belonging to the VanDrie Group, the global market leader for veal, a varied breakfast was on offer: the ministers sampled miniature veal schnitzels, burgers and wraps.

Dutch head chef Edgar Buhrs prepared the delicious mini veal dishes on site. Visitors to the exhibition were also able to enjoy the fresh delicacies once the ministers had completed their tour. With his trio of schnitzel, burger and wrap, the head chef demonstrated the versatility of veal. This delicious product has several benefits that win people over: it is wonderfully tender, low in calories and is easy to digest. As a result, it is just as suitable for use in traditional dishes as it is in trendy dishes or healthy snacks.

Sharing with the experts

If you are on the lookout for inspiration, tips and information on the subject of veal, you can contact Edgar Buhrs at any time during the exhibition. The head chef enjoys talking with interested individuals at the VanDrie Group’s stand and answers questions or provides creative ideas for the numerous ways of preparing veal. “This delicious meat simply works every time,” enthuses the professional chef. “And the Safety Guard logo guarantees first-class product quality.”

Communication campaign continues in 2016

This year, the VanDrie Group’s will again be continuing its widespread campaign on the subject of veal. The campaign strongly promotes its numerous online activities which, on the one hand, inform people about the quality of veal, and on the other, inspire with delicious recipe ideas that whet the appetite. The company’s new YouTube channel Kochen mit kalbfleisch stands out in particular. Here, consumers receive important tips and are able to see exactly how different cuts of veal are prepared. What’s more, on the German website, there are numerous recipe ideas and product information to discover. On the Facebook page Kochen mit kalbfleisch, fans are also provided with delicious dishes, as well as being able to contact the company.

Safety Guard ensures transparency

The VanDrie Group is the leading global manufacturer of veal. Virtually all members of the supply chain are integrated into the company's family – from farmers to processors. The company itself has placed high demands on sustainability, safety and health, which are being stringently met in the chain as a whole. All products and production steps within the VanDrie Group are therefore subject to the “Safety Guard” quality assurance system, which guarantees that the fulfilment of all specifications concerning nutritional safety and animal welfare is completely traceable. The customers are happy with this degree of transparency within the VanDrie Group. They know that they are able to rely on the quality of veal bearing the “Safety Guard” logo.


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