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LTB-World Chefs Without Borders Outreach on September 29, 2019 in Sapang Bato Porac, Pampanga

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Philippines, 29th September 2019

Dear Chefs and Members,

We would like to inform you that our LTB-World Chefs Without Borders Committee headed by chef J.A. Ventura will be having an outreach program on September 29 at the Aeta community in Sapang Bato, Porac Pampanga.
Chefs who will be participating are Sonny Mariano, Rommel Hinlo, Jac Laudico, Pauline Lagdameo, Jam Mendoza, Cherrie Tan, Paulo Domingo and members of the Philippine Young Chefs Club.
Chef J.A. did an ocular of the site recently, please find activity details below.
Should you like to support this project in food, equipment or ingredients.  Kindly contact chef J.A. Ventura ([email protected])
Thank you and best regards,
J. Gamboa
Director for Education
LTB Philippines Chefs Association

Name of Program: Aeta Community Outreach Program
Date of Program: September 29, 2019
The goal of Program: To support the health department’s fight against dengue in the indigent communities by conducting a feeding program alongside their medical mission. The food that will be provided by LTB shall augment the medicines and help in addressing the communities’ protein and nutrient deficiency to fully combat the epidemic. Vegetable seeds will also be provided to make their nutrient intake more sustainable.
Location: Sapang Bato Porac, Pampanga
LTB will provide the following: Transportation for volunteers/equipment/supplies, tools and equipment, meals, feeding ingredients, packaging
Number of people to be served: 300 pax
Budget per person: approx Php80-90 /head (food and water) 
List of LTB Members participating: J.A. Ventura, Pauline Lagdameo,  Sonny Mariano, Rommel Hinlo, Jac Laudico, Jam Mendoza, Cherrie Tan, Paulo Domingo, PYCC


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