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How to Feed the Planet roundtable discusion at Worldchefs Congress

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Norway, 05th July 2014

During the Worldchefs Congress 2014 in Stavanger a few distinguished individuals and world-renowned experts in different fields gathered for a single cause – to tackle a very important issue: How to Feed the Planet in the Future?

The Feed the Planet panelists who discussed sustainability issues form different perspectives but with a single goal were: eminent science communicator from Australia Julian Cribb, Worldchefs President Gissur Gudmundsson CMC, UK’s internationally awarded author and environmentalist Tristram Stuart, Kendall College School of Culinary Arts 
Vice President and Laureate at International Universities Center of Excellence in Culinary Arts Christopher Koetke and Nordic Alexander Throne Holst Managing Director at Unilever Food Solutions Nordic.

Many delegates who had the chance to participate in the roundtable discussion were able to bring a piece of the solution back to their home countries, get inspired and further engage fellow colleagues to join the Worldchefs mission and empower this venutre. Many questions were asked and many solutions proposed by the audience.

For all of you who didn’t have a chance to be with us during the Worldchefs Congress 2014, click here to view the discussion on Youtube.

 The quest for finding sustainable solutions and answers, providing examples and guidelines, as well as turning chefs into change agents will keep on paving its way.

Therefore we invite you all to join the Worldchefs and its partners, be a part of the positive impact, and add your word to already 10 million ones around the world!


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