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Park Estate Seasonal Emerald Green – a Seasonal Flush story

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Sri Lanka, 06th April 2016

The result of a fleeting climatic phenomenon where wind, sunshine and the terroir of the land join hands to produce conditions that are conducive for this creation process, Seasonal Flush teas are extremely rare and unique. Dry winds that fan the valleys and slopes, supported by chilly nights and bright, dry days with infrequent light afternoon showers, cause flavour in the leaves to become concentrated as the tea plant undergoes stress and prepares for drought. The ten days preceding the January Seasonal Flush showed a constant difference between the temperature during the day and night; between 24° – 8 °. That combination offers the perfect conditioning for tea leaves to produce ‘seasonal character’.

On the 25th of January at precisely 08 am the leaves of the Limited Edition Seasonal Flush were plucked and processed at our very own Park Factory Estate, at an elevation of 6,500 ft. above sea level the highest factory in the island manufacturing Green Tea. To drink a cup of the Park Estate Seasonal Emerald Green OP1 is to experience the peak of natural harmony between the weather and terroir. Park Estate Kandapola, is located 12 km from Nuwara Eliya town, on a tea covered plateau on the eastern slopes of the Pidurutalagala massif. It was selected for the project on account of the availability of green leaf from the highest elevations in the country.

This limited edition tea is reminiscent of springtime by the sea with hints of seaweed, herbs and grass. The perfect January weather produces a tea that is soft on the palate and yet marked by fine astringency that sparkles in the finish, accompanying the spring vegetal notes. The Park Estate Seasonal Emerald Green OP1 is an elegant wiry green leaf which yields a bright infusion, while being soft and lightly astringent on the palate and is a true tea connoisseur’s dream.


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