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A Tea Shop in a Box

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Sri Lanka, 22nd November 2016

Essentially, that is what Dilmah’s Starter Kits are. The boxed up tea shop is a comprehensive guide for small cafés or restaurants to start selling Dilmah’s Artistic, Gourmet and Fun Teas as a special tea experience for guests. The Starter Kits completely simplifies the operation of setting up a tea station, and are designed to give guests a delightful tea experience… right off the box!


Getting Started

To begin serving Dilmah’s artisanal tea with flair and finesse, simply open the box which would include:

A Luxury Wooden Presenter for displaying teas

Menu Cards (free)

Rules for the Real Tea Revolutionary Booklet (free) – The 5 basic rules of brewing a perfect cup of tea and tips on how to pair food with tea.

Special Cups and Saucers

All-in-one Tea Timer for 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes (premium package)


Dilmah’s Starter Kits come in 4 exciting options and are specifically designed for small cafés and restaurants. In order to help the hospitality professionals to craft an experience in tea for the guests at their cafés, restaurants, lounges, casinos and other hospitality venues, we have evolved a series of Dilmah Seven Star Tea Experience Starter Kits. These include a separate selection of teas, menus and other accessories that are important for the ultimate Tea Experience.

Your fully fledged mini tea shop or tea corner is now just a box away. Do get in touch with us on [email protected] for any questions.

Visit our Website for more tea inspired ideas –


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