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International Chefs Day celebrations with All Japan Chefs Association

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Japan, 15th November 2017

October 2017, Japan: All Japan Chefs Association cerebrated the 2017 International Chefs Day on 24th October  with the theme of Foods for Healthy Heroes together with 71 sixth grade students of Kawatana-Elementary School in Nagasaki prefecture in Kyushu Island and 20 Chefs of AJCA members include President Toshi and Vice President Kihachi Kumagai who is a very celebrity chef in Japan. 

After the cooking demonstration showed by Chef Kumagai, children washed hands and started to cook 3 dishes which were Japanese Pear Soup, Powerful Tortilla Roll Sandwich and Nutritious Variety of Garden Vegetables Salad.  Children with pretty apron and chef hut presented by Nesle Professional, were exciting to cook and make such delicious dishes with their team work. Finally they completed all dishes on time. Then they enjoyed their dishes at the formal table with well eating manners.
In this workshop, all chefs advised, taught and showed with their profession to the children how to use knife, frying pan and other kitchen tools safely.
It was a very exciting and fun not only for the children but also for chefs participated.
We hope to continue to hold such a precious workshop for more children as for our vital activity. 
2017 International Chefs Day was great success, anyway.


Toshi Utsunomiya,




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