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Art&Science starts 2016 with Dubai seminar

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United Arab Emirates, 09th February 2016

Electrolux Professional & WorldChefs on 23rd of January welcomed Chefs from Dubai & Abu Dhabi to the first in 2016 Chef2Chef Seminar a part of Art & Science Come Together Alliance.

Hosted by Andy Cuthbert Worldchefs Che2Chef Ambassador & Global Development of Young Chefs Chairman & ICCA School for Culinary Arts and by Electrolux's Chef Silvano Costantini who this time brought to our attention yet another exciting & interesting topic: Differently Cooked: Raw Fish. Elaborating on healthy ways of eating raw fish while making sure that it is always safe to do so & preserving its best flavours.

The workshop was focused on Educating the Chefs, sharing the best practices on safety procedures benefiting from using Electrolux Blast chiller/freezer & technology behind it as well as demonstrating skills, techniques on serving raw fish.

The Chefs in attendance admitted that the topics selected was a game changer in the perception of serving raw fish & using the right technology to preserve it.”

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